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Chris: আপনি all have cast ur ভোট the first Marshmellow goes too JADE!! *Throws a rock at her*

Jade: OWWW!! *it hits her in the eye*

Chris: ZOEY!! *throws a chicken at her*

Zoey: AHHHHHHH!! * runs away from it while it chases her*

Chris: Aydan!! *Throws a mine at her*

Aydan: *It falls on her and kisses her* EWWWWWWWW

Chris: NOAH!! *throws রশ্মি at him while their both knocked out*

Chris: Gabby! *Throws Zac Efron at her*


Chris: The last marshmeellow Goes too

DJ: *looks nervous*

Heather" >D

Chris: ................... *throws a কেবিন at DJ*

Heather: WHAT!?!?! Whatever...
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Theme song plays
The screen is focused on the outside of a shed,and the serene sceene is ruined দ্বারা screaming
The sceen is now inside the shed,and Buster and Leeroy are now awake,with Buddy out of his bed,screaming angerly.
Buster:What the bloody hell's wrong?
Leeroy:*slaps Buster*My sang,don't steal it.
Buddy:She's in my-
Storm:Your very noisy,earth creature...
Storm:I think আপনি ment to say "bed"
Buster:Whoa,before আপনি go,how'd আপনি get in,and why are আপনি here...AND WHY WEREN'T...
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posted by ashesrocks
Kay: So now that we met everyone, let's begin our first challge.*everyone walks up to a maze*

Arianna: we'er doing a maze? OMG!

Kay: Before that, let me give the teams:

Sleeping Rhinos- Jamie, তারকা , Amanda, Alexa

Calming Lions- Jared, Lucas, Zoey, Arianna

Relaxing Tigers- Justice, Ray, Brittney, Penny

Penny: Oh crap! I get that idiot, Brittney

Brittney: Imagine how i feel!

Penny: Errrrr

Justice: Girls, Girls! Learn how to work together!

Brittney + Penny: Whatever.

Justice: *talks to ray* what are whe going to do with them!

Ray: idk! They both seem like a piece of work.

* the camera look at Lucas*

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posted by ZachHapyUnicorn
theme music
A stage with the curtain closed. Crashes and Bangs. Then, Erica and Krista fall out of the curtain then stand up and smile.
Krista: Uh Erica....
Erica: yeah what
Krista: Where is everyone......
Krista: Nothin I invited them
Erica was about to object when the contesants flooded into the seats.
Erica: Yeah uh huh sure whatever.
Krista pulls out যেভাবে খুশী pieace of paper out of nowhere.
Erica: ok this is howits gonna work we say your name and come up here then...
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posted by acrossmyheart11
Chris: Everyone ready for prom?
Lucy: (in dressing room) No! i'm not wearing this.
Chris: আপনি have to.
Lucy: (Enters with a sky blue গাউন, gown on.) Happy.
Matthew: Very.
Mizzie: This is ridiculous! I want to dance with noah!
Chris: Too bad.
Storm: WHY CAN'T আপনি DIE ALREADY. (Sticks a ছুরি in Chris' back) DAMN THIS WEAK KNIFE!!!!
Chris: Um. CHEF!!!
Chef: Yeah, yeah, yeah i heard your crying.
Chris: Then help.
Lindsay: (Enters with a beautiful red gown.) I'm ready. Who am i with again?
Chris: (Sobbing) Noah!
Lindsay: Oh he's- erm... Which one?
Noah: (Enters with a tux on) I am not wearing this.
Chef: DO আপনি BIG...
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posted by BridgexJordan
Ok read this অনুরাগী fiction with Zoey (sumerjoy11) Duncan (from TDI) and Jax (Codyfan123). It's manly about them. Here are the gusse stars রশ্মি (taytrain97) Jordan (me)Jar3d(Fireflys113) and Lulu (TDItwin). I will প্রদর্শনী আপনি guys some parts that have Jax and/or zoey and/or Duncan. At the end আপনি will pick who আপনি want Zoey to ask out to the girls chose dance. Let's go!!!


Zoey: Man!
Jax: What's wrong?
Zoey: There's a Math test today in 5th peroid and i forgot to study.
Jax: Do আপনি want me to help you?
Zoey: আপনি would do that?
Jax: Yeah...
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Kay: Welcome everyone to Total Drama Relax (jk)
1st of all it's called total drama relax (jk) because well, look around! We are in Africa right near the Tigers, Lions ,and Rhinos. In fact, we are 5 mi. from them! Lol! i প্রণয় this show.
Time for the campers to come. First we have Justice.

Justice: নমস্কার everyone! About my adition..

Kay:Now we have Zoey

Zoey: What's up everyone! Of course আপনি seen me on many other shows...

Kay: Jamie's on!

Jamie: Try not to mess with me! Dont't think about playing dumb around me! Got that!?!?

Kay: ok......

Ray: Is it my turn already?

Kay: It is now.

Ray: নমস্কার everyone! I'm...
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Chris: Hellow! I'm Chris Maclain. আপনি might know me from lots of seasons om a game প্রদর্শনী called............. Total Drama. Yeah I know আপনি know me. Who wouldn't? Well this Season on Total Drama we are haveing 13 NEW contestents come with 11 OLD contestnets. This season will be the strangist, Crazyist, most decusting season yet. Stay tuned for this new season........ Total................ Drama................. Liveing!

*theam song*

Chris: Our new contestents will come from a car! 2 at a time Bot and girl! Lets meet our first 2....... Duncan and Bridgette!
Duncan: Check it again.
Bridgette: I checked...
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Chris: Welcome to the first EVER Total Drama Details Elimantion Ceremony (which is sad, 'cause we're on the fourth episode). You'll make your way to the phone booth, and say the name of the person আপনি want to get rid of. If you're safe, you'll recieve a plastic toy cell phone.

*In the confessionals*

Annie: I don't think I have it in me to vote anyone out....

Jar3d: *picks up phone* Hello....?

Harold: My mad skillz and I vote for Storm. She scares me. Even if I'm wasting my vote.

Storm: Alejandro. That dumb@$$ mother****er is annoying and stuck up! **ck him!

*End of confessionals*

Chris: Ok, when...
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Group 1

Alejandro: Okay I'm with two hot girls *looks at them with his "sexy face"*

Storm: Hehehe *pulls out chainsaw* TAKE THIS F***ER!

Annie: *Grabs Storm's arms* Kay, সাড়াশিজাতীয় যন্ত্র দ্বারা বান্ধা down. I would like to win this challenge!

Group 2

Duncan: We're not doing any fairy dances,okay?!

Annie: We're not. But Mizzie and I came to a decision.

Mizzie: BALLET. >:D

Group 3

Gwen: Nothing... DISTURBING... please!

Jar3d: How about hip-hop?

Melody: No, we need something we can all agree on! It will work better if we do!

Gwen: Nah, I'm cool with hip-hop.

Group 4

Cody: Nice, I'm in a group with two hot chicks. Awesome, man!

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Elmination ceremony
Chris:You know the drill,no sock,your off.Izan!You hand them out!
Izan:Why me?
Chris:You're my co-host!
Izan:Oh...right...*sigh*Fine..*Grabs socks angerly*
Chris: Jordan*Izan throws it at him,hitting him sharply in the stomach*
Mr.Fluffykins*thrown once again,hitting this time on the head*
Buster*thrown and hitting him in the face*
Buddy*this one was thrown the hardest,hitting him in the groin and sending him to the ground*
Chris:IZAN!By giving them out,that's what I meant!Geez,you know,you could of hit ME with those things!
Izan:Whoops,you never clerified*laughs*
Buddy:*in a hurt,yet...
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Chris: নমস্কার kiddies! Last time on the show, our victims were paired up and sent out on a date. Some where awkward while others click. In the end, it was Addrey and Jar3d who won. Oh yeah... Courtney left.

*In the ভোজনকারী hall*

Addrey: Me too... execpt I could go snowboarding right now.

Storm: Are আপনি CRAZY?! It's the middle of summer, dumba**!!!

Mizzie: Agh! Why আপনি *points at Andrea* HAVE NO ROOM MATES?!

Andrea: I'm lonely in there.... I'LL HAPPILY TRADE ANYONE!!!!

Chris: NO TIME! I hope আপনি have a GOOD rest because today we're DANCING!

Everyone: HUH?! T_T

Chris: So get on your...
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posted by GWENxDUNCAN
chris:hey its chris mclain with a new season of total drama .....total.....drama....couple!!!!!
we have courtney,trent,gwen,duncan,sierra,cody,bridgette,and alejandro in the cute kisses(team)

katie,noah,sadie,harold,heather,justin,beth,brady in the lovely smoothes(team)

chris:ok campers your first challenge is আপনি have to find a flashlight key chain in the dark.

courtney:lets বিভক্ত করা up
10 মিনিট later
gwen and duncan:where are we??
gwen:im scared!
duncan:sssoooo.....wanna makeout?
*jumps on him and starts making out*
courtney and trent:WTF!
courtney:who cares about...
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I've found some Total Drama cast member's ফেসবুক pages. আপনি can friend them and chat with them on the their journey.

Courtney- link

Chris- link

Bridgette- link

Duncan- link

Trent- link

Cody- link

Noah- link

Owen- link

Ezekiel- link

Sorry not everyone has one!
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Alejandro: I'm Lucky that i got Penny, Annie, and Abby not to vote for me! And me and courntey are বন্ধু now! and i told Abby to tell tyler to not vote for me. So that's 6 out of 12! hafe not for me!

Duncan: আপনি got my প্রণয় life off aledumbo! So your leaveing! *trys to open the vote box* how did he open this?

Courntey: Natalie! She pushed me and alejandro in the water! So your going bye bye!

Alejandro: So penny who did আপনি vote for?
Penny: well, not আপনি but i'm not telling
Chris: Ok! Today i'm giveing out water from Lake Mishagan! For all of আপনি to drink.
Penny: aaaaaaaaa...........
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Heather: I choose.........................AYDAN!!

Jared,Lisa,Hollow: *Gasp* KAREN!!!!!

Karen: I guess i had a good time! Bye guys!!

Courtney: Bye everyone!! Haven fun!!! *whsipers* while it last *calls lawyers*

*Boat leaves*

Chris: Okay! Ur challenge will start in 1 hour!!

*At the Killer Computers cabin*

Jared: নমস্কার Ray!!

Ray: Hey!!

Karen: We were thinking, Would u like to be in a alliance with us?

Ray: EEEEEHH!! Yes!!!

*1 ঘন্টা Later*

Chris: First The guys will have to Pick them up!! Trent and Jade are first!!

Trent: *knocks on door*

Jade: *opes door but doesnt see Trent* T.T

Trent: *taps her back in the...
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Ray: I প্রণয় first class!
Noah: Me too!
Bridgette: OH no!
Ray: what?
Bridgette: There bringing in the cake!
noah: sooooooooo
Bridgette: We can't let Rayven see it! *runs over there takes the cake, opens a window, troughs cake out*
Rayven: I was going to eat that!
Bridgette: Oh i'm so sorry!

If she eats cake then she will go all crazy! no telling what will happen!

Jax: I miss Zoey!
Less: everyone dose!
Jax: i hate team USA for votting her off!
Chris: Team Win! I want আপনি guys to
see a confession alejandro made!
Jamie: ok!

*clip rolls*
Alejandro: zOEY MADE us lose and i know everyone...
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*In team 2's cabin*

Jake: So whos sleeping with who?

Ava: well we have a even number of people on our team so that should work out fine.

Duncan: I'll share with Rikki.

Rikki: Coolio.

Jake: Um... ill share with Erica i guess.

Erica: Sure.

Samie: I'll share with Ava!

Ava: Awesome. okay so when are we going to get the পিজা chris ব্যক্ত we were getting?

Rikki: I dont know.


*At team 1's cabin*

Jared: So we know Me and Courtney are sleeping together.

Buddy: And we also know me and Annie are sleeping together.

Annie: YA!

Karen: Im sleeping with Austin no matter what!...
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(After a bunch of chats in both cabins, all the campers entered the challenge studio.)

Chris: Okay campers, your challenge will be a scavenger hunt. Here a তালিকা on what আপনি should find.

(Chris handed them both a list)

Izzy: Hey, it doesn't say ভালুক food!

Eva: অথবা dumbells!

Duncan: Oh well.

Chris: Okay, আপনি all have 45 মিনিট to find it all. The team that finds the most stuff wins. Ready? Go!

(45 মিনিট later)

Chris: The তারকা Monkeys win the challenge!

Gwen: I knew we can do it.

Leshawna: Good job, team.

Chris: Famous Penguins, i'll see আপনি all in the Studio of Doom.

(Back in the Famous Penguins cabin,...
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posted by acrossmyheart11
Leeroy: How in the bloody hell am i supposed to play a fucking piccalo?
Lucy: Here its just like a flute. Blowinto it like আপনি would a flute. See. (Plays piccalo harmoniously)
Leeroy: Oh, ok. (Plays harmoniously) like that?
Lucy: Perfect, (Smiles).
Matthew: Ok if আপনি are done romeo and juilet, i need help with this damn piano.
Lucy: Play it to take out your anger.
Matthew: (Plays পিয়ানো great) Cool.
Chris: Well its obvious that the winners are-
Chris: Oh well. Lucy and her diamonds win this callenge so আপনি three are নিরাপদ from elimination.
Dj: (Play's Flute really good)
Chris: Ok yeah i take that back, DJ, Storm, and Zoey আপনি three are নিরাপদ tonight.
(At elimination ceremony)
Chris We are voting two people off tonight and those two are.........Courtney, and........... Matthew. Good bye.
To be continued.