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 Deshii (Valentina Ravena VanHelsing)
Deshii (Valentina Ravena VanHelsing)
Name: Valentina Ravena VanHelsing
Nickname: Deshii
Birthday: February 12
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Creative, flirty, bitchy, bossy, seductive, stubborn
Bio: Deshii born Valentina Ravena VanHelsing, is part of a large family of Vampire Hunters. What her family doesn't know is that she is secretly a vampire. If her secret ever gets out to her dad then both her and her mom will be in trouble. Deshii goes against whatever her parents say especially when it comes to her hair. Deshii tends to be very stubborn and controlling. She can charm any man,but usually does it as an act so she can get a quick bite. Her goal in life is to find a real true love, one that will live with her for all eternity ;)
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Name: Nolan Joey Hale

Age: 16

Birthday: June 1st

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Stereotype: The skater

Favorite Color: Red

Least পছন্দ Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Bacon

Least পছন্দ Food: Pancakes

Favorite Movie: None

Least পছন্দ Movie: None

Possible Careers: Skater

Pets: Flask (Fish)

Relationships with ocs: Delilah Jarvis (ex), Claire Levy (ex, crush)

Relationships with TDI contestants: Heather (asked out and rejected) Bridgette (ex)

Family Members: Franklin Hale (father), Andrea Hunt (mother), Cameron Hunt (brother)

Theme Song: Sk8er Boi দ্বারা Avril Lavigne

Fear: Breaking his skateboard, spiders...
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