I've already made a comparison with Sophia from the graphic novels and her character being put into three different characters on the TV version.

The প্রদর্শনী kind of did that with Andrea's character as well. The difference being that Andrea's character from the উৎস material has been spread out through four characters on the TV show, but those four characters are on the প্রদর্শনী at the same time.

After Andrea's death in the TV show, the first character that started to get some of GN!Andrea was Carol.

Carol has come a long way to be where she is right now, and they completely changed her character from the উৎস material (thank fucking god). In season 4, Carol got the twins storyline from the graphic novels. That story originally belongs to Andrea, where she adopts Billy and Ben, the twins of Allen and Donna. She promises him she'll take of them like they're her own on his death bed. Then, after the prison fell, Ben, started to act weird, like killing মার্জার and stuff like that and he eventually killed his brother Billy and was then put down, because he was considered too dangerous.

Sounds familiar? That happens with the Samuels sisters, where Carol promised Ryan that she would take care of them like her own. Then Lizzie killed Mika and was then put down.

Though, right now, Carol is pretty much becoming like the TV version of Michonne's comic version. Lives at the Kingdom, helps Ezekiel and is the loner of the group, like Michonne in the comics. I'm pretty sure she's done getting Andrea stuff and will get all the Michonne stuff from now on.

The সেকেন্ড character that started to get some of Andrea was Sasha.

In the উৎস material, Andrea is considered the best shot of the group and she's Alexandria's lookout. She had a relationship with Dale and when he was eaten দ্বারা the Hunters, she had a little break down, where she was pretty much depressed for a little bit and kept on wearing Dale's hat as a memento of him. She started to get better when they arrived at Alexandria and then stopped wearing the hat, because she was done mourning him. She then started a new relationship.

That happened to Sasha in the TV show, though Sasha went a little crazier than Andrea did. After Bob was eaten দ্বারা the Hunters, she kept wearing his vest, right until they got to Alexandria and started to get better and even started a new relationship. She is also considered the best shot of the group.

For the most part, Michonne was pretty much like her comic counterpart in the first few seasons, but since at least season 6, she's been আরো and আরো like Andrea.

After getting better, Andrea then starts a relationship with Rick, and has been with him since. She became Carl's new mom and Rick's right hand woman and closest councilor.

During the war with the Saviors, Andrea gets into a fight with one of Negan's man, at the শীর্ষ of the lookout tower and is believed to be dead when Rick and Carl see a shadow fall from that tower. She is then found alive, but very beaten up, when they find Negan's man dead at the bottom of the tower. She tells Rick "We don't die. আপনি and me. That's the rule."

Michonne is the one that started a relationship with Rick in the TV প্রদর্শনী and is the one that formed a parent/child relationship with Carl. She is also Rick's closest councilor.

Michonne is also the one who got the the "We don't die" quote and got the iconic tower fight scene.

Rosita is the one that has the least Andrea in her, but she did get a bit of it also.

In the graphic novels, Andrea is attacked in the prison and gets an ugly cut of her left cheek and has had a scar ever since.

Rosita just got a cut on her right cheek and they seem to wanna keep it as a scar, giving her Andrea's iconic scar. Though, Rosita's scar is very much smaller, as Andrea's takes pretty much her entire cheek.

Also, in the comics, before getting together with Rick, Andrea sorta dates Spencer a little, but never being serious, because she's still mourning her old relationship, Spencer only being a rebound.

Rosita is the one that uses Spencer as a rebound in the TV version.

That's pretty much it for now. Maybe we'll see আরো Andrea spread out there, অথবা they'll leave it at that and just give everything Andrea related to Michonne from now on, as they are giving Michonne related stuff to Carol right now. But that's just observations I made.

What do আপনি guys think?
Should they have just kept Andrea around and প্রদত্ত her her own stories?
অথবা do আপনি like what they did দ্বারা spreading it a little?