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My p.o.v.
I wish I knew where they were and are the alive অথবা dead? No they have to be alive, there is no way they can be dead. Magix and the whole magic dimension is a ghost town. I just want to find another person whether we are বন্ধু অথবা not. It’s starting to get dark, I should find a place to sleep, I would sleep in my room at Alfea but it would be so obvious if someone is out there searching for the remaining and it’s too sad to look at the place where my বন্ধু and I went to school. I miss them dearly and I will do anything to find them, along with the specialists and Nabu. Why couldn’t...
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posted by Princess-Flora
-------Helia’s p.o.v
I heard the sound of footsteps, so I expected it to be Krystal; but when she spoke I automatically turned to see if I heard correctly, and I did. I dropped my bag and ran up the stairs to her and she stood there smiling. I was so happy to see the প্রণয় of my life standing there. Once I got to her I pick her up and spun her around, it was perfect because right then and there I knew this wasn’t a dream. I set her back down, and I felt some tears slide down the side of my face, yet they were tears of joy. However she wiped them away and I pulled her closer with one hand...
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------Flora’s p.o.v
We headed back to the palace where we would spend the night. I was excited to be reunited with my বন্ধু and my sister, but I missed the specialists, my brothers and most of all my Helia. I was happy I just felt like a part of me was missing, so I sat back in the limo and drew a হৃদয় on the fogged up windows. No one noticed which I was glad because I didn’t want to talk about it. We arrived at the palace soon even though we didn’t take the freeway which I don’t blame for taking the longer way because I am still spooked about venturing on to the freeway after what...
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posted by jinxclubcreator
The পরবর্তি day..........
The girls knock on ms. F's room....
Ms.F: Come in, girls.
The girls walked in.....
Bloom: Good Morning, Ms. F, we came to talk abut Flora.
Ms. F: Sure, Girls, go on.
Musa: Well, when we took a walk yesterday all the plants withered and the one who did it was Flora.
Stella:And, Ardin made her believe that we abandoned her in the forest.
Ms. F: What! did আপনি say Ardin?
All the girls nodded.
Techna: And, we don't know how he did that.
Ms. F: Follow me.
Ms. F lead them to a room.
Ms. F: আপনি may find everything here about Ardin, his powers,his victims, his enemies, and all of the spells he had,
when the girls took a look at the spell section and was surprised when they saw that Ardin has no spell about turning people to become evil.
Layla: look girls, Flora is in the victim section.
At Ardin's lair........
Icy: Ardin, i sensed that the winx is going here, we should go to another place right now.
To be continued.................
Helia's p.o.v
Flora texted us half an ঘন্টা পূর্বে she was leaving the palace and was going to use the freeway. So she should have been প্রথমপাতা twenty মিনিট ago. I was worried and I could tell something was up so I called Krystal to ask if she had heard from Flora since she left. Krystal replied no and she was worried to because Flora promised to text when she got প্রথমপাতা which she ব্যক্ত should have been twenty মিনিট পূর্বে and fifteen if there was traffic. I told her I would call if I heard anything from Flora. She ব্যক্ত thanks and then hung up the phone. I looked at our বন্ধু and family and told then...
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the পরবর্তি day......
stella:rise and shine winx!!!!!
the winx:stella u suprised us!!
stella;hihihi ok দ্বারা the way remember what were doing tonight i dont want any thing to happen to brandon
bloom:looks like someones in প্রণয় again oh my god...!!!!
stella:bloooom.......!!!!!!!!!!!!(blushes with anger)
at that night......
brandon:(sneaks)ok lets খুঁজুন her bedroom
the winx:we found it the curtains were closed...<:O
brandon:well then were gonna have to sneak from the inside tonight remember sneak and dont make noise.....
the winx;right....(sneaks)
in the interior(inside)......
the winx and brandon:(sneaks...
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posted by Princess-Flora

Flora’s p.o.v
I deleted, blocked, burned, and trashed all the reminisces of those four because I was changed for the better and I needed to remove that part of my life from me. I knew they would find a way to embarrass me in public, but I won’t let them get to me anymore. I went into my closet and picked out a long sleeved pale পরাকাষ্ঠা dress, patterned tights, and black boots to wear on this slightly chilly December Saturday morning. I headed out to the courtyard and braved myself for what might happen. A lot of people where gathered in the courtyard. I walk towards the gate, but stop when...
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'"And I heard a great voice, saying to the seven angels..."Pour out the seven bowls; the harshness of the world in a dream!" I saw when the মেষশাবক opened the sixth seal. There was an earthquake...great is the sun became a gaping black hole, and the moon became as red as blood."'

"This story is told throughout the remaining lands. It is known as "The beginning of the end." The beginning when the sun died out. The beginning when the moon had turned red; when the sky had been turned to flames. Even the stars themselves were going out. Planets collapsed, galaxies collided into one another, stars imploded...everything...
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
I dont own anything.

" আপনি are really going " I ব্যক্ত to Noah  who was standing in front of me .
" sorry , Rex but I have to go I will soon return ". 
" what I will do without আপনি ? Please Noah don't go " 
" I have to go  , it's okay there are enough people to keep আপনি company"
" Who do আপনি mean ? Six , Bobo?
I asked him " They are so boring to hangout with ".
A grin appeared on his face " I ment অগ্রদূত kliess "
"What? I screamed " Are আপনি kidding me ? He would be the worst partner in entire planet ".
" He he I was just joking , Rex I think আপনি should go now before six come here looking for আপনি "
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Hi everyone I am here with another article. Usually I write less প্রবন্ধ and whenever I write it’s a fanfic অথবা about this spot. And this time it’s about আপনি guys and ‘bout the spot of course. Now we will enter in 2014 after some days. And it’ll happen 2 years 3 months to me being here in this spot. I really will never feel old, I mean I will never behave like an oldie অনুরাগী of this spot আপনি see. Honestly saying I don’t want to behave like I am fanatic because it brings ego and usually most of fanatics of any particular spot behaves like they are greatest person of the particular spot...
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hi guyes not writen a story in a while so i thought i would wright a neew one now based on হ্যালোইন as that is comeing round the corner as is my birthday which is the 26 of october gee im so excited anyway let get to the story i hope আপনি enjoy plz মতামত on what আপনি think
it was a warm morning at alfeya as a nature fairy was sleeping in her walm cosey বিছানা it was the 30 of october the দিন before হ্যালোইন and her the winx and specialist were going out trick অথবা treating so today they were all hiting magics to bye there halloween...
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posted by XxXFloraXxX
To all my beloved অনুরাগী and supporters!!!!

The Specialists went to Saladin's office too.
???: *Groan*
Riven: Have আপনি heard that sound too?
Nabu: Yes. (Louder) Let yourself see, who আপনি are!
They saw someone creep out of the shadows. It was...

Sky: M. Saladin! What happened to you?
Saladin: I was in my office. Suddenly, there came twenty অথবা thirty soldiers in! And a mysterious person whose face I couldn't see. Then, he spoke a spell and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw them jumping out of the window with Helia! I tried to stop...
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
 A daughter of darkness
A daughter of darkness
Just a little something


We Came To Battle Baby
Icy prepared for war, she and her sisters were going to take over Magix.

We Came To Win The War
With Bloom's power inside Icy there was no way the schools could stand against her. She would win the war

Till we get what we're looking for
Icy wouldn't stop until she won the war, then the white witch would be satisfied

We're blowing out our speakers
The sound of her monster army could be heard for miles away, warning they are near.

There goes the neighborhood
Magix would be under her control, Icy felt confident that everything...
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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Bloom’s diary’s page 90 on তারিখ October 10, 2013

Dear Diary,
I’m feeling okay after having some good time today and I am hoping of a better tomorrow. I remember the dreams I have dreamt but now everything is over and I have হারিয়ে গেছে my little hope after what I have seen today. I think it was not in my hands অথবা in Sky’s. So I have stopped wishing those wishes which can’t be true and I have decided not to do what I don’t like. I had changed myself in past few years and tried to do what he liked but now I have decided to be who I am and to do...
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posted by florasedge31
Darcy walked behind Flora and picked her up দ্বারা her arms.
"Let me go!" Flora yelled while kicking her feet.
Darcy ব্যক্ত nothing as she started walking up some stairs. When she got to the শীর্ষ she started pressing some numbers on a touch pad. Flora looked down and saw a tank full of water in it. She automatically knew what Darcy was about to do. She started panicking. When Darcy finished typing The glass on শীর্ষ of the tank slid out of the way.
"This is your stop." Darcy smirked then threw Flora in the water. She typed the code again and the glass screen covered the শীর্ষ again. She walked down the...
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posted by florajames
Tecna: it cant be that we are really facing our end
Stella: Layla fainted the guys disappeared, I want my Brandon and I don’t even have curled hair, I should had stayed at home!
Flora: perhaps Stella is right though আপনি don’t believe it
Tecna: then why do we do all this? For a girl whose being forced to become a witch
Flora: im sorry I refuse to understand আপনি
Bloom: girls if miss faragonda gives us a mission it different for a reason, we must support that, and then we are পরী and princesses, it not like us to discouraged, always remember we are the Winx! Aren't we Musa?
Musa: your words...
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I did one of these around Thanksgiving, but new people have come along অথবা old ones returned so here is my বড়দিন one to আপনি all lovely Winxies.

Dania (MissAngelPaws): I'm glad she's back and she was my first অনুরাগী almost one বছর ago. So that really meant a lot to me when I was a newbie, and she is just so kind, sweet, and caring.

Farhah (101musastella): this girl is absolutely amazing. I remember when I first met her she মতামত প্রদত্ত things like continue plz this is really good on my first অনুরাগী fiction. I can say I might have not known her as well when I first started, but she is defiantly...
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"Run away, hide away secret's in your name sacrificed just her life."

She had to hide, she had to run. She didn't know how many she'd taken. This girl was just another number. She hadn't been caught, the evidence always melted away long before the authorities got there. But yet she felt the need to flee anyhow. Perhaps flee from herself, her own dark thoughts. But no matter how hard her feet hit the pavement she couldn't escape her shadow self.

"No matter how many stones আপনি put inside she always keeps on floating in your mind with every turn of your head আপনি see her face again."

It was insanity...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Autumn POV

We stood in the crowd after the stupid parade, when some guards came over to us.

"It is time for আপনি to speak with the prince." We nodded and went into a huge building with golden walls and stone statues everywhere. Ike wrapped his arm around me as we entered a room with the prince sitting on one end of a table. Each chair had a name tag on it and I finally found mine on the end of the table, between Ike and the prince. across from me was Stella and Brandon. Stella looked really nervous for some reason.

"Hello." The prince's voice echoed through the room. "I see that we are missing...
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posted by yasmin124
Helia is crying wanted to know why Flora did this to him

Helia. why would my girlfriend do this tooo me but i cant hurt her shes my gf

so Helia finds Flora

Helia . hi Flora

Flora . leave me alone i dont need আপনি here

Helia . Flora calm down i want to help

Flora . i dont need help bye

Helia . its just no use at all

Bloom . guys we got to help her

Stella . help who

Bloom . Flora but im scared

Stella . dont worry ill be on your side every minute

Bloom . thank আপনি Stella

Flora . Icy thers this guy Helia and hes annoying me

Icy . dont worry Flora ill go freeze him

Darcy . ill blind him with darkness

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