S.B: Hello Shayne.
Shayne: Hello.
S.B: What is your পছন্দ part of The Island Of Errol?
Shayne: There's lots of cool places around here. However, I'm gonna go ahead, and say that my পছন্দ part about this island, are the other engines that I work with. Andrew especially, he knows how to make an engine laugh.
S.B: আপনি and the other engines seem to enjoy telling each other jokes. What's with that?
Shayne: We could all use a good laugh from time to time. It not only puts us in a good mood, but it helps us concentrate on our work.
S.B: You're usually with one অথবা two other engines when pulling a freight train. How often do আপনি go solo?
Shayne: Not that often. When I do, I usually only have ten freight cars. Sometimes, it's less than ten.
S.B: আপনি worked for BNSF before joining the Eastern Pacific. When did আপনি first come to the Island Of Errol?
Shayne: January, 2014.
S.B: Were আপনি freezing?
Shayne: *Laughs* No.
S.B: Last question. What will আপনি do when this interview is over?
Shayne: It's my দিন off. I'll be watching this very interview once it goes live.
S.B: Good diesel.

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