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posted by lovebaltor
Author's Note: Due to the success of my link, I decided to make one based on our পছন্দ witches. I do hope আপনি all enjoy.


Question 1: Which of these styles most স্যুইটস্‌ you?

A. Something blue, it's got to have blue. If not...something dark, and equally charming. Can't loose those boots, and of course the mascara and nail polish. It shouldn't clash, but it shouldn't have much either. An occasional নেকলেস অথবা bracelet wouldn't hurt either.

B. I need something dark, like purple, অথবা even the slightest hint of violet. But, it needs to look good - retro even. Swirls অথবা repeated patterns are a must, as are the comfortable - yet ragged jeans. Boots, অথবা even heels will do, but accessories are needed; maybe some glasses will do...

C. Bright, but not too bright, ya know? Something red will work fine, অথবা black - something that works with my fiery attitude. I want to have skin প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে sure, but I also need to be comfortable; no accessories, and simple comfortable boots. A little make-up will do, but not too much...never want to overdo it.

Question 2: Which of these personalities most স্যুইটস্‌ you?

A. I'm cool, calm and collected. I'm a leader, and make sure that those around me know not to mess with me. I have an attitude sure, but I hide my feelings much easier than others. I can be manipulative, but it's much আরো fun to watch your opponents squirm from your intellect and comebacks.

B. I'm manipulative, and prefer to hang around those I know will do my bidding when needed. I am calm in most situations, and know how to get what I want. I don't usually end up making rash decisions, and tend to hang around someone that is like me, but maybe even a bit আরো crazy...

C. I have a fiery attitude, and never let anyone take advantage of me. Sure I might not be the most cunning, অথবা even seductive of the group but I can still get I want with brute force and snark. I can be mean when I need to be, and don't need others to help me out in an argument - especially when it's personal.

Question 3: If আপনি could have one of these powers, which would আপনি prefer to have?

A. The powers of ice, and the ability to manipulate anything to do with it. (May it be sleet, snow, hail etc)

B. The power of psychic abilities. Being able to manipulate items with your mind, create illusions and control people with your thoughts.

C. The power having anything to do with weather. May it be tornadoes, hurricanes, অথবা even a simple thunderstorm; you'll be able to control it all.

Question 4: There are many things that irritate us in our lives. Here a three examples; which one can আপনি relate to the most?

A. Spoiled little brats. আপনি know, those kind of people that always get what they want and everyone seems to just প্রণয় them within the first few সেকেন্ড of meeting them. আপনি know they aren't that great, so why does everyone প্রণয় them so?

B. Men, অথবা should I say boys. They are so annoying and they think that they are so "cool" and "hot" while struting around in their little groups, trying to pick up any woman in their way. Most men are slobs, and complete idiot...I don't even know how we can put up with them half the time. The only thing their good for is manipulating and even then it gets boring when they're so stupid to not notice anything suspicious staring at them in the face. Their ignorance ruins the fun...

C. Those who go through life without a care in the world and everything yet still seems to go their way. They don't work hard for anything that they have, and neither do they for something that they want to receive. They make everyone else around them seem inferior and even pathetic for not being as "good" as them...oh but we'll প্রদর্শনী 'em...

Question 5: A friend of yours has come up and told আপনি that someone has been spreading rumors about you. Which of these situations/reactions would most likely be your responce?

A. আপনি ignore the slander made about you, and calmly and cooly make your way to the person - as a confrontation of the sort. আপনি don't say anything, but make your presence known. Make sure আপনি give them a look that says আপনি could care less what they say about you, and when আপনি finally have their attention - start retaliating. If they start throwing insults at আপনি while আপনি stand your ground, throw some nasty comebacks right back at them. Continue to make them feel inferior to you, and make sure আপনি let them know not to mess with আপনি again.

B. Don't pay much attention to it. After all, they're just lies. What আপনি have to do is get your group together and begin creating some nasty rumors in return for this specific person. If you're cunning enough, আপনি can even manipulate some of this person's close বন্ধু to get in on the fun as well...

C. Confront them immediately. No one spreads lies about you! আপনি cannot just merely sit there and let it happen - আপনি need to confront the problem and deal with it before it becomes an even bigger issues. Retalite these lies with rude remarks of your own, and if words aren't even enough - maybe get a bit physical. প্রদর্শনী this person that আপনি are not someone to be messed with.


Now it's time to tally up the results!

If আপনি got mostly A's, you're Icy; the cool and powerful witch of ice.

If আপনি got mostly B's, you're Darcy; the manipulative and cunning witch of psychic abilities.

If আপনি got mostly C's, you're Stormy; the fiery and spunky witch of storms.

Hope আপনি like this quiz! Please rate and comment, thanks!
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Video by: DisneyDreamsAnime / Song by: Epica
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season 3
episode 14
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episode 7
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Video by: CristalEllie / Song by: P!nk
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stella uses her septer to to take the winx to solaria the fashion প্রদর্শনী begins
Stella . this is wonderful
Musa. let me make it even আরো wonderfu; bye putting some সঙ্গীত on
Flora . we need to make the place look wonderful let me add some ফুলেরডালি to thew background
Stella. wow its perfect now lets do the fashion প্রদর্শনী
Stella i am glad to be here my dream is to be a fashion desiner
the crowd . yay Stella go Stella clap clap clap
Brandon. comes and cheers
but unfortunlty for Stella her fashion প্রদর্শনী is ruined and Stella is crying the bulding is broken all because of the trix so the winx transform and...
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------------------------------------------Helia’s p.o.v--------------------------------------------
I woke up to the sound of all of our alarms going off right after another. We all got up, got dressed and headed to where our bikes are kept. One দ্বারা one we realized, our group wouldn’t be the same because Flora was a like অথবা was a little sister to us all; but to me she was the person I loved most. I know we broke up; but I will always প্রণয় her because the দিন we first met was when I first started to প্রণয় her. I sigh as I put my শিরস্ত্রাণ on and get on my bike as we all head over to Alfea to say...
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Chapter 8- The Black Stones- The Quest For Nova

Black Stone absorbing the fire
And the light
It’s holders হৃদয়
Is as black as it

Blacking on the past
On the life unloved
On the fault lines
That led

To this darkness
In the firelight

In full view
Of the soporific observers
Absorbed by
The blackness beyond the light

But the আগুন dissolves
And the coldness encroaches
And the hearth is engulfed
In shadows

And the black Stone gathers
It's accomplices
And stretches out
In cold accusatory drafts

We flee
The gapping horror

The foolish remain
Addicted to the past
To what might return
On a future evening
They await what might...
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Helia’s p.o.v
Flora and her new group of বন্ধু got off the bus quickly and I followed. I asked if I could talk to Flora privately. She agreed and the others ব্যক্ত just they’ll go wait inside. I know she’s the leader of the group, so what she says goes. I can tell I hurt her, but I really wish I didn’t. Once we find a quiet spot, the two of us sit down on a bench together. It wasn’t any bench we had sat here when I asked her to be my girlfriend, after our first তারিখ and when we broke up on numerous occasions then get back together. I miss having her in my life, and I understand if...
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