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My life has been pretty "OK" for the past few years. It hasn't been awesome, and it hasn't been horrible. JakeE finally cracked and committed suicide. I just hate him for doing that. I went through the same problems he did, আপনি don't see me going and killing myself. I just hate to think about it. Also, JakeS died because of the cancer. If he would've just taken his medication. Besides all that, most of my বন্ধু have been getting settled down and married. Sayu and Jade, Riley and Dayton, Cassie and Bradley. And Paige has a 2-Year-Old son with that Max guy. And that dickwad Toby is in jail...
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Greetings, all. This is the kick-start of my yaoi, 'It's Scenery." I will now introduce আপনি to the seme, Masaaki Kunio. It was quite the project coming up with him, so please give me your honest opinion at the end of this guide. Enjoy!


Name: Masaaki
Surname: Kunio
Nickname(s): Kunshi
(Who calls him this?:) The other interns
Age: 19
Occupation: Internship at Motaka Garden Center and Nursery
Interests: Plants and animals, drawings, cooking, being out of the house
Dislikes: Being in dark অথবা 'cooped-up' places, sitting around and doing nothing
Bad Habits: Being 'too familiar', having too loud of a voice,...
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