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Just to save any confusion; this is kind of AU and takes place prior to the first episode, you'll see why later on.

"On behalf of her প্রণয় she no longer sleeps life had no longer meaning. Nothing to make her stay she sold her soul away."

The young man went দ্বারা Raven, he was Icy's first love, her deepest love. He meant most everything to her. He was the one to pick her up when she felt at her lowest (mostly on behalf of her mother telling her she was never good enough). He would hold her close, hug her, and somehow bought her warmth. Warmth she welcomed. Raven was indeed a charming man he remembered everything from her birthday to their one week anniversaries. And on each significant দিন he'd come baring gifts--flowers, rings, chocolates, and occasional gem. Raven himself had received a neat assortment; sculptures of stallions, queens, dogs, trees, and a great many other যেভাবে খুশী জন্তু জানোয়ার and objects hand-made from the purest ice. Above all, his পছন্দ was, surprise surprise, of a boy with a raven mask and wings. This one he kept very close to him. Time and time again Raven found himself asking Icy to make him one of an ice কুইন so the boy would not be lonely. Each time she looked up at him with a playfully mischievous smile and ব্যক্ত "maybe some other time" অথবা "I don't know...my powers aren't at their best at the moment." He would ask again and again, twice daily. It was the most annoying thing to in the world to Icy...

She missed it so much.

And she vowed to make them pay for stealing his life away.

"I held আপনি tight to me আপনি slipped away আপনি promised to return to me and I believed, I believed."

It was a বছর after Icy left her parents' house on a winter's eve. Not just any winter's eve, but বড়দিন eve.The two had just finished decorating their বড়দিন বৃক্ষ (they had saved up a good sum of money so they could have at least one decoration) lie upon a sofa in their new apartment in front of the fireplace. Icy's head rested on Raven's chest. He held her, one arm wrapped around her waist and the other rubbing her back soothingly and in small circles. They lie in silence, they really had no need for words, the quite was actually perfect (though Raven kind of wished they had a TV to watch the holiday specials with). The only sound that met Raven's ear was Icy's soft breathing as she stared at the blinking lights on the বড়দিন tree--he personally preferred staring at the আগুন অথবা her face as the shadows of the flame danced over it. He hugged her closer before breaking the silence to offer her hot chocolate. With a tired smile and a slight nod for a response, Raven made his way passed the shelf of ice sculptures, to the kitchen. He shouldn't have done it, he shouldn't have broken the silence, should't have let her go. There was a considerably loud bang as the front door collided with the wall, followed দ্বারা a crash as some of sculptures fell to the floor. Though startled, Icy made no sound, she simply stared up at the five intruders with a questioning look. What could they possibly want from the couple--they had only enough money to get by, the furniture wasn't to fancy, in fact it was rather plain, and neither of the two had power to boast about. The two really were just average, nothing to envy, but nothing to pity either. "What the Hell are আপনি guys doing in my apartment!?" Raven hollered.

"You have something that belongs to me." The redhead sneered. "She does anyways."

"What could আপনি possibly want from me?" Icy asked rather boredly.

"The হৃদয় of ice. You're heart." The blonde answered.

"It's special, and powerful." The one with the pig tails explained.

"And if we get it and mesh it with the dragon flame we can get into the most prestigious schools, we'll be remembered দ্বারা all." Added the one with the magenta hair.

Icy looked to Flora, her friend, the only one she shared her secret with. "I told আপনি not to mention it." She growled. Flora avoided the woman's gaze.

"It's আপনি অথবা your boyfriend." The redhead pointed out, a flame fluttering at her finger tip. One held much too closely to Raven's ear. Icy stared at the butcher ছুরি that would soon find its way into her breast as the redhead sought out her heart. Icy swallowed and took a step forward, surely her powers alone weren't enough to match both the dragon flame and four other power types. Icy muttered words of surrender. "Flora, tie her down." The redhead demanded. Flora had Icy bound in a rope of ivy, where she in সেকেন্ড time had been subjected to various tortures at the hands of the other three. Raven struggled against the redhead's hold only to have his ear singed. Growing impatient with his protests the redhead looked up at Icy, the woman wouldn't be able to give her too much of a hassle; she set Raven aflame. Icy shrieked, the vines ট্যাঙ্গেল্ড around her body turned to ice and shattered. The woman once imprisoned দ্বারা the stuff, sent a barrage of icicles in the redhead's direction--perhaps she underestimated her. One way to find out; she gave Icy a সত্বর kick to the jaw and lifted the knife. The ছুরি that no sooner had turned to ice and melted. "Alright then, I'll just have to claw it out with my bare hands." the redhead growled, her hands setting a blaze.

"Bloom stop!" Flora finally called. "You made a deal...you wouldn't kill him if she gave her own life. আপনি killed him anyways..."

"What are আপনি getting at?" Bloom cut her off.

"We're already murders, we can at least প্রদর্শনী some dignity." Flora whispered.

"No one, is going to know we're murders. They all see us as heros." Bloom pointed out.

"Yo, we're about to get caught, we better bounce!" Called the one with the pig tails.

"You're lucky we have a reputation to up hold." Bloom scowled. And with a snap she and her বন্ধু had gone. Icy crawled to Raven's side, he gripped the bloodied raven-boy sculpture in his hand.

"I love... you." Raven struggled. Icy put a silencing finger to his lips. Biting her own, a tear slid from her eye. She gently took the man's hand and cupped it in her own. When she drew her own hand back she had revealed a gift; a tiny sculpture of an ice queen. "He," Icy whispered, glancing at the raven-boy "won't be lonely anymore."

"Well it's about time." Raven gave a final laugh before the light spilled from his eyes. All the tears Icy held back came out in a choked sob as she let her own body fall a শীর্ষ Raven's.

"After the night he died I wept my tears until they dried but the pain stayed the same."

The cops found her only মিনিট later, rocking back and fourth cradling the lifeless corpse in her arms. Her breaths shaky and unsteady with a few dry sobs in between. In her fragile state she refused to speak to the men when they asked her 'what happened', 'who did this' অথবা 'is there anything we can do to help you?' With no other ideas the authorities had her institutionalized, praying that she'd be alright. At this rumors flocked like hornets about a 'psycho দুশ্চরিত্রা who murdered her boyfriend on বড়দিন eve.' She was the bad guy now. She had no room for tears.

"I didn't want him to die all in vain I made a promise to revenge his soul in time I'll make them bleed down at my feet."

Icy's time in the asylum didn't quite her insanity, it simply changed it from depression to that of a vicious vendetta; she'd steal Bloom's power (making sure to throw "you have something that belongs to me" right back in her face) and destroy her with it. They'd all see Bloom and her বন্ধু as the criminals they were. She would not let his death be in vain. She'd make all five of them suffer, she'd find others that they screwed over and she'd enlist them to help her carry out her vengeance. There was no doubt in Icy's mind that Raven's blood wouldn't be the only shed.

"As the pain stayed the same I'm going to haunt them down all the way I made a promise to revenge his soul in time one দ্বারা one they were surprised."

The tables would turn, she'd master spells of the darkest sort and turn them all on the wretched woman who took her প্রণয় in an attempt to take her heart. Icy'd attend মেঘ Tower and দ্বারা no means would she try to hide the vileness growing within her, the blackness in her soul. Unlike Bloom, she'd be known for what she really was--evil--she would put up such a ridiculous facade of kindness. The loving woman most had come to know would die before them all, making room for what she'd become, leaving everyone's mouths wide open in shock.

And one দ্বারা one indeed, each of the five had become well aware of the monster they created.

They're apartment had a fireplace because they are special! It's not a plot hole I chose not to fix অথবা anything.
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So xxheartsUpx পোষ্ট হয়েছে an link on this club's wall. I was interested and clicked on it to see what it was about...and boy did it piss me off!

The লেখক starts off দ্বারা telling those who do not know about the show, what it is about. Oh, and should I mention that she knows nothing about it? She thinks the girls are still 16-17, even though we're in the fifth season now, and only seems to remember: Flora, Roxy, Musa and Tecna. Great job! Didn't even do any research what-so-ever when আপনি wrote this. That's always a good sign!

After that embarrassing bit, she begins her "true" first paragraph with...
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Ice Prison
Frostbite: Icy exhales an icy wind at her opponent.
Iceberg: Completely freezes a surface of area.
Crystal Cage: Traps enemy in an ice container.
Arctic Blast: Releases a fragment of ice energy, focusing it, which then explodes, leaving the enemy unconscious.
Ice Coffin
Ice Crusher: A huge chunk of ice builds up পরবর্তি to an object and grows until the thin piece of ice holding it up breaks, causing the chunk of ice to fall on the object and crush it.
Blizzard: Creates a blizzard.
Ice Attack: Shoots a disk of crystals.
Ice Hail: Attack that wipes out everything in her path.
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I really 2x hate bloom cause shes so arrogant to feel like shes the leader and she shouldnt have power over ppl.ill just tell u the episodes..

She was like mega rude in this episode heres the quote
Bloom:stella!!!...stella!!(shaking stellas shoulder)
Stella:(wakes up)uhh stop it...(gets annoyed) আপনি do realize its in the middle of the night right!!!!??? Right??L
Bloom:of course..
Stella: then im going bk to sleep (sleeps)
Bloom:ughhhhh!!! Come on stella weve got work to do!!!(pulls stella)
Stella:(falls of her বিছানা holding a বালিশ lol)hey!!! Ugh bloom!!!!!!
how rude!!!

And of course...
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This chapter goes to Flora_Luna who's always পাঠ করা my প্রবন্ধ and being a অনুরাগী of my story. Hope আপনি like it, and all of আপনি too ;)

-Everyone was surprised to see who was walking out of the shadows-
Bloom: Flora!! It's you
-She run to where Flora was, apparently it was to hug her. But all of a sudden, before Bloom could get any closer to Flora, Flora took a step back letting her know she didn't approve that. Flora looked confident but in a evil way-
Bloom: What's the matter Flora?
-she took a worried glance at her and at her not -Floras-fashion-clothes-
Bloom: Why are আপনি dressed like this?
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It was a beautiful morning in Alfea when Bloom gave birth to little Adelinda, who's name means dragon. Bloom smiled and ব্যক্ত to Stella " Thanks for helping me, getting clothes and all." Stella replied " No problem Bloom." Bloom put Adelinda in the ডাবা and looked at her, she looked her only with Sky's color of hair. Her eyes were a brighter blue than her's. Adelinda looked at the পরী wide-eyed, she knew who they where The Winx, powerful পরী and who never backed down from a fight. Adelinda hoped to be like her mother one day, proud and strong. Two years later, Adelinda was now 13 years...
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