visigoth voting
OMA has provided an option আপনি can EARN দ্বারা trading in your points for a triple voting value on the last day.

Here is how it works (Visigoth Voting):
Your daily voting টুপি will triple (multiply দ্বারা 3) starting on June 26, 2012 at midnight Eastern time for 24 hours. Example: If আপনি are a level 1 super fan, your voting টুপি would normally be 25 ভোট per day. With Visigoth voting, it is tripled to 75 ভোট per দিন on June 26.
আপনি can find the link here: link

If your maximum level (a level 5 super fan), your voting টুপি would normally be 500 ভোট per day. With Visigoth Voting, it is tripled to 1,500. NOW, DO আপনি SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF LEVELING UP AND USING VISIGOTH VOTING!?

Here's the catch - everyone can buy this, even other অনুরাগী armies! Chances are THEY WILL USE IT! It's almost a must just to keep up with them. Just saying.
However, if আপনি vote to daily every দিন , this is nothing but a peck in your points. It's 10,000 points to purchase.

You will need to pay close attention to timezones when using Visigoth Voting
Here's how:
Time Zones USA
Supar অনুরাগী Levels