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posted by splinter505
bob: hello im bob bobson and this is TOTAL... DRAMA... SPORTS!!! 12 teens have signed up to do weird sporty challenges, here comes the first one Alex
Alex: i wanna win this thing
Bob: a weird goth pyro named Phil
Phil: আপনি suck bob, i've seen আপনি play sports
bob: *starts crying and runs into lake* ahh i don't know how to swim
Phil: uhh...
Summer: নমস্কার everyone, wait why is the host drowning
Phil: uhh... it was suicide
Mike: oh my god
Phil: ahh he was a looser
Mike: he does look like one
john: good now that he's gone i could be the host, oh here comes Christy,
Christy: m...
John: don't care
Christy: that's rude
John: Andrea
Andrea: hey
John: নমস্কার hottie
Andrea: your pretty ugly
John: Dylan and Aydan
Dylan: youre hot
Aydan: আপনি too
John: now that we have a couple we could get on with the rest, Selena
Selena: uhh
John: Jinny
Jinny: finally
John: and finally Samantha
Samantha: why is there a dead body in the lake
John: nevermind that just go unpack and meet me back here at 4:00
2 b cntnd
posted by TditdaCourtney
I woke up the পরবর্তি day,i had cried myself to sleep so i was a complete mess.It was a school দিন so it just killied আরো to even Duncan i my classes,but i knew i can get through the whole দিন without talking to Duncan.I had gotten myself ready for school,and walked to school(I lived 5 blocks away).When I got to school I saw Bridgette,Geoff,Trent,and Gwen talking outside of school.'No Duncan,YES!!'I thought while walking towards them.Bridgette saw my and waved "Hey Courtney!!"Bridgette yelled.I finally was over where they were talking,"Hey guys,How's it going?"I asked looking around for Duncan."Were...
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posted by potterandtdi
I sit there staring at Brianna, breathing slowly on the hospital bed. Her হৃদয় rate slowing.
I put a মল পরবর্তি to her বিছানা and held her hand, whispering, "You can't go. Not now..." I rubbed my thumb along her hand. "Duncan, god has called me. I have to go." I started to cry. "Why now? Why not later in your life?" I tried to প্রদর্শনী her I was tough. "Duncan, আপনি can't stop me. I need to go. আপনি know that." I knew it, but I couldn't bring myself to say it. "I প্রণয় আপনি Duncan. When it's your time to go, we'll be united again. Goodbye. I প্রণয় you." Her হৃদয় rate slowed.
Beep...Beep...Beep...BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppppp... I couldn't hold my tears in any longer. I cried. She was gone...forever. I walked out of the hospital, looking up at the sky, hoping she was there, watching me.
posted by TditdaCourtney
"COURTNEY GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!" I heard my dad yell from downstairs."What is it Dad?"I ব্যক্ত running downstairs."Me and Ur Mother don't won't u to see Duncan anymore honey."I heard him say that,but i couldn't believe he ব্যক্ত that.Tears just started to roll down my face,I quickly ran upstairs to my room.When i got to my room i quickly locked the door behind me,jumped on my বিছানা and sobbed on my pillow.'How can they do this to me,they know i প্রণয় Duncan,and they know he loves me.'I tought still sobbing on my pillow.I quickly got up from the বিছানা and went to the mirror i had in my room.I looked...
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Courtney's POV: Very much later that night, I lay awake, snuggling a glass picture frame of my parents. Tears dribbled down my cheeks and stained the dark colored বালিশ my head was cushioned by. Duncan was already asleep in his bed, where I was also but nothing happened, and it was about two in the morning. I still haven't gotten any sleep, and I was dying to tell Duncan I প্রণয় him without being too abrupt.

I missed my parents dearly. I never knew them, and I wish I had. I've heard so many interesting things about them from Tiannah and her Aunt Claire who were neighbors of my parents. My dad...
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Chris: Mysterys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan: What was that for?
Chris: We R going to have anouther season!
Heather: Oh great!
Chris: here R the teams! team 1! duncan, Issy, Owen, Coutney, and Eva. team 2, Heather, Lnday, Tyler, Justin, and beth! And team 3, Sierra, cody, alojodo, geoff, and bridgette! The outhers U will be my helpers! Campers! Every দিন we will have a chalnge on mysterys! One of these r the one who did it! অথবা me and Chefe! Well, that's mostly all. sorry that was short! well we have to get to Chcogo USA! We will have to wait till anouther প্রদর্শনী to do this! Buy!

Chris: What they don't know is that they will be recored the wole time! Buy!
posted by divagirl9087
Today is the first দিন of Total Drama Middle School everyone was Excited to get there new loccers,Books,and new friends

Jade:*over phone*Natasha I know I miss u to but...yes I know...G2g im at my new school

Then she bump into this cute guy

Mark:Im so sorry

Jade:Its o....Hi im Jade

Mark:Im Mark nice to meet u

Jade:U to. Well I got to head to my loccer I hope I see u somewhere around here

Mark:You to

Samy:Hey Jade

Jade:Hi whats up

Samy:Nothing guess who I bump into


Samy:Noah OMG we looked into each others eyes for like 10 whole seconds


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posted by dramalyric
Everybody was in the lunch room eating lunch.

Duncan: নমস্কার green boy! *gives BB an wedgie and throws him in garbage*

Lyric: Stop Duncan! Thats really mean. What if i did that to you?

Duncan: Whatever. See আপনি tonight babe. *walks off with Geoff*

Beast Boy: *trying to get out of the trash can and falls back in*

Lyric:*Gets bb out* Are আপনি okay?

Beast boy: Yeah. Im about sick of that criminal.

Jared and Dannie walk up holding hands.

Jared: নমস্কার Lyric wanna get lunch with me and Dannie?

Lyric: Ummm......... Sure. Ill catch up with আপনি later Beast Boy. Bye.

Beat boy: Bye.

Lyric walked off to lunch with Jared...
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Val: welcome to total drama solitary

Val: where 10 guests will be pushed to there mental and physical breaking points

Val: this is solitary

*camera flashes into each persons cell and shows all of them in there pods*

Val: welcome to solitary

Everybody: thank you

Val: well lets get started

Val: remember আপনি know there names but they dont

#1- Ashley: Owns a skateboard shop

#2- Kaitlan: Life guard

#3- Antonia: Actress

#4- Andrea: Works at walmart

#5- Rebekah: আইপড fan

#6- Phil: Cashier

#7- CJ: Sweeney Todd Fanatic

#8- Callie: World record agent

#9- Jane: Clean freak

#10- Sumer: Scared of spiders

Val: so what do...
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posted by TOTALFan
I was walking around the lake with Luz just talking about Billy and when her পরবর্তি তারিখ will be with him...then we heard something...something in the bushes...

It was just Grasie.

Grasie:"Hey guy's!What are আপনি 2 doing out here?"

Christy:"Grasie!You scared us!"

Luz:"Not me, I wasn't that scared."

Grasie:"See, you're the only one that was scared."

Christy:"Well, there is only 2 people...but whatever, we're just out here talking.What else?"

Grasie:"Nothing i suppose."

Sumer came out running.:"Grasie!Why didn't আপনি wait for me!"


Sumer:"Yeah well don't do it পরবর্তি time."


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posted by JORDW
Chris: Hi i'm chris and i'm the host of total drama surge! Let's meet our players! Crystal got's the smartist cat in the world! Let's see if she can get far! Alex is crasy and wild. will thta get him far? Selena had a ride on a dlphin. Did she go to alantis? Janet is the fatist flaxable girl in the world! Mike is a great swimmer. Let's hop he dosen't Swim down the brain drane! And Jared loves anamals! Okay let's start the game!
Man: Leval 1!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: Okay are U guys ready?
All: Yes!
Chris: Okay here we go! Okay, Willy has a nose hair promplem.Count how many! Count how manny nose hairs he...
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*everybody sat at a tabel for lunch*
ava:HEY HAROLD TAKE A LOOK AT THIS *throws খাবার on dawn and christy*
dawn:SHE GOT IT ALL OVER MY জীবন্ত SHIRT!!!!!!! SHES GONNA PAY *poors দুধ down ava shirt*
ava: আপনি LOSERZ!1! *jumps on dawn and they start having a cat fight*
chrissy:FOOOOD FIGHT *throws খাবার at sumer and put the some খাবার at jared to make it look like he did it*
sumer:JARED IM GONNA KILL *chases jared*
jared:*trips and falls in the giant pot of sauce and grabs sumers hair and she falls in too*
hollow:IM GETTING OUT OF HERE *slips and gets খাবার on cody*
christy: OH HOLLOW...
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What everyone saw in the "celler" was a bottomless pit. "Well here I go!" Katie ব্যক্ত as she jumped down the celler. Here was silence. "Katie, i'm coming dooooowwwwn!" Sadie ব্যক্ত as she jumped. Izzy laughing, jumped down. No way I'm doing this." Heather muttered. She flicked her black long hair behind her. Oh no no আপনি are jumpin'!" Leshawna said. "Make me!" Heather yelled. Leshawna picked her up and through her down the celler. "Leshawwwwwwnaaaaa!" Heather yelled going down the celler. Then Leshawna jumped. Silence accurred. "D-D-Do we have t-t-to?" Beth asked. "Yes!" Courtney replied. "O-O-Okay"...
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Phil:Mom we're Home!
Duncan's mom: Hi Phi..... Duncan!
Duncan: Hi mo.....*mom huges*
Duncan: Mom!
Duncan's mom: Sorry! I just miss you.
duncan: Miss you,too.
Duncan's mom: So how was school?
Phil: Well.
Duncan's mom: What?
Phil: Here's what happened.

Phil: I came to lunch and well ummmmm,
Eva: Give me your lunch monny punny!
Phil: Ummmm,
Duncan: Stay back Eva!
Eva: Duncan, Duncan, Duncan. Wow, your here. Well i'm going to beet him up now. Okay!
Duncan: No it's not Okay!
Phil: Duncan!
Eva: Are আপনি ready?
Coutney: Duncan no!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan: Ready!
Geoff: He's dead!
Bridgette: Yeah he is!
Eva: Neo! Now!
Neo: Ready,...
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Duncan: So what's going on at the house.
Phil: Oh ummmmmmm, not that new.
Duncan: Oh!
Phil: Well it's cool that our lockers are buy each outher.
Duncan: Yeah!
Bridgette: Duncan? Is that you?
Duncan: Bridgette?
Bridgette: Yeah! I never knew আপনি came to this school.
Duncan: Well, I'm here!
Bridgette: Oh who is this?
Phil: Hi! I'm Phil.
Duncan: He's my brouther.
Bridgette: Do আপনি want to go out?
duncan: are আপনি with Geoff?
Bridgette: He's not here!
Geoff: Bridgette and Duncan? Is that you?
Bridgette: Oh no!
*Team song*
Geoff: Bridgette! Hi!
Bridgette: Hi.
Geoff: I missed you.
Duncan: আপনি just got burned!
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Beth (beth is the way she looks in TDA)
All of the girl were playing ouside in Bridgette's backyard. Izzy was rolling on the ground until she hit something hard. "Hey I found something!" Izzy yelled. Everyone came over. "I've never seen this before." Bridgette ব্যক্ত under the sircomstances. "Let's open it up and see what it leads to!" Courtney suggested. "Well if were going to go in there we should pack some things." Leshawna said. So they all packed a big bag for eachother to carry around on their backs. "Let's go!" katie ব্যক্ত as she opened the door in the ground. "Wow" ব্যক্ত Katie. "What?" the other's said. "Well, see for yourselfs." Everyone gathered around. "Holly crap." ব্যক্ত Gwen.
Duncan: Chris!
cHRIS: Yeah?
Duncan: Can I take a দিন off?
Chris: Are আপনি kiding me?
Duncan: No!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: No!
Duncan: But my brouther's comeing!
Chris: Dubble no!
Duncan: Why?
Chris: Because my brouther hates me!!!
Duncan : What?
Chris: Yeah!
Duncan: Why?
Chris: Well, when I started total drama. He hated me! Also I only saw him 5 times in my life.
Duncan: Wow.
Chris: আপনি are so lukey U have a brouther Duncan. And get to see him.
Duncan: So is that a yes অথবা a no?
Chris: Yes, আপনি need to spend time with your brouther Duncan.
Duncan: Yes!
Chris: *crys*
Jane: What's wrong with my dad?
Chris: Oh he misses his brouther.
Jane: Uncle Bradey?
Duncan: I gusse.
Jane: I miss him too.
Duncan: খড় why don't we bring your uncle her and let him meet your dad?
Jane: Yeah that's great!
Duncan: Do আপনি know his number?
Jane: Yeah!
Duncan: Let's do this!!!!!!!!!
Both: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
Total Drama Interviews: The Producers

Written by: BlastWave
Note: This interview is supposed to be a connector and shall answer some প্রশ্ন অনুরাগী like আপনি and me may have about the series. These may অথবা may not be প্রদর্শনী accurate. I dedicate this fanfiction to Mrs. Persch and Mr. McGillis, the creators of the প্রদর্শনী and I hope আপনি enjoy it.


Cynthia Fox: Hello folks! I’m Cynthia শিয়াল and today on this program I’m interviewing two of the producers of the hit TV প্রদর্শনী “Total Drama Island,” and its sequel, “Total Drama Action.”

Producer 1: Thank you.

Producer 2: It’s...
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posted by potterandtdi
I sat on my bed, waiting for Emma অথবা Nikole to call. I wanted something to entertain me. My cat, Bluestar was there, but I couldn't talk to her. I looked through my sketchbook. I found a couple of sketches, but oddly, there was a picture of Duncan. Underneath was a note. I pulled the note off:

Hey babe. Bet you've been miserable without me. I bet you're praying to god that I'm not taken. I'm not. I will see you-

It was cut off. I relaxed a little, then decided to go to bed. I put on my pajamas, then went to bed.

I woke পরবর্তি morning in a bundle of warmth. The warmth oddly smelled of wet সারমেয় and-...
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posted by Fangirl99
"ok,for the fist part of your challenge,youll be doing partner singing.Its gonna be Boy-girl.so ill give 10 সেকেন্ড to pick a partner.And....NOW!"

I had 10 seconds,there was always gwen,but then a hand grabed mine

"what the-oh,its just you"

it was just that crazy chick

i forgot her name

"times up!"said chris."Now,you have and your partner have to write a song.You all get 20 মিনিট to write it and pick out the সঙ্গীত The সঙ্গীত is on theses tapes.And start writing

As we thought about what to write for a song,the girl spoke

"oh!How about a প্রণয় song!those are so romantic!"


I wasnt really...
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