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-The বড়দিন party and Contractions-

"God, if I get any bigger, I might as well pop!" Ally huffed as she managed to get her thick শার্ট to fit over her body.

After the baby ঝরনা in November, time seemed to lapse very quickly. It was now বড়দিন Eve, and Ally had hit the end of her 4th trimester. In fact, she was over her 9th month. The blonde girl was actually about two weeks over her due date.

"I should have had them two weeks ago!" Ally exclaimed as she rubbed circles on her sore lower back. "I feel like I'm going to blow up." She roughly sat down on her neatly made bed.

The bathroom...
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-The baby shower-

"Suprise!!!" Yelled a screaming crowd.

The small আগুন hall was filed with a million people. Many were common friends, family, অথবা old students from High school. Walls were decorated with colorful blue and পরাকাষ্ঠা streamers. A whole টেবিল was over flowed with presents and gift bags. There was even a big banner up on the দেওয়াল that ব্যক্ত "Congratulations on your two little blessings!" with two rattles printed on the sides.

"Oh my gosh! A baby shower?! For me?" Ally says excitingly.
"So that's why আপনি made me stay home! Just so আপনি could surprise me!" She ব্যক্ত to Mike.

The tanned boy...
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posted by TDrocksand6teen
a অনুরাগী fiction of me and mike.

I was sitting on the ঘাস under a বৃক্ষ at lunch time. When i look up from my book i saw bullies pushing a kid around. i got and walk over to them.
"stop!!" i yelled at them
'oh look its Emma' one of them said
'shut up quinn' i ব্যক্ত to her.
Me and quinn were BFFs in middle school before she was a bully.
'make me' she said
'i will' i pushed her and garbed her arm. She start to cry and then she ran away.
i handed the boy who was sitting on the ground with a black eye my hand.
'thxs' he siad
'my names mike'
'im Emma'
'why didnt anyone come help আপনি before me'
'i dont have any...
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posted by TDrocksand6teen
Noah and drawn turn and look at the বৃক্ষ were the sound came from....no one was there so they started to talk.
Drawn: আপনি do no we হারিয়ে গেছে and will not win
Noah: yes but at least im with you*he kisses Drawn on the cheek*

Everyone thats was behind the বৃক্ষ ran back to the loser place and sat down.

sierra: wow
Zoey: wait wheres mike.

Mike now Vito : Anne Maria where আপনি at
Anne Maria:Vito is that you* she ran over to him with a flag in her hand*
Vito: ya
Anne Maria: look i got a flag....wheres yours....
Vito:ummmmm.......just come here *he pulls her to him*
And then they started making out.

Ok i need some ideas i did not do part 7 because i had on ideas so plz help
Author's Note: I'm back! It's been 4 months! Oh gee! Okay, I had to have a romantic challenge. And I already have an epic challenge prepared for "L", so yeah.

Chris woke up the campers that remained asleep after he threw a fire-extinguisher bomb in each cabin.

The campers all looked like Wedding cakes as they headed for the meeting area.

"Welcome campers, অথবা should I say, lovebirds." Chris introduced. After a long silence, he added, "aren't আপনি going to ask why?"

"No." Every camper ব্যক্ত in unison.

"Did আপনি ask why, Noah? Well it's simple. H is for" Chris paused. After another long silence he...
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-A special surprise-

After Tiffany was arrested for attempted murder and put in jail, Mike never left ally's side. He didn't want to take any chances of her getting hurt again. The tan boy always vowed to protect her, no matter what happens. In addition to the protecting, Mike planned something special. 
    It took a while to set up, and to get together, but it was all worth it! When the 'suprise' was ready, Mike guided his girl into the room with his skinny hands over her eyes.

"Can I open my eyes now?" Ally প্রশ্ন excitedly.

"Not yet.." He answers.

The couple finally walks into the...
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Chris: Hello I'm Chris and Welcome to Total Drama Camp.
Here are our contestants
Tyler, Noah, Duncan, Bridgette, Lindsay and Heather
Noah:(Sarcastically) Yippee another Season
Lindsay: Hi Chip
Chris: and our newbies Claudia, Marissa, Abigail, Edmund, Zam, Illiana and Ryan
Marissa: *stands behind everyone nervously*
Ryan: *says nothing*
Edmund: "Hello love!"
Claudia: *looks at the ground and says nothing*
Abigail: hi im abigail but i prefer artemis and whoa this is almost as exicting as when i found out they were making the hunger games into a movie!
Zam: *on স্কেইট bord* নমস্কার dudes I'm zam. It's nice...
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This is the character info for my Total Drama: Romeo and Juliet, this story is set still in Verona, but in আরো modern times. The story revolves around two rich families, both who own some of the cities' most successful businesses... the founders of these businesses are rivals, and hate each other. Two gangs are led by, Duncan (Tybalt) nephew of the Capulets and Geoff (Mercutio), best friend of the son of Montague... these two gangs continue the feud between the households and enjoy the rivalry. The story will be আরো modern, but still retain some original aspects of the story and the names...
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authors note: hey! I read some awesome fanfics like this about five মিনিট পূর্বে and decided to give it a try

Anne Maria: Spray tan is so fake (or) Vito? Ugh, what a total dork!

B: Technology sucks! (or) Scott is such a great guy!

Cameron: Math and science are for nerds (or) I প্রণয় playing football and taking steroids with lightning.

Dakota: The color পরাকাষ্ঠা is way to girly (or) Ugh I hate being on camera.

Staci: Lying is so pathetic (or) I hate people who talk to much they are so annoying!

Zoey: Mike is nothing but a idiotic freak who sounds like Jimmy two-shoes.

Scott: Rats are so gross! (or) I love...
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Zoey: Scott is a real hero! I luv him sooo much!

Dawn: Ora Schmora, lets go tip a cow.

Dakota: The radiation in a cellular phone is too damaging to the human brain when made with contact to the ear.

Jo: আপনি know that hot guy, I like, swear he like, winked at me, like EEEEEEE!

Staci: What's a family?

Anne Maria: I'm not Snooki... who's Snooki?

Scott: B is a real sweet guy, man I just wanna hug him!

Cameron: Yo dawg! Sup my homies!

Mike: Zoey should go back to the streets where she belongs.

Sam: Legolas from The Lord of the Rings is a fag.

Lightning: I. (He usually says Lightning)

Brick: Let's go put a pin on the principal's chair!

B: THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!
Got this idea after I read a fic made দ্বারা TDI_Angel, who made "Things the The TDI campers will never say."
    So I decided to make , "Things the TDROTI campers will never say"


Zoey: I hate Mike! He's a freak!

Dawn: I hate animals! They're so %#&$ filthy!

Dakota: I hate the paparazzi! They're too nosy! (or) I'm আরো focused on my future than being famous!

Jo: I প্রণয় Brick! He's like so cute! (or) Let's go to the mall! I want to get a new skirt!


Anne Maria: who cares about hair? (or) Vito really isn't that hot...

Scott: I'm always a team player! (or) Cheating? I'd never...
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-Baby clothes and stalkers-

It took Ally and Mike a few আরো weeks to get used to the camera crew. In fact, they actually got to know the workers better. They talked আরো and told each other of their lives. The one main thing  is that they all hated Blainley. After that agreement, the nice camera crew stopped following them everywhere. Now only in public places and a little bit at home.

Another মাস passed দ্বারা and Ally got bigger and bigger! So big that it looked like she was going to burst. Around that time, her and Mike were getting ready for the babies. They started buying toys, clothes,...
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This is for my friend TDRocksand6teen! His is for আপনি Cleo!!


Cleo was a very cool girl. She was always nice, and she loved to go online with her friends. But Cleo wanted to find a special guy in her life. A guy that would sweep her off her feet and make her feel special. As the girl was walking প্রথমপাতা from school with her friend Dominic, she started talking to him.

"What's the matter Cleo? You've  been quiet for a while." Dominic asked the young girl.

Cleo sighed and turned to face her friend.

"I just feel a little lonely. I feel like I want a boyfriend, but I don't know if I could find someone...
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-Talking to Blainley and Lamaze Classes-

Mike and Ally made an emergency meeting with Blainley at the Celebrity Gossip studio. It took about 30 মিনিট to get there দ্বারা car, and enough time for the couple to figure out what to say. They finally get to the building and storm in until they found Blainleys office. Mike knocks on the door furiously.

"Come in!" Blainley says.

Mike and Ally walk in and ক্রুশ their arms angrily.

"Well if it isn't the কুপ of the hour? What can I do for you?" The blonde hostess asks.

"We want to talk to আপনি about the সাম্প্রতিক 'Celebrity Gossip' episode." Ally ব্যক্ত while...
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-Talk প্রদর্শনী Trauma-

On the TV screen was a blonde women with a red dress. She was sitting পরবর্তি to a guy with short black hair, A closely shaved face, and a blue shirt. Ally instantly knew that the blonde women was Blainley! The snobby hostess who interviewed her and Mike when they had to go to New York! And the guy পরবর্তি to her was Chris McLean! The host of Total drama!

"..so Johnny Depp really does like to eat cheese! Onto our পরবর্তি story! We all know Mike and Ally right? That cute couple with the হৃদয় scars and the mental disorders?" The blonde women says as she rolls a video on huge flat...
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-First doctors appointment-

Ally woke up one morning an stretched in her bed. Her back hurting tremendously and her stomach feeling slightly heavy. The blonde climbed out of her বিছানা and put on a red and white layered শার্ট and maternity jeans. She finally waddled down the stairs and into the রান্নাঘর where Mike was পাঠ করা a 'Guide to Parenthood: For new fathers'.

"Good morning Ally." Mike told the mother-to-be. "Ready for the first doctors appointment?"

"Do I have a choice?" Ally answered স্নেহ চুম্বন him back.

The young couple ate breakfast then rode to the clinic outside of their town. It was...
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-Telling বন্ধু and Family-

It didn't take Mike and Ally long to tell their friends. They all understood and promised to help. Dawn gave them free Lamaze classes, and Dakota even started a baby clothing line called M.A Baby.
   Ally was very excited about all of the things she could do as a mother, but before she could do that, she had to tell her own parents and So did Mike. It took a lot of thinking and decisions. They both agreed to tell Mikes parents first, then Ally's. Mike called his mother and father and asked them to come to the house later that week. After a long 7 days of waiting...
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posted by DandC4evacute
I'm so sorry, but I just can't do this anymore. I don't have any আরো good ideas, I'm not a good writer, and I've stopped being passionate about it. I hope আপনি understand my decision, but I'll understand if আপনি will never want to talk to me again. *takes breath* let's face it, I'm not the best writer, and I want আপনি to be honest and say that. I am so so sorry. Maybe i'll reconsider, but I seriously doubt that. Once again, I'm really sorry.

Love, DandC4evacute.

-Finding out the truth-


Ally couldn't believe what she saw. She couldn't be pregnant.. Not now..Her and Mike haven't even thought of marriage yet, and even if they had, they'd wait at least 2 years until they would have a baby.. Now this ruined everything. Now that there was a baby inside of her, Ally's world came crashing down. The now expecting girl fell onto the ground, which made a loud crashing sound. Mike dropped his papers and sprinted into the bathroom.
The first thing he saw was Ally in fetal position in the floor, choking and breathing hard.

"Ally! Are আপনি okay?" Mike...
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-Symptoms and Denial-

It was about two আরো weeks until graduation and Mike and Ally have felt horrible. When they walk around their house, there's always an awkward silence in the air. Ally hasn't talked to her parents in a while either. Whenever she looks at her phone, she feels the guilt weigh down on her frail shoulders.
Ally can endure her stomach tighten with terror and fear. It had already been a মাস since the 'incident' and Ally has been feeling very weird. Every morning she feels sick and has to throw up. Her stomach hurts really bad and she has these crazy cravings for chips and...
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