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-these are lyrics that I found online, but I adapted them and made them so that they are good for kareoke.
I took me a while to do them.
You can use them and post it any where else as long as আপনি CREDIT ME!!! ( azumarill at fanpop)

I tied a ribbon in my hair
and then I tried to smile
I had gotten the feeling I
Had changed who I was
A little bit of strong courage
Becomes confidence
I had forgotten that lil' fact
Untill I met you

Something that every girl would no
Is how to be fearless
By knowing the magic that lies deep within our hearts

ITS প্রদর্শনী TIME

Make my হৃদয় beat faster then ever
I always want to feel...
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posted by azumarill
-these are my lyrics :p but u guys cam use them for stuff and post elsewhere

these are a bit crap so I will update them when I can.
Remeber if used DO NOT claim them as your own CREDIT ME (azumarill at fanpop, lauren m, invader loz)

Blue Bird:
as I look down at the city from this hill
my hair sways with the wind of tomorow
Oh deary me, it's as if it's resounding
with the earnest মেঘ of this lame gray earth

this world brims with betrayal and immitation
I think I am lacking something
now I rember I want to খুঁজুন for my true heartbeat


Before I realise it, a rainBow appears right here
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হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ
tokyo mew mew
english subs
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Source: Mei Ikumi
posted by mintymomiya
1. Poke him in the head, constantly.
2. Tell him that "the blue knight" is a really gay name.
3. After saying that, insist that he is gay.
4. Tell EVERYONE that he is gay, even write it into the newspaper.
5. Call him a stupid hippie.
6. Spread rumours that he's cheating on Ichigo with Kisshu.
7. সম্পাদনা a ছবি of him so it looks like he's স্নেহ চুম্বন Kisshu, make sure he sees it. (This will annoy Kisshu too!)
8. Put loads of salt in his খাবার just before he's about to eat it.
9. Pour দেওয়ালপত্র paste all over his head.
10. Tie his shoelaces together.
11. Send him dirty text messages, pretend they're from Ichigo....
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posted by mintymomiya
1. Insist that he is a furby.
2. Keep calling him useless.
3. Pull all his পশম off so he's just a load of wires.
4. Shut him in cupboards and say it was an accident.
5. Get his name wrong all the time.
6. Ask him is he actually has a gender.
7. Sit on him.
8. Carry him around with you, and দোল আপনি arm like আপনি would with a bag so he's getting rattled about.
9. Play drums on him.
10. Put him in an aquarium tank, say it was because আপনি wanted to know whether অথবা not he could survive underwater.
11. Tell him that he's being replaced, দ্বারা one of those পরাকাষ্ঠা poodle robots.
12. Throw him out of your car in the middle of a desert, so he has to fly back to the café.
13. Do this again, except with an aeroplane instead of a car.
14. Constantly claim to Ryou and Keiichiro that he isn't working.
15. Give him to a dog as a squishy toy.
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posted by mintymomiya
1. Everytime he says something, say "I KNOW" loudly.
2. Dance past him with a drum and cymbals.
3. Paint his bedroom walls green with পরাকাষ্ঠা stripes.
4. Then paint his ceiling Yellow with purple spots.
5. Put hair gel in his hair and make It all spiky.
6. Throw Pie at him, the alien অথবা the food, both are sure to annoy him!
7. Sing happy songs to him while he's working.
8. Give পুডিং lots and lots of sugar when she's at work.
9. Poke him, constantly.
10. Insist that he is a priest, dress him up as one.
11. Turn the café into a pub.
12. Force him into wearing dresses, then taking ছবি of him like that...
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. Ask him if he even knows what Quiche is, অথবা does he just think he was named some যেভাবে খুশী word?
2. Tell him daily that Ichigo hates him.
3. While he is sleeping, replace his dragon swords with copies of them আপনি have made from toilet roll tubes.
4. Make মতামত about his strange clothing.
5. And his hair.
6. Walk up to him, look at him seriously, and say "I know what আপনি did Brian." Then walk off without explaining anything.
7. Buy him স্ট্রবেরি patterned pyjamas, and make him wear them in front of Pai and Taruto.
8. Get Pai to leave the ship for a while, so Kisshu has the responsibility of looking...
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