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posted by sorandom15
Adams pov

I was scared...why,why do i have to be gay. why do i have to be in a abusive family....why do i have to do this. i walked into the living room,i think my mother was in bed,recovering from her hangover. i sat down on the couch. my brother was out somewhere. my Dad...sitting across the room. i was terrified of him. he was such a homophob. i was shaking. he noticed to,he looked at me and said. "Why the fuck are আপনি shaking?" he stared at felt like ages that moment..."I-i need to t-tell আপনি something." i ব্যক্ত in panic. he gave me a look like what i need to say it...
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posted by Elkhat-Law


() আপনি প্রণয় to dye your hair
() আপনি have glasses, but hate wearing them
() আপনি draw too much
() Most of your clothes are black
() Almost everything amazes you
() You’ll automatically hate anyone that hates on whatever আপনি like
() আপনি can be quite the a-hole but you’re normally really nice
() Most people are scared of you
() You're quite clingy


() আপনি প্রণয় anything bright
() You’d die without music
() আপনি ''don't do commitments''
() আপনি like to pretend to have an American accent
() You're Australian
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posted by colecutegirl
mirandas pov

'i know but what was i supposed to say?' i asked my friend rochelle while carefully applaying black lipstick to my lips. The only night when i EER wear black lipstick. Haloween.

'anything but "get the hell out!"' rochelle ব্যক্ত laughing. this was yet annother conversation about yet another one of my ex boyfriends.

I may quite literally be sick of boys. But im not done flirting yet. i smiled to myself and began putting eyeliner on. 'well sorreee but i did tell him not to come after the break up' i replied looking in the mirror as not to smudge.

' miranda please he was only apologysing....
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August 12th, 2006

I see the tall man everywhere. I'v started referring to him as "Kyle". I tell my grandmother about Kyle as she lies in বিছানা and looks at me with dim eyes. I tell her how he looks. Tall, of course, with deep red hair. Shaggy, red hair... how did it get so red? She stares at me and sort of smiles, sort of frowns. "I see.." she says, and takes ahold of my pinkie finger. "You can watch him all আপনি want, but I don't want আপনি talking to Kyle. Understand, Eiko?

He doesn't sound safe."

August 13th, 2006

Grandmother was coughing so loud this morning I checked in on her. She had gone back...
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Name: Lila Hollister
Meaning of name: night (Arabic)
Nickname: Lily, অথবা just Lila
Meaning of nickname: ...
Stereotype: "The Self-Obsessed কুইন Bee"
Age: 19
Race: Italian-American
Hometown: California
Birthday: February 18th
Species: "Human."
Gender: female
Religion: none
Sexual preference:straight.
Occupation: "Fashion consultant"
Way of speaking: scoffing every line.
Theme Song(s): link
Personal Quote: "Pfft!"


Hair color: Dark brown
Hair style: long and a little wavy.
Eye color: grey-brown with a little hazel in them.
Eyesight: 18/20
Height: 6'
Weight: 120...
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