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‘Alright! Today in gym, I’ll mark আপনি on your running, climbing and your sense of balance!’ our gym teacher boomed at us.

‘First, you’ll run laps around the gym, climb the rope and ক্রুশ the beam!’ he continued.

‘Come on, let’s started running!’ Zoey told me. Everyone in the class started to run around the gym in a giant circle, Zoey and I side দ্বারা side. She had a beautiful smile on her face and her red pigtails flowing in the wind of her running. She just looked... amazing.

‘Mike? Are আপনি ok?’ Zoey asked in the middle of my thoughts.

‘Huh? Yeah, just a little tired,’ I replied and smiled at her. She giggled and then we both kept on running, she never noticed I was staring at her most of the time.

‘Alright, time’s up! Great work. Now, time for আপনি to climb the rope!’ the gym teacher yelled. I turned my head towards the rope, which was hanging from the ceiling. My head tilted upwards, towards the roof.

‘Wow. Looks long, heh-heh,’ I ব্যক্ত to Zoey.

‘Don’t worry, it’s really easy!’ Zoey told me. I was worried. I was never able to climb the rope at my old school. For some reason, Chester always kicked in when I started climbing.

*Flashback, Old High School*

‘Mike, you’re up!’ my gym teacher told me. I looked at the rope, my hands reached out and I started climbing.

‘I bet he’ll turn into one of his personalities again,’ someone from below yelled out. I closed my eyes and tried to resist the urge from Chester taking over.

‘Please... just this once! I want to try it in my own personality,’ I whispered to myself. I started gasping and then... my arms and legs got weak, loosing muscle. Chester had taken over, again! My body could not climb the rope anymore as I got weaker and weaker... My hands slowly let go, as I pelted to the floor, my poor অস্থি crunching as I landed on the ground in a painful position.

‘Ha, I knew it!’ someone yelled out. Everyone started to laugh and crowd around me, when I gasped and turned back to normal.

‘Loser! আপনি can even climb the rope without changing into an old man!’ another yelled to my face. My eyes started to fill with tears, as my হৃদয় dropped lower and lower.

‘Why was I born with this curse?!’ I muttered and slammed my head on the ground in shame.

*Flashback ended*

‘Zoey, whenever I climbed ropes at my old school, I changed into Chester. That made me weak and I fell to the floor, I was never able to climb a rope,’ I told Zoey.

‘I’m sure you’ll be able to do it this time. Just try and believe!’ Zoey replied, with a huge smile across her face.

‘Zoey, you’re up!’ our gym teacher yelled.
‘Wish me luck,’ Zoey told me. We walked over to the rope and started climbing. She quickly got to the শীর্ষ and then climbed back down again.

‘Wow! How’d আপনি do that so quickly?’ I asked Zoey.
‘I’ve climbed the rope many times, I’m sure আপনি can do it,’ Zoey replied.

‘Alright! Mike the new kid, you’re up!’ the gym teacher boomed. I gulped and looked back at the rope until someone touched my hand.

‘Just before আপনি go, I know আপনি can do this,’ she told me, her hand touching mine. I blushed to a tinted red as she smiled back at me.

‘Thanks Zoey,’ I replied. I walked over to the rope and started to climb. Everybody in my class watched as I kept on climbing, moving upwards until I got halfway.

‘You can do it Mike!’ Zoey yelled from below. I started to gasp and then...

‘I’m not Mike! I’m Svetlana the Swedish gymnast!’ I called to her below. Everyone was murmuring in confusion.
‘Svetlana?’ someone murmured.

‘Um... what Swedish gymnast?’ another said.
I climbed up the rope very quickly, reaching the roof then sliding back down to the ground, landing on my feet for once.

‘Mike! আপনি did it!’ Zoey told me and then gave me a hug.

‘Svetlana has no idea vhat আপনি are valking about!’ I told Zoey in confusion. Zoey giggled and asked ‘Uh, is that lipstick?’

‘Well done Mike!’ our gym teacher yelled. ‘Show us what you’ve got on the beam,’
I gracefully danced over to the beam, jumping up and landed perfectly. I did a great cartwheel, everyone staring in awe. I put my hands down and kicked my legs, to do a wonderful handspring. I did a back flip off the beam and landed in the splits. As I landed, I gasped and turned back to normal.

‘Mike, I wasn’t asking for a big performance. I just wanted to see আপনি balance but that was amazing! A+!’ my gym teacher announced and everyone just stared at me.

‘Mike! That was awesome!’ Zoey ব্যক্ত as she ran over to me.
I winced as I wasn’t used to being in the splits.

‘Could I have some help to get me out of this position?’ I asked Zoey. She grabbed me দ্বারা my hands and pulled me up.

‘Thanks. So, that was Svetlana. Another personality of mine,’ I told her. ‘She is a Swedish পালোয়ান in the Olympics,’

‘It sure does come in handy in gym class!’ Zoey giggled. After another class, it was time for lunch so we headed to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

‘Hmm, today’s lunch; সালাদ with ‘special sauce’ and potato’s that look mouldy. I think I’ll pass,’ I told Zoey.

‘Me too. I’m sick of these gross meals they serve us,’ Zoey replied. We went outside to sit down and started talking. We had many things in common. We’ve never had proper বন্ধু before, we both watch Total Drama and we think each other are funny.

‘All the guys I live near are juvie rejects and they have an IQ of 10,’ Zoey told me. ‘But you, you’re smart and really nice,’

‘Heh-heh, thanks Zoey! আপনি too,’ I replied as I felt my face blushing. She’s just perfect. Smart, always happy, super nice and has the most beautiful smile ever. I hope she stays my friend, I really hope she would consider me as her boyfriend- Wait, what am I saying? I’ll never be able to get a girl like her!

‘I’m just going to the bathroom, be right back!’ Zoey told me as she ran off into the distance. I sat still in my spot looking around, when I saw a bunch of familiar faces from gym class. There was about five of them and they kept pointing at me, soon enough they walked up towards me.

‘Hey look, its Svetlam... Svetlene... Svetlun- Uh, what-ever,’ a guy with blonde hair told me.

‘Yeah, heh-heh. Svetlana is one of my
impressions,’ I replied to the group.

‘What type of loser does impressions?!’ a tall, muscular one asked.

‘Uh... well-,’ I replied trying to think of a reason.

‘Pff! Some man আপনি are,’ another replied sarcastically. The bunch of them surrounded me, closing me in a circle. I was trapped.

‘Zoey? Where are you?!’ I whispered to myself. I suddenly gasped... and turned into Svetlana, again! I did a handstand, kicking one of the guys, making room for an escape.

‘Catch me if আপনি can! Buut, I’m Svetlana!’ I yelled in my girly voice, doing handsprings to get away from the group. I turned my head around and saw them following me. I কার্ট wheeled down a corridor, making all the students stop and stare at my perfect gymnastics skills. I tumbled down the hall and jumped on শীর্ষ of the rubbish bins, knocking them over as I flew into the air. Turning around I saw the group of guys skidding down the hall trying to stop, but then crashed into the bins. The loud sound of their crashing pierced my ears and everyone stared at the group of guys in shock. The group yelled ‘Aww, sick!!’ and ‘Yuck!’

‘You’ll pay for that Svet... Mike... whatever your name is!’ the blonde one yelled covered in rubbish. I gasped again and turned back to normal.

‘Oh, Svetlana, what have আপনি done?’ I asked myself, slapping my face in frustration. I turned around and saw Zoey run towards me.

‘I saw what happened Mike! Are আপনি alright?’ Zoey asked.

‘Yeah, they were just teasing me about my so called “impressions”-‘I replied but then Zoey stomped up to the group of guys, who were still covered in rubbish.

‘How would আপনি like it if someone teased you, huh?!’ Zoey yelled and kicked some empty chip packets in their faces. They all stood up, wiping all the খাবার off their shirts and কলা peels of their shoulders.

‘That loser is going to PAY!’ the muscular one yelled stomping up to me slowly.

‘Don’t call Mike a loser! আপনি started it in the first place dumbass!’ Zoey screamed at them.

‘Zoey, calm down,’ I told her.

‘Ha, like you’re so strong. আপনি can’t even cut open an eyeball in biology!’ a spiky haired brunette yelled at Zoey. Zoey then jumped forwards, kicking the brunette, making him fall to the ground. She ran over and punched the blonde haired in his stomach making him wince in pain. The other three stared in shock and started to back away. Zoey gasped at the sight she had just made. She got mad, again...

‘I kinda over did that, didn’t I?’ Zoey asked embarrassingly.

‘Thank-you so much, it means a lot that you’re caring about me. I’ve never met anyone who cares as much as you!’ I told her calmly. Zoey giggled and leaned অগ্রবর্তী to give me a hug which I accepted. Her soft hug almost made me melt in her arms, my shocked face turning into a huge smile. We separated and both smiled back at each other.

‘Let’s go,’ Zoey told me.
*End of Chapter 3*