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princess2109 posted on Dec 03, 2012 at 11:50PM
It's Decemeber! :D
so that means it's a christmas time!

1. Please no Mary-Sues or Ravens
2. At most it can be PG-13
3. Don't exclude people.
4. You don't need to ask to join. JUST JOIN!
5. No super natural or magical stuff. Please keep things relatively realistic.
6. No godmodding.
7. No teleportation. That means that you can't just make your characters appear in places they weren't so they can be involved in certain situations.
8. Try to make sense. Don't just make your character walk into someone's house uninvited when other people are RPing there. I mean seriously, how would you react to a random person just strolling into your house and striking up a conversation?

name- age (user)

Caleb- 15 - princess2109
Olivia- 17 - princess2109
Kennedy- 16 - princess2109
Holly - 12 - princess2109
Caroline- 16 obssesedTDIgirl
Charlotte- 15 obssesedTDIgirl
Ty- 17 obssesedTDIgirl
Robin- 17 obssesedTDIgirl
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