This is a অনুরাগী fiction , but The episodes she was only seen was season 2 episode 13 . Check it out.

PInkbloom was born to Marion & oritel the Ruling family of Domino. She was born after the blessings of The রামধনু Cleayra . While the রামধনু kingdom was attacked দ্বারা the ancestral witches , রামধনু kingdom was connected to entire magix and if it was conquered দ্বারা anyone then the whole Magix was meant to serve the ruler . Marion & Oritel where the ones to save the kingdom . As a result কুইন Cleayra blessed them and ব্যক্ত they would have a daughter who would be a রামধনু fairy like her with powers of the রামধনু , but would lack one, but she could get it if that powerr is bonded to her দ্বারা affection , then she would be a রামধনু queen. Marion and oritel already had a daughter Daphne nymph of Domino. Soon they got her daughter Pinkbloom as কুইন Clearya had said. Pinkbloom got the dragonflame passed to her. Dragonflame was the strongest magic in the whole universe which Ancestral witches wanted to get them from before . But with the dual force they could nt. PInkbloom possed power of dragonflame , light of the above , song of all , technology , natureheart.Later she got the power of water দ্বারা bonding with vervor. After her birth the ancestral witches attacked once . After 3 years Seeing threat to the dragonflame within 3/4 of the dragonflame was passed to the newborn bloom . Taking advantage of bloom's young age the witches attacted again destroying Domino , but daphne sacrificed herself and saved both bloom and pinkbloom, but bloom and pinkbloom both grew up differently at diffrent places , পরাকাষ্ঠা first came to an island later grew up in androx where Aisha became her friend. While to make Bloom daphne sent her to arth where she was adopted দ্বারা mike and venessa.