Are আপনি guys ready for the third part of my Walking Dead Hogwarts Sorting? পরবর্তি house is Slytherin!

Before we get into this house, I want to remind people that just because you're in Slytherin doesn't mean you're a bad guy অথবা an evil person. I don't want anyone bitching in the মতামত about the fact that I put some of the "good guys" here. If I put them here, it's because I think it's where they belong, no matter which side of the battles they're on. Also, this far into the apocalypse, there are no "good guys" anymore, so it doesn't even matter.

Slytherin, house of the Ambitious

Of course Rick is a Slytherin. He has every quality needed for this house. Rick is probably one of the most resourceful people of this প্রদর্শনী and the perfect example of that was when he was trapped দ্বারা Joe's arms and still manage to win the fight দ্বারা biting the guy's jugular off. WITH HIS FREAKING TEETH! That scene is still one of the best scenes of the series. When he's in trouble, he always finds a way to get out of it, even when he has literally nothing to help him, he still gets out.

He is very ambitious and never gives up. Even when beaten দ্বারা Negan, he laid low for a while, but didn't actually gave up. When he wants to win a fight, he will do whatever it takes to win it. When he was threatened দ্বারা the Governor, he went back to his hometown to take all the বন্দুক that were left. When he wanted to build an army to fight Negan, he searched for বন্দুক and weapons, and went to all the other communities to convince them to fight. Even when they ব্যক্ত no, he still didn't give up. He even bombed some nice ladies to get their guns. He will do ANYTHING it takes to get what he wants.

Andrew ইংল্যাণ্ডের লিংকনে তৈরি একধরনের ঝলমলে সবুজ রঙের কাপড় as Rick Grimes

Carl takes after his father, he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, even if it means killing people. He's very cunning, and can fool people, even the older ones, like when he tricked যীশু into jumping out of the truck first. He can fool pretty much everyone, he's always able to do what he wants to do without people noticing. The first character that really saw through him was Negan. All of the others either don't see how Carl really is, অথবা they refuse to. I know some people see Carl's actions as stupid and reckless, which they sort of are in a way, but even if it's dangerous, it's always planned in his mind. He's not impulsive অথবা thoughtless, he just has his own way of thinking.

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes

I think he's probably the best example of what a Slytherin is. Slytherin don't follow the world's rules, but that doesn't mean they don't follow rules. Slytherins have their own set of rules, and you'll never see them break those rules, even the most ominous and dangerous people. Negan does exactly that, and everyone under his command has to follow the same rules as him, and those who don't will pay the price.

Negan is also extremely resourceful. Even if he can't find what he wants অথবা need, he'll find a way to just take it from someone. Why scavenge and grow stuff, when আপনি can get other people to do it for you?

He's also cunning, always able to find people's weakness to use them to his advantage. He's a good manipulator and he's also charming, which he uses every chance he gets.

Jeffrey Dean মরগান as Negan

মরগান is like a Slytherin who tries to be a Hufflepuff, but deep inside, he can't change who he is. He thinks his way is the best and wants everyone to do it HIS way, he even go as far as to play in people's head to get them to be like him and think like him. He did it to Carol, tried to do it with Richard and other people. He manipulates people. But despite his "zen" exteriors, he has a darkness inside him that resurfaced recently. He can't escape who he is.

He's very resourceful, the biggest proof is that he was able to survive this long all alone, with only a damn stick to defend himself.

Lennie James as মরগান Jones

Shane only thought about himself. Even when আপনি see him talk to other people, when he seems caring, he's still always bringing things back to himself. Always. He was narcissistic, and he was ready to do whatever it took to have what he wanted, even kill his best friend.

He always did things his way, and he wanted people to follow him and do things his way. Everyone was in the beginning and Shane was not happy when people started to follow Rick instead. He didn't want to follow Rick's way, and went behind his back trying to do things his way. When dealing with the walkers inside the barn, he didn't listen to everyone's opinion, he went with what he thought was right. When dealing with Randall, he didn't follow what people had voted on, he did what he wanted to do.

He was also able to manipulate people into thinking Randall had attacked him and left, even if logically that would never happen, because Randall was tied up and could never take down Shane. But the group still believed him, because he was a good liar and he had gained their trust.

Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh

Sasha was very resourceful, we saw that a lot when she was fighting walkers, always being able to get out of it, even with barely anything. She was also quite ambitious. She was ready to take down Negan all দ্বারা herself, but at first she was not ready to die for the cause. She wanted to do this clean, kill him and go প্রথমপাতা and then live again. It's only at the last resort that she realized someone had to die to be able to kill him and she decided it was gonna be her. She was so set on killing him that she went as far as killing herself in hopes that her walker self would take him out.

We saw that she was also a bit of a manipulator, when she convinced Negan, who's not easy to convince, that she wanted to যোগদান his clan and that she didn't trust Rick, which we all know is a lie. She also did it to Eugene when she requested a weapon to kill herself, অথবা kill Negan. That part is still confusing, to know exactly what she wanted in that moment, but it's because she's a good manipulator that it's difficult, even for the viewers, to really see through her.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams

Spencer was ambitious. He wanted to take his mother's place as the leader when she died, and he was angry when Rick took charge instead. Spencer wanted the community to work his way, not Rick's way. He thought his way was better, but instead of trying to get the community back দ্বারা himself and confront Rick অথবা kill him, he did the cowardly thing and waited until Rick was gone to go behind his back to Negan. That didn't really end well for him. That was a very Slytherin thing to do. He was sneaky, always thinking of himself first, hiding and stealing খাবার and supplies for himself. He was resourceful in a way, দ্বারা doing that. He knew where to get stuff, but দ্বারা stealing it from his own people instead of helping to get আরো supplies.

Austin Nichols as Spencer Monroe

Lori was a very good manipulator. When she saw that Shane had begun to lose his mind, she talked Rick into killing him, which he did, and then she hated him for it. She was never very easy to follow, but she probably had her own logic, like most Slytherins do. She always did what she wanted and what she thought was right, even if it was something stupid that endangered the others অথবা herself. Lori wasn't there for very long and she didn't do much, so I don't have a lot else to say about her character.

Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes

Philip was very cunning. He was probably one of the best manipulator of the series. He fooled a lot of people into thinking he was a good guy and the best guy they could have as a leader, when in reality, he only thought of himself and would do anything to get his way. Killing innocent people, killing his own people, everyone that got in his way was in danger.

He was so good, that he even convinced Mitch to follow him, even after he had killed his brother in cold blood. He convinced an entire community that Martinez died দ্বারা accident. He was one of the worst snakes of the series. He even destroyed the prison to prove the point that if he couldn't have it, no one else could. Philip wanted things to go his way and when it didn't, he would snap and destroy everything in his way.

We can see his resourceful side when he fell in the walker pit with no weapon and a little girl to protect. He was able to kill every walker in the pit with his bare hands.

David Morrissey as Philip Blake

Jadis is resourceful, she uses threats to get what she wants. She takes, she doesn't bother. When she wants something, she'll wait until someone gets it and steals it from them, instead of going to get it herself. She'll take the best deal possible, meaning আপনি can't trust her, because she'll backstab আপনি the সেকেন্ড a better offer comes along. She has no loyalty. She simply doesn't care about people outside of her group. She thinks she's above everyone else. They are only sheeps to her, pawns in her game of chess, and she's the queen.

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis

Lizzie didn't understand walkers and thought they were her friends. She thought she was right and everyone else was wrong, they were the ones who didn't understand. She went as far as to kill her own sister to prove a point. She was very dangerous, if আপনি were to get in her way of doing what she wanted. She might've been just a child, but she was resourceful and ambitious, wanting to প্রদর্শনী Carol and Tyreese that she was right about the walkers, thinking they just needed to see it her way.

Brighton Sharbino as Lizzie Samuels

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