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'Really though! I can't believe that tonio finally goes out with Lovi!! They're so adorable' I gushed to my friend Paige. She grinned and nodded. We walked down the school halls talking about যেভাবে খুশী topics before stopping infront of english to get maddie from her class. Afterwards we went to art. Mainly for me since I প্রণয় art but maddie likes drawing skittles. We sat down in the empty class, as it was lunch but we were always allowed in here. I immiadlatley got the paper and pencils before starting to draw. I just drew যেভাবে খুশী things like a little turtle. I have a pet কচ্ছপ called speedy. Anyway I also drew nicki minaj. My current obsession. 'So what do আপনি think about the new guy?!' Maddie suddenly piped up. Paige's eyes lit up 'He is sooo cute!' I laughed. They looked at each other both took a large breath before yelling 'I call dibs!' I simply smiled 'I haven't seen him yet...what does he look like?' Maddie turned to me eyes wide and paige with a dreamy expression.
'He is sooooooo adorable' maddie gushed
'Awesome and hot' paige mused
'And he's British!' Both ব্যক্ত together. I laughed lightly 'Sounds cool.' Maddie took out her phone and showed me a picture 'That's him!' She ব্যক্ত I nodded. Well....I guess they're going through their boy crazy phase. I remember maddie complaining about wanting a boyfriend last week and paige agreed. I don't really mind just now. We talked a bit আরো and drew. I almost finished my sketch of nicki minaj but before i finished her outfit the ঘণ্টা had rung, signalling that we had to get back to class.

I had সঙ্গীত পরবর্তি Paige had science and Maddie had P.E. We have completley different time tables sadly. It's tough cause we're best বন্ধু and we got বিভক্ত করা up. But thats because we were always talking when together in class. And being crazy. I smiled and made my way to music.
সঙ্গীত had to be one of my favourite lessons along with art and dance. I can play গিটার in সঙ্গীত and just let myself play what I feel.

As I walked in I noticed that the whole class was lined up at the back. I saw the new guy somewhere in the crowd but didn't really pay attention as I walked over to stand দ্বারা my friend Billy who was momentarily distracted hugging a girl. Ronnie I think. Anyway the teacher informed us that we had a new seating plan. She sat us all down in যেভাবে খুশী seats and I noticed that I was sat পরবর্তি to the new guy and across from me was a boy called Toby, পরবর্তি to him was Billy. So I was sat on a টেবিল full of guys. I turned to the new guy and smiled at him. 'Hola! I'm Valencia, just call me Valen if আপনি prefer' He nodded 'Veto' he ব্যক্ত with a smile. The teacher gave us a sharp look and continued with the lesson.

I didn't really talk to veto through most of the lesson until the teacher told us to get into pairs. I noticed Essen grab Danielle's arm and Billy walked over to Ronnie. Veto didn't have a partner yet as well...he was new. So with a grin I grabbed hold of his arm and offered to be his partner. He nodded and smiled. I saw toby glare at Veto but I didn't really pay attention to it. 'Alright. So now that আপনি have your partners I am giving আপনি a assignment. আপনি will work on a project for the পরবর্তি 6 weeks. আপনি will need to write a original song. With instruments and lyrics and once আপনি have got it আপনি will preform it infront of the school as a small concert' We nodded in agreement and I let my mind wander to my friends. Paige would প্রণয় to be part of a সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান like this...maddie too. But Paige loves to be on stage. I like it but i feel much আরো comfortable dancing অথবা playing my guitar. Veto was giving me a blank look and I realised that I had being awkwardly quiet while the other groups had got on with their work. I have him a sheepish grin feeling the heat rush to my face 'Le siento...heh let's get on with it then!'
'Yeah' We both sat down and I grabbed a blank সঙ্গীত sheet. 'Alright. What could we do....'

So do আপনি like the start? I didn't want to make this too romantic and all that. And I didn't want to be like 'Valencia saw him and was instantly in love' sort of thing cause they'd be good বন্ধু at first. :D so yup! This will also include vetoxmaddie and paigexveto so don't worry guys!!
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