Chris: Welcome. Now is where things are heating up between the contestents. romance, rivalries. i'm going to প্রদর্শনী the campers what each one of them ব্যক্ত to the confessional camera today. (On loudspeaker: Campers wake up we have a suprise, well a couple of suprises for আপনি today!)
Storm: And i have a suprise for Chris too.
Chris: I'm glad your all here.
Storm: (Comes up behind chris and knocks him unconsious) Haha yes!!!
Chris: Shit. What was that for?
Chris: Well i have a new Co-host, Kari.
Selena: Fucking her again. Goddanm আপনি Chris. Storm, please stab him.
Storm: My pleasure. (Stabbs Chris in leg)
Chris: Shit. Chef take the "human"! As i was saying she is my new co-host and i'm going to reveal your confessional videos.
Lucy: (To herself: oh crap. I told everyone i like Leeroy on that one. Crap,crap,crap. Ok, um hm. I'm so screwed)
Chris: here we go.
Duncan: Ok i hate courtney so much and selena i mean shes like a mini courtney. Kinda hot though.
Gwen: (Smacks Duncan while watching his confessional)
Lisa: Sofie is awesome and i প্রণয় duncan hes so perfect.
Gwen: ok well duncan is cute but have আপনি seen matthew? I mean look at him. He's hot and wow.
Duncan: (Smacks gwes butt) We are even now.
Sofie: I hate Selena she is really weird and short-tempered. Lisa rocks though.
Mizzie: Oh my god i can't belive i'm in an alliance with Noah! It's my dream come true!
Noah: Being in an alliance with Mizzie is kinda cool but shes kinda creeping me out.
Crystal: I'm obsessed with Noah and courtney too!! They are so awesome!!
Courtney: I just want to say i'm going to take all of them down.
Lindsay: I don't get it, where is the camera? Oh found it. Ok well i like Jake. (Everybody outside the door: Jared!) oh right his name is Jared.
Jared: Man i wish heather was here man.
Selena: No comment.
Zoey: I really like DJ. He's super nice and well adorable. Selena is a piece of-um... nevermind.
DJ: Ahh... Storm scares me man. Shes like so violent. Zoey is my পছন্দ girl. পছন্দ guy? I'm not sure i can trust any of the guys.
Jude: it's an honor to be competing with these people but i like Lucy out of all the girls. She is my love.
(Everyone looks at Lucy and says: Awwwww....)
LUcy: (To everyone: Shut the fuck up.)
Jamie: Jude is weird and he can't do সঙ্গীত to save his life!.
Leeroy: Well i don't got anything to say.
Lucy: Ok first let me say that wow Leeroy is amazing and i like him alot. But i'm like barely there when i'm around him, Jude is a fucking stocker. Matthew is a dickhead. God look at this nasty Blonde hair that i have its like lindsay blonde! Ugh. But yeah thats all i have to say.
Lindsay: (To lucy: আপনি don't like being a blonde?)
Lucy: No! It sucks!
Selena: Damn Lucy...Leeroy i now pronounce আপনি husband and wife. আপনি may চুম্বন the bride.
Lucy: আপনি may চুম্বন my ass.
LeeroY: Be right back.
Chris: To be Continued.