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Zmidy313 posted on Jun 19, 2012 at 08:36PM
Just thought ofbthe idea to make an Avatar RP! This will be based on the show Avatar the last air bender.

It will be in the Legend of Korra universe and take place in republic city.

If you haven't watch the Legend of Korra series yet try this web site

It will take place in Republic city. You can be a bender, regular human or one of the equalists.


1. No god modding

2. Please follow proper post format

3. Only 1 elements per bender please(unless if hr character is a Spirit Child or the Avatar)

4. To cut down on confusion only 5 characters per player

5. No Killing with out permission

6. More rules maybe added if needed


I would be the Avatar but it wouldn't be fair for other people who wanted to be the Avatar. AVATAR SPOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!!

Name/Age/Bending Element
Dokuro 16 Avatar
Bryce 17 Firebender
Leah 15 Earthbender
Joey 16 Waterbender.
Nya 18 Earthbender
Teagan 18 Firebender
Tobi 16 Nonbender
Kennedy 16 Airbender
Olivia 17 Waterbender
Janice ? Waterbender
Katie 16 Firebending
Jenny ? Firebender
Cole 17 Earthbender
Chilly 17 Waterbnder
Alice 17 So far a nonbender
Claire 17 Firebender
Zac 16 ?
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