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Before club পেংগুইন ever was there was experimental penguins that was just some rocket শামুক game he had no idea it would be so জনপ্রিয় so he had to make a up a even better version called পেংগুইন chat that happened over and over so he had a পেংগুইন chat two then a three দ্বারা the time PC3 was out rocket শামুক got jolted with so many ideas so he planned club পেংগুইন which he thought would satisfy
every body RS actually planned CLUB পেংগুইন for 2010 but ironically that was the বছর he left in 2007 club পেংগুইন needed money so ডিজনি had to buy it most people they did club পেংগুইন no good

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