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posted by dragonflame23
During the Rose Festival, both Bloom and Riven unwittingly fall into a trap দ্বারা the Trix to divide the close relationship between the Specialists and the Winx. In the end, Riven thinks that Darcy has saved him in a racing crash and he blames Bloom for what happened.

There are hostilities between the Winx due to Stella's behavior, and Musa's feelings for Riven are strained. In a fight with the Trix, the possessor of the Dragon's Flame is revealed to be Bloom.

It's time for Bloom's magical midterm test in a virtual reality machine. The Trix mess with the computer so they can enter it and test her to be sure of Bloom is indeed the one who possesses the Dragon Flame.

Flora experiments with her plants to study for her test. Stella (who had her clothes torn apart দ্বারা a plant) and Tecna (who was attacked দ্বারা a plant) tell Flora to সরানো the plants. She moves them to Black-Mud Swamp. Flora seeks help from the Water Nymphs in finding a special plant. The Water Nymphs tell the Winx about a monster which has been terrorizing them and the Winx decide to fight it.
After nearly being arrested, The Trix get seperated in the woods. This story follows Stormy, as she tries to make her way out of the forest and find her sisters.

Read on to find out more!

I was lost. How humilating. It was 10:00PM, and me and my sisters had been running from some guys who were trying to arrest us, and had ended up getting seperated. Now here I was, হারিয়ে গেছে in the middle of nowhere. I sighed, and kept on walking. Suddenly, I heard what sounded like footsteps. I looked around cautiously, and continued walking. "Why...
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Author’s Note: Even though I can’t win WOTM two times in a row, I still want to be a part of this theme. I’ve had several ideas for Winx fics in the genre of supernatural-horror. I am going to প্রকাশ a series eventually, but right now, I will just post this crossover one-shot about Icy. I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Black Butler’ so...welp, enjoy.
The streets of লন্ডন were quiet, except for the pitter-patter of soft heels as a woman in a long, dark blue dress made her way down the roads. She looked as if she...
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She was only a child when it all came unhinged. She slept with a nightlight, it kept out the fear. It kept out the sorrow.

It kept out her mother.

The woman would sit in the রান্নাঘর staring her daughter down. Eyes baring into the little girl's back.

Icy didn't do anything wrong really. But her mom always found something.
And when that something was found, it was followed দ্বারা a slap অথবা a kick and a barrage of drink-slurred insults.

Icy had long since learned not to beg nor cry. Neither helped much. If anything it just made her mother madder.

And so she continued to play with the beaten rag-doll...
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For those of আপনি who don't remember this one is the genderbend one.

So this is kind of a slow chapter—more for backstory and motives, it’ll get আরো exciting in the next.

It was on a September afternoon. Icy found herself on a bus headed to Red Fountain. She silently thanked herself for destroying that place. The new campus was so much better than the old one. Icy was rather fond of the water cascading from the building. At least now it lived up to its name.

And such thoughts had Icy wondering why she wanted to do this anyhow. She hated the lot of those boys. আরো than hated them really....
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"Alex Guess What!" A 13 বছর old girl with long dirty blond hair, a black and red tank-top, and dark red pants ran into the room. Alex, a 12 বছর old girl with blue hair, a bright blue top, and a darker blue স্কার্ট stood up and walked over to her sister. "What is it Macie?" She asked, curiously. "I got into মেঘ Tower!" Macie said, excitedly. Alex hesitated for a minute, and then spoke. "I guess that's good, but I'm still not sure about আপনি hanging out with those other witches. They are different than you!" Alex said, a hint of worry in her voice. "Oh Alex, please don't worry. Besides, I'll...
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সৈকত parties. Icy never really liked those. But suddenly they just seemed to have a certain appeal. That appeal was professor Griffin rising slowly (unnecessarily so) and dramatically out of the water with an added hair whip that would put Willow Smith to shame. And that black studded bikini…hell yes. Yup, that was defiantly sexy.

With a shrug Icy looked back in the other direction and continued licking her ice cream cone. And then she looked back at Griffin, I mean who could possibly resist!?

Admiration from afar was beneath Icy. The witch just had to go up to her former professor and vocalize...
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posted by zanhar1
“Did আপনি not know that it’s all a lie?”

It was the সেকেন্ড time Icy heard that same message. That দিন anyhow. If she had to count the exact total…well she just wouldn’t be able to.

And the worst part was, she had no clue why people kept telling her this. At the start of the week it was a waitress at the restaurant she, Darcy, and Stormy ate at. And then it was one of her old classmates. And soon it was just যেভাবে খুশী passerbys. And so Icy would zone them out.

She had better ways to spend her time than listening to them squawk. She had a school to destroy and a planet to conquer. And conquer...
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posted by Princess-Flora

As I went through the woods on my horse, I made a stop দ্বারা the cemetery to put ফুলেরডালি on his grave. I missed him because he loved me though all my flaws. I know my sister meant well, and she only had the best intentions, but she has others who care about her while I’m only seen as a freak. I used my magic to add some আরো ফুলেরডালি around his grave. I took one last glance before wiping away my tears that filled my eyes. I thought to myself I hope my sister forgives me because without my family I’m all alone just like I was during those four years in that cabin. I rode on and saw it was...
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At first Icy couldn’t quite figure out why Darcy liked Riven so much. Yeah, he had a bad attitude and was generally pretty kick ass. But she could pick out a bunch of men like that. Valtor, Darkar, Darko…geez, what’s with all the ‘dark’ names? Really it didn’t serve them any real purpose. To say the least Riven wasn’t anything special.
But wasn’t that far from the truth.
The realization came weeks later. That perhaps he was actually worth keeping around.
Between his constant belittling of the Winx—Bloom mostly—and without magic and his willingness to go along with a good...
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At long last it was in her hands.

The ring of Solaria. She curled her fingers around the precious metal. It was hot to the touch, if she hadn't worked so hard to get it, Icy would've tossed it right into the air vent. Heat wasn't Icy's পছন্দ thing in the world to say the least. But what was she expecting from the ring of Solaria--a mini fridge?

No matter, the ring would soon pave the way to total world domination. She Darcy and Stormy would be on their way to victory as soon as the two of them got out of class and joined her in the dorm.

As she waited she began to ponder upon the whole thing....
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posted by nmdis
Chapter 1

Regretting What I did

“Is anyone there” a voice came from behind the door. I guess I heard it twice but was ignoring it as I was really too much lazy to go out and open the door, so I let him shout till mom didn’t went to open the door. I really wanna get rid of this, I am too much lazy but this is how I am and I don’t regret sometimes. But...sometimes I feel desperate and lonely, since she is gone I am all alone. I wanna lie on the বিছানা all দিন long, going to park for a little freshness isn’t such a fun as it was before. She made everything great, being with her was good...
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Here's the absolute very first chapter of To whom I share blood with that আপনি guys selected as one of the stories আপনি wanted me to write out of 6 selections. The first Chapter of Futuristic is a work in progress. This first chapter is আরো of an aftermath of what happened in the Epilogue of The Truth Shall Capture You. If আপনি did not read it আপনি should probably read that before পাঠ করা this so it makes sense a little bit, অথবা since it's been a while maybe আপনি could link . This chapter will be আরো of Flora, but the পরবর্তি chapter will start to Introduce Tecna's problem. Enough chit chat, I'm sure...
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posted by winxoxoclub
"Hey আপনি can mess with the hair but আপনি can't mess with the Winx!" Yelled Stella.

"Never thought I'd hear আপনি say that." Aisha ব্যক্ত under her breath.
They were fighting the Trix with the new powers they had gotten. But the trip had someone else on there side. Diaspro! They had gotten her to help defeat the Winx, once and for all. But Bloom known that wouldn't happen. Suddenly a bright light appeared from the trip direction.
"No! This can't be happening!" Called Tecna.
"I'm afraid it already has." Stormy yelled.
Musa looked through the glowing স্বর্ণ light. Diaspro and Musa's eyes locked for about...
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