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 episode four!!
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Sundae Muddy Sundae was the worst total drama all stars episode because of 4 people Chris Mal Scott and Gwen. Each of them had a part in ruining the episode. All of them had a part in Courtney getting elimanated. Chris made the twist that আপনি had to eat your own sundae. Scott voted for her. Mal showed everyone the chart and voted for her. And Gwen got her elimanated দ্বারা saying that to prove her loyalty she would have to vote herself off. And I have another 2 reasons to hate this episode. The reasons are Courtney and Gwen stopped being FRICKING বন্ধু and Scotteny FRICKING broke up
Ok, so with the finale airing tomorrow, I figured I would give my opinion on this season.

Total Drama All Stars was not as good as I expected it to be. I thought TDAS would be up there with TDI now that we would see the Original Cast back. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I will start with the worst things about this season.

5. Character Development

This is always something অনুরাগী want is development. I think we got a bit of that from the new cast, especially with Mike. But the old cast was just left out to rot.

-Courtney had development going, but the writers decided to go back to TDA Courtney....
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Episode 9:
Suckers Punched:
Chris (Recapping events from the পূর্ববর্তি episode):
Last time on Total Drama All Stars, the teams went for an egg hunt at the fun zone, which was anything but fun. (laughs) Heather finally got what was coming to her when her team voted against her. Nice work Alejandro. Will the নায়ক get back on track and snag victory from the villains yet again? Those উত্তর and আরো to be answered right here, right now on Total Drama All Stars!
(Cut to the loser cabin: Dawn and Sierra are talking about keeping the mutant rat)
Sierra, i didn't want it to have to come to this,...
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নমস্কার everyone!

Okay, I am almost positive now that (SPOILER) Courtney is most likely going প্রথমপাতা on Tuesday and the তালিকা is right. But I don't really think I'm worried that she'll get eliminated and we get the dreaded ROTI/ROTI and Hero/Hero finale.

I feel a lot আরো worried that Courtney will lose her friendship with Gwen and potentially break up with Scott. They really seemed mad at her and since Gwen and Zoey are bonding more, I just can't see their friendship surviving 100%.

What do আপনি guys think? I know I'm treating a cartoon like real life but what can I say? I'm a super fan!
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