It took me a long long time to write this, but I had zero inspiration to write it. But I have to do it before my death predictions and before season 9 starts, so here I am.

I really did enjoy this part of the season আরো than the first one, though.

We ended the first part of the season with Carl being bitten on the stomach and the Saviors attacking Alexandria.

Season 8B Promo, The Last Stand

The episode was a roller coaster. I think everything happening in the Kingdom was great. The scene with Gavin and মরগান was just amazing. It was a nice nod to the old classic serial killer movies. মরগান was just scary.

Even though I still hate what they did to Carl, I think the scene where we hear him shooting himself while Rick and Michonne are outside was powerful and a great call back to Andrea.

I really didn't enjoy the dream sequence about the perfect world for Carl, because they didn't need to প্রদর্শনী those প্রতিমূর্তি again. We had already understood what they were and it just took away from the emotion.

Carl & Judith, 8x09, Honor

That was one of the best episode of the season. All the tension between Simon and Negan building up was great to watch.

This episode was the first one where I enjoyed and felt something for the Garbage People. Watching Jadis, well Anne, watch everything she loves being literally torn to shreds was sad and powerful.

I was mad at Rick for opening Negan's mail. This episode also confirmed that I actually enjoyed Negan and Carl's relationship better than Carl and Rick. When Negan was talking about Carl on the walkie, it felt like a dad talking about his son and it made me really emotional. Rick never talked about Carl that way.

Simon & Anne, 8x10, The হারিয়ে গেছে and the Plunderers

Harlan and Gabriel's journey, no matter how lame both characters are, was actually interesting in the beginning. Then it got long and boring. They shouldn't have spend most of the episode on that, it was a waste of screentime. Which is something TWD often does.

The Dwight and Tara storyline was probably my পছন্দ from the episode. Both had really great development during that episode. It was a great pace and great story telling. Just perfect. Tara saw a different side of Dwight, and Dwight showed her that he was trustworthy. I liked his speech to her. He knows he's not a good guy, but he's trying his best and he knows he's probably going to die in the end. I like how he accepted his fate, but still wants to help them. It's one of the episodes that got him to become my সেকেন্ড পছন্দ character on the show.

The Sanctuary was also a great part of the episode, as it usually is. I was excited that they kept the walker-blood-weapons thing from the comics.

Dwight & Tara, 8x11, Dead অথবা Alive অথবা

Everything involving Rick and Negan in that episode was some of the most interesting scenes in the entire season. And I like how they switched the roles in those, where Rick was all dark and Negan called him a psycho. One of the highlights was when Rick told Negan about the Garbage People. So tense.

I didn't like that whole Georgie and the বই thing. We don't even see অথবা hear about them for the rest of the season, and then season 9 starts after a 2-year time jump. It feels like another waste of story telling and something that'll just get forgotten. I did like the twins, but that's about it.

Georgie, 8x12, The Key

The whole walker-blood-weapon fight was great, as expected. I loved it when everyone started to die and turn and kill each other. It was a great সরানো on Negan's part to do that, it was smart. But Team Family also really put in a good fight. It was সামগ্রিক very joyful to watch. Good ol' fight scene.

I think it was wise that Tara was the one to get shot দ্বারা Dwight instead of Rick like in the comics, because Dwight has way আরো history with Tara than anyone else in Team Family, so it made আরো sense. Those are the little moments when আপনি see writers do put thoughts into doing things sometimes on the show. Sometimes.

The part I really didn't like was that whole Carol and Tobin talk. It felt pointless. For Carol to just admit something we already all knew, that her whole "relationship" with him was fake and part of her facade. Didn't do anything for the story. Maybe she just needed him to know, but I feel like he already did, so, pointless.

মরগান seeing Dead!Gavin was also weird. I hate that মরগান always changes. One দিন he's sane and well, the পরবর্তি one he's crazy again and wants to kill everyone. Just decide already! Been there, done that. সরানো on.

Tobin & Kurt, 8x13, Do Not Send Us Astray

Highlight of the episode, everything involving Negan and Jadis. They are so similar, and I'm surprised to have not seen it earlier. They had some great scenes.

I both loved and hated the parallel they did with Henry in the woods, reminding us of Sophia. I hate seeing Carol like that, but I'm glad she found him alive and not like Sophia.

I'm really happy Jared died in this episode, I was wishing for his death ever since he appeared in The Well.

Jared, 8x14, Still Gotta Mean Something

That episode was amazing. A lot of tension. A lot of great dialogue. A lot of great action.

The entire Simon vs Negan plot: the backstabbing, the fighting, the killing. Everything was just great! And Negan tricking Dwight the entire time also very interesting. Laura just popping up at the end like link Just wow.

When it was revealed that Simon was the one behind the Oceanside's men slaughtering, it totally made sense. I really enjoyed the whole Negan/Simon storyline the entire season. প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে how different they both are in leading. It was really interesting.

Besides all the action, the letter from Carl to Negan was really touching. And I প্রণয় that Michonne decided to grant Carl his wish and deliver the letter to Negan. Unlike his own damn father who couldn't even respect his dying's son wish! Shame on you, Rick.

I enjoyed the little bit with Rosita and Eugene. Daryl was annoying as usual, though.

Daryl & Eugene, 8x15, Worth

The whole fight was great. From the Eugene বন্দুক that backfired to Rick not killing Negan. Eugene turned out to be a better actor than I thought, he got us good, well me anyways, I thought he was really on Negan's side. I was surprised, which is something that doesn't happen often on that show. For me, anyways.

The entire scene with Rick and Negan, before and after he cuts his throat, was really tense and gave me goosebumps. I thought they were gonna divert from the comics once again and rid themselves of Negan. I've never been so happy to be so wrong about something TWD related.

The things I hated the most in this episode were Maggie's attitude and reaction towards Rick's decision and her stupid revenge plan with Daryl. Daryl casting out Dwight is the thing that pissed me off the most. I really hope that it's not the last we see of him, because I'm gonna personally মুষ্ট্যাঘাত Daryl in the face.

Negan & Rick, 8x16, Wrath

One thing disappointed me all season and in every episode, and it would've been redundant of me to say it in each episode review. That's why I'm putting it at the end. Daryl's entire fucking attitude. He was so selfish all damn season. Thinking about only what HE wanted to do, without thinking about what it would do to others. It was me, me, me every episode. I got fed up of his character. Congratulations writers, আপনি made Daryl annoying to pretty much everyone, something I never thought they could achieve. They managed to turn their golden boy into a one-dimensional character, and that pisses me off. He used to be such a great character and now he's just a joke. And they are planning on making him the new lead? Wow. Well, RIP TWD, if that's really what they will do. That will be the thing that kills the প্রদর্শনী for good. Carol অথবা Negan would've both been great choices, but noooooo, go with stupid Daryl!

I'm still not over the destruction of one of my all time পছন্দ characters. I thought the destruction of Andrea was bad, but they hit a new low with Daryl! link, sincerely!

What did আপনি guys think of the সেকেন্ড part of this season?
Did আপনি enjoy it?
Was it dreadful?
The worst অথবা the best?