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That saturday in Gardina was raining like tears from the sky. Roxy strutted out of the funeral with her arms crossed, the funeral was set in প্রণয় 'n' pet and Amore, Ginger and the others were invited. Everyone but Roxy was very emotional and serious about the event, except for Roxy, who simply held her nose high in the air and yawned through the ceromony, Which upset everyone very noticibally, but the animal fairy gave no apology.

She stomped fast out of the প্রণয় and pet store, away from the winx with a frown creased upon her face. She looked like a angelically white cloud, beautiful but raining down on everyone else. Why, she hadn't even worn a proper furneral outfit, just her normal purple platform boots, long dark green leggings and pawprinted long sleeved top.
Everyone thought she was having a grudge, but secretly, she wanted to hide her guilt and anger because of Stella's death, because, even though she had only knew her a few months, in private she would cry heavily after her shifts at the fruitti সঙ্গীত bar and not even notice Artu when he tried to cheer her up. She looked and her watch, it was 1.00pm. "Exactly 1 week and 15 hours and thirty মিনিট since stella died, অথবা exactly 1 week and 15 hours and thirty মিনিট since i tried to look tough দ্বারা firing her...I wish she had known i was bluffing!" She tried to blame her 6 BFFs as she heard Flora sniffing as tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. "Cry baby!" She thought hypercritically, as she heard Musa comforting her and Layla she bet looked আরো glum than ever, after losing both her boyfriend and her mate! No one seemed to care at the moment..."Maybe i should put my arm round her...." thought Roxy. "No wait, how lame!" She refused to do much as look back.
She decided to pace along the pavement faster, and faster, each step picking up a bit আরো speed, so that slowly the sound of the other winxs became slightly slurred, then mildly muffled, then faded alltogether, she was on a different রাস্তা now, away from them. She was totally alone. "Better get back for artu...." She noted in her head, as she began to walk at a steadier pace. Suddenly she saw Brandon and gasped in shock! "Brandon, who have not came out of your apartment since, since your girlfriend perished!" She liked Brandon, and was going to sugar কোট it দ্বারা saying "Left us" instead "perished" but she wanted to seem cool, so she changed it.
"Well, its been a week, i guess........Now if আপনি excuse me, i'm off to say my goodbyes to Sara, it's her tribute night at the F.M bar where আপনি work." Replied Brandon, with a weird glare in his eye.
"Um...It is Stella, its stupid to make a mistake like that! And her tribute night was on Wendsday......." Answered Roxy, noticing a strange glare in his eyes.
"Whatever! I'm off to প্রণয় 'n' pet to pay my respects...." "Well, its closed of course and..." Roxy reply was cancelled out whe she saw that Brandon had flown off, without a hovver board, over to the direct where winxes pet store was!
"Wait, what are আপনি doing?!?!" She called in cupped hands, running South West, where প্রণয় in pet was, it was still grey and rainy as she was running hoping the winx hadn't got to the fruitti সঙ্গীত bar yet. Sadly, judjing দ্বারা the empty streets (Gardinia was always quiet in the winter) they had, so no help from them. She scooted into প্রণয় 'n' pet where Brandon was firing dark বেগুনি lazer beams from her hands at the sofas and cushions, destroying each one as she did so. "Your not Brandon at all are you? Are আপনি Organ? Because আপনি can't scare me!" Bellowed Roxy, feeling a strong pinch of bravery. "So, i see i have been found a imposter......" Snarled Brandon, his voice was আরো feminine, আরো high this time. Roxys mouth flung open in shock that it wasn't one of the fairy hunters, but didn't make a sound. 'Brandon' suddenly transformed into Darcey, the only trix able to cast illusions. "OMG, who are you?" Demanded Roxy. "A winner unlike you! And don't আপনি dare try transforming, because you'll be too weak দ্বারা the time i'm finished with you!" Smeared Darcey, pelting a ball of shadows directly at Roxy, far too quick for her to dodge, she fell to the floor, unhurt, yet unable to get up and summon her believix yet, as her powers hurt so much! "Love 'n' pets, go get the winx!" She cried and they obeyed agily fluttering off to the bar.
For five minutes, she watched helplessly as the shops items where scattered over the floor. "Why are আপনি doing this?" Gulped Roxy. "For revenge." Replied Darcey, still smashing objects eagerly. "But what have we don...." ব্যক্ত Roxy, before she was gaged with a strip of night. her voice was then muffled. Shortly after the winx flew in, already winged. "Roxy, why didn't আপনি fight her?" Asked Tecna, landing beside her. But Roxy ব্যক্ত nothing untill Tecna peeled the strip off. "Before i can't get up, she put a spell on me! Is she a fairy?" She screamed. "No, shes a witch!" Stated Tecna whilst the others were ready to fight her, no speeches অথবা puns intended. "Wait, i know where Stella is, i know how to save her if আপনি don't splat me with your stupid believix! And i know where Brandon is too!" She ব্যক্ত in a calm, casual way.
"Huh, আপনি do??" Asked Bloom. "Tell us!

To be continued. Thanks for reading, once again, please মতামত if আপনি have the time and rate if আপনি like, have a nice day, pandawinx. :)
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winx club
season 4
added by nugget14
 Who would আপনি date?
Who would YOU date?
First off, it's an opinion. Don't take it to হৃদয় (or do, it'll do আপনি good... NOT lawl). Thanks for পাঠ করা :D

The শিরোনাম says it all. I know it's weird, but this happened on ফেসবুক and I saw it. I don't remember what it's really called though lol. But I do have my opinions and reviews on them. First, let me give off a little summary of what happended:

1. Bloom - WINNER
2. Flora - Runner Up
3. Musa - Third place
4. Stella - Eh, fourth place
5. Tecna - *sniff* So low
6. Aisha - *weeping*
7. Roxy - Now who doesn't like animals, huh??

I don't really agree with this list.

First of all, Bloom is the winner....
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posted by Princess-Flora
The Winner of for FOTM August is LoveBaltor.

1. What was your reaction about being FOTM?

I was really surprised. I actually didn't think that I would have as many ভোট as I did. I honestly believed that I didn't do as much as other users on here. Sure I মতামত প্রদত্ত and added an প্রবন্ধ from time-to-time, but I think others did a lot আরো than me. So winning this মাস really surprised me; I never knew so many people cared about me and what I had to say on this spot. So, thank আপনি guys :)

2. পছন্দ Character?

Tecna.And my number one পছন্দ "good character" is of course, Tecna. Tecna is the...
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bloom:ware is flora?
she went into stella's room.
bloom: stella, have আপনি seen flora?
stella: i haven't seen her since last night
they looked all around alfea.
tecna: guys, have আপনি seen flora?
bloom: nope.
stella: আপনি don't think the trix captured her, do you?
tecna: well if she's not at alfea then they must have.

later at the trix's hide out.
Krystal: well, we got flora now what?
icy: we need her alive because she is part of the trap.
Krystal: its for the winx right?
icy: yep

suddenly, the winx barged through the door.
musa: ok, ware are আপনি keeping flora?
icy: that's for us to know, and আপনি to find out.
musa saw flora near a tree.
flora: girls!!!!
bloom: we have your back flora.

bloom flew over to untie flora
the rest of the winx weer fighting the trix.
bloom and flora went outside.
bloom: flora go back to alfea.me and the rest of the winx will keep the trix focusing on us.
flora ok.

to be continued...
posted by florasedge31
This story is based on Musa. I thought I've been লেখা too many stories on Flora. This story is also based on the 4kids dub of winx club where they made Musa the princess of Melody (Even though originally she isn't the princess)
~In shadow haunt~
"I need to find another way to get the ultimate power." Darkar ব্যক্ত to himself.
He thought and thought about what he could do then it struck him like a lightning bolt.
"The door of Melody! When the princess says the the answer to the riddle the door will open revealing, the staff of Melody, which gives the holder...
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before helia could finish his sentance a gient portal oped up and was pulling flora in
"hahahah if i carnt প্রণয় flora no one will" .......
"arrr helia dont let me go" ব্যক্ত flora crying
"i wont " ব্যক্ত helia holding on tight
flora was sliping out of helia girp
" helia plz" flora ব্যক্ত sobbing
then helia let go
"floraaaaaaaaaa dont wory i will save " helia screamed while crying
"dont worry helia we will find her it will be ok" ব্যক্ত bloom
"i hope so" ব্যক্ত helia crying
in a cave
" looks like your awake"........
"huh were am i who are u" ব্যক্ত flora scared
"let me introduce my self i am damion" he said
"what do u want from me" ব্যক্ত flora still scrared
"i want u to be my girl friend" he said
"never i will never be your girl friend" ব্যক্ত flora in
"well then i will kill u"he said
"yes u will die now and forever hahahaaha"

i hope u like it
"mom, rose, dad ohno what has happened flora ssat there crying her eyes out in pain all of the sudden the door ঘণ্টা rang and flora went to open it it was her বন্ধু the winx and the speciallist nd her new friend helia
"hey flora"said stella but before anyone ব্যক্ত anything they saw the tears in floras eyes and the blood in the hall way
"flora what has happened"
---------------------------------------------------------------------Flora invited her বন্ধু in her house but everwhere they looked there was blood. flora started crying louder and louder her who life was gone her familey was now no...
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Me-I am SO sorry!
Aisha-I'm okay, and আপনি don't have to freak out I've felt worse.

Me-Well, are আপনি okay?
Me-What's your name?
Aisha-I'm Aisha. What's your name?
Me-Skyla. Nice to meet you.
Me-I didn't think that a জনপ্রিয় girl like আপনি would talk to a loser like me.

Aisha-Loser!? Who ব্যক্ত আপনি were a loser? You're not.
Me-Well Amryl told me something way different.
Aisha-Never listen to অথবা trust Amryl. She is a jerk.
Me-Don't I know it.
Aisha-You know, I could take আপনি to meet the rest of the Winx Club.

Me-Really!? Wow!
Aisha-Yep! So is that a yes অথবা a no?
Me-A total yes!
Aisha-Well then, let's go!
Me-Hahaha! নমস্কার wait for me!!
"Hell no." Whispered Riven quietly as the truth began to set in.

"Hell no." He repeated as he looked at the image again.

"Hell no." And once আরো as he remembered he had class with the man tomorrow.

Why in God’s name did Saladin post a picture of himself in a snake skin mini স্কার্ট and a পরাকাষ্ঠা tank top? Well that was a mystery to all. And why, oh why did Riven find this attractive in the slightest!? Again, that was a mystery even to Riven.

Who even knew that he fancied old men? He certainly didn’t—well that is until he saw that steaming hot picture—and Brandon, Sky, Timmy, and Helia didn’t...
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By request on fanfic I decided to continue with this one. Kind of had a few ideas anyhow.

But it didn’t go away.

It never would go away…at least not for at least another eighteen years. Icy ran her hand over the slight curve of her belly, wondering if she should just kill the damn thing before it had a chance to live—before it had a chance to bare her attacker’s face. Frankly Icy didn’t want any reminder of that night, not even in the form of innocent blue—or maybe his silver—eyes staring up at her. In fact the last thing she wanted was to ভালুক a child with that man’s genetics...
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stella is having a fashion প্রদর্শনী
stella. bloom
bloom. yes stella
stella . im doing a fashion প্রদর্শনী
bloom . thats great
stella. your going to be my model
bloom. thanks stella
bloom . wheres flora
stella . i dont know
flora. im right here
stella . নমস্কার flora im doing a fashion প্রদর্শনী
flora . wow how wonderful stella your fashion is stylish
stella .thanks stella hugs flora bloom joins in
stella. আপনি guys are the best
bloom. your fashion is the best
stella. brb me and bloom are going shopping
stella . i প্রণয় shopping
stella . wow this white glittery dress is prefect
bloom . i প্রণয় it its like your going...
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Happy হ্যালোইন Winxies!
So I decided to write a one shot for today and it is a modified version of a story I have been working on called Haunted house, so hope আপনি like it.
-------someone’s p.o.v
One বছর পূর্বে was হ্যালোইন 2012 and it was the দিন a group of বন্ধু went into the haunted house on Mulberry Lane, but only twelve of the thirteen came out when a blood curdling scream sent them running out of the shabby old house on the corner. They were so scared when a week later the police investigated the house only to find...
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Hi guys, here's part two, "At Alfea".

Stella smiled at Bloom. "Like it?"

Bloom grinned. "Love it, Stephen!"

Stella frowned. "It's Stella, girl. Besides, Stephen is a boy's name!"

"Sorry." Bloom said.

Stella took Bloom's arm and lead her to the school, then nodded her head towards Griselda. "That's Miss G. আপনি don't wanna meet her, girl, trust me."

Bloom nodded. "Yeah, okay. Just let me get in and see the school from inside. Wait. How are we going to get in?"

Stella giggled. "Simple, girl. I know exactly what to do!"

"Stella?" Bloom asked slowly.

"What is it now, girl?"

"My name's Bloom, FYI." Bloom said....
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"Oh my god." Icy gasped and dropped her বই on the floor. Cloudtower was THE BIGGEST School she had ever been to. Freshmen বছর and Darcey and Stormy Had only one class with her. At least the sisters were roomies. Stormy stormed in looking at the class scheduele carefully and Darcey followed and eyed every witch in the room. Out of nowhere stormy trew her notebook at the wall. "Agggh... LIGHTNING!!!!" a streak of lightning seared the বই and left them in ruins. "STORMY! আপনি lit them on FIRE! Nice first inpressions on the school!" Stormy clenched her fist and growled,"they gave me potion...
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What is your favourite colour? a) Pink
b) Red
c) Black
d) Blue
e) Other 2.What type of parties do আপনি like? a) I'd like to go to a ball rather than a party
b) Rocking Parties with all my friends
c) I'd like to party with all দ্বারা myself
d) I like to go to my friends' parties and প্রদর্শনী them my moves
e) Kitty Parties with my best বন্ধু 3.What type of dress do আপনি like to wear? a) A cute small frock
b) A nice শার্ট and skirt
c) I don't really care about clothing
d) Umm.... শার্ট and pant?
e) Anything that makes me comfortable 4.What animal do আপনি consider as your ideal pet? a) I don't think I need a pet
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