The নেকলেস
Here's a story about Manitoba and Svetlana meeting in one of the craziest ways ever. So, hope আপনি guys enjoy.
Deep in the country of Russia a baby girl was being born. Though after, her mother died. The 24 বছর old woman just closed her eyes and died on the medical bed. George, the father, kneeled beside the woman he longed for, and now she was gone. "Sir," one of the doctors said, "I'm so sorry,". The tall man stood up. His eyes were starting to tear up. "Thank you," George told the doctor. "Would আপনি like us to leave and get আপনি daughter cleaned up?" asked another doctor. "Yes. I would like that a lot,". The doctors left carrying the helpless child in their arms. It was just George and his dead wife. He looked down at her, then began to cry. George dropped to his knees still sobbing. "Why did this have to happen" George thought.

George was hating the world and hated God for doing this to his wife. Just then, a knock came at the door. George wiped his eyes and hesitantly ব্যক্ত in a weak voice," come in,". The door creaked open. There was a short, skinny man standing in front of him. He was pale and freckly. His hair was dark brown and he was dressed in a black business suit. "Are আপনি George?" the man asked. "Yeah. What of it?" he asked in an irritated tone. How dare this man came in when he specifically ব্যক্ত he wanted to be alone. "First of all, I would like to apologize. For not just barging in here, but also for the death of your wife. I'm Eric. I was one of আপনি wife's closest friends,". George was not as angry now that he apologized and found out Eric was one of his wife's friends. He was still a little mad, though. "Well, can I help you?" George asked. "Actually," Eric started, "I was wondering if I could use your daughter for an experiment,". "WHAT?! No! Are আপনি crazy? আপনি can't use my daughter for an experiment," George yelled. "Sir. If আপনি could just listen...." Eric was cut off দ্বারা George's enraged voice. "No! I will not have my daughter experimented on! Now, if আপনি would please leave," George finished, turning his back to Eric. "George," Eric ব্যক্ত calmly, "Your daughter would not be harmed during this. She would live her life like a normal human being. All she would do is wear a necklace,".

George turned around in unsteadiness. Then he spoke. "What necklace? And, what does this নেকলেস do?" he asked. Eric bent over to his brief case and pulled out a black velvet box. He opened it. The নেকলেস was silver and had half a small oval gem that was sky blue. It was one of the most craziest shapes he has ever seen. It was indescribable. Eric began to talk, "This নেকলেস helps আপনি find your one true love. Over the course of your daughters life, she will wear this necklace. When she get's closer to her mate, the নেকলেস will become warmer. When she get's farther, the নেকলেস will become colder,". "So It's like a big game of Hot & Cold, only the prize is your partner?" George asked. "Exactly," Eric assured. George sighed and agreed to do the experiment. He didn't know how to feel. Everything was confusing.

"So, George. What's your daughter's name?" Eric asked as the two men began to walk to where the শিশুরা were. George didn't really think of that. All he was thinking, before Eric came in, was his wife died and he had a new daughter. He took a সেকেন্ড to think of a name, then remembered a certain name his wife adored. "Svetlana," George answered. "That's a beautiful name. Where'd আপনি get it?" asked Eric. "My wife adored that name. So that's what I decided to name her," he replied. "Wow. That's a very caring story," Eric told him. "Yeah. I guess,".

The two stopped at the window and looked over the sea of new born infants. "Which one's yours?" Eric asked. George pointed to an infant with raven black hair and tan skin. "Her," George ব্যক্ত smiling. "She's beautiful," Eric said, staring a the sleeping baby. He then took the necklace, a folder with papers, and a business card from his case. "George. Your daughter is the first one to ever try this experiment. This folder is filled with information about the নেকলেস and where her soul mate is. If আপনি have any প্রশ্ন at all. Just call me. I'll visit every বছর on January 1st to check on how things are going,". "Thank you, Eric," George told him. "Your welcome,". The two men shook hands and Eric started to walk away. "Oh yeah, and George," Eric said, "When Svetlana is old enough to understand how this নেকলেস works, tell her. But, under no circumstances should she ever find out where this person with the other half of the নেকলেস is. Got it?". "Got it," George reassured him. Eric walked away and George stared down at his little girl. He sighed. "I hope this works," George ব্যক্ত to himself.
Somewhere in Australia, a baby boy was also being born. When the baby was being taken away দ্বারা the doctors, Sydney, the mother, and Luke, the father, were in great relief. They had a healthy baby boy and now had two sons. The other's name was Vito, but he was only a বছর older. Sydney was sweating and panting for about ten মিনিট before she finally calmed down. "You ok?" Luke asked. "Yeah. I'm fine. I'm so happy," Sydney responded. "Me too," Luke kissed his wife.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. "Come in," Sydney said, curious about who was at the door. Slowly, the door opened. "Are আপনি Sydney and Luke Smith?" asked a lady. She was tan and had red hair. The lady was at least 5'7 and wearing a dress suit. "Yes. That's us. Can we help you?" asked Luke. " My name is Ally. Actually, I was wondering if we could use your son for an experiment. It's completely safe. He will live a normal life like everyone else," Ally finished. The couple was unsure about this. They didn't know what would happen to their son if he was experimented on. They looked at each other. Then Sydney said, "What type of experiment?". Ally grabbed a box and opened it. It was a necklace. It was like Svetlana's only different half shape. "It's a necklace, so what's the experiment?" Luke asked. "This নেকলেস is the experiment," Ally told them. Of course, they were very confused. Ally Sighed. "Let me explain," Ally told them about the journey finding your one true প্রণয় with the necklace. Sydney and Luke were now feeling better about this. "So, are আপনি willing to help out with the experiment?" Ally asked. It took them a মিনিট to decide, and ended up agreeing to help. "Great!". She then took the necklace, a folder with papers, and one of her business card from the case. "Your son is the first one to ever try this experiment. This folder is filled with information about the নেকলেস and where his soul mate is. If আপনি have any প্রশ্ন at all. Just call me. I'll visit every বছর on January 1st to check on how things are going," Ally told them as she handed them the items.

"Now, Luke. May I see your son?" she asked hopefully. "Sure, Sheila,". Ally congratulated Sydney and the two walked over to the room where the শিশুরা were. "So, what's your son name?" Ally asked. "My wife and I decided in Manitoba,". "That's a nice name. I have a brother named Manitoba. He's currently fighting in the war," she said. "Well if the mate were here, I'd salute him, "Luke told her. She chuckled. They arrived at the small room. There weren't very many new borns that day. "There's my boy," Luke ব্যক্ত with thrill in his voice. The boy was tan, like his father, and had midnight black hair, like his mother. "He's very handsome,". "Thanks, Sheila," Luke smiled. "Oh gees! I'm gonna be late!" Ally ব্যক্ত looking at her watch. "Listen," Ally started, "It was very nice meeting the two of you, but I have to go. I'll see আপনি on January 1st," Ally quickly shook his hand. "One আরো thing. Manitoba must never know anything about his partner অথবা where she is. Only when he's old enough can he know about the নেকলেস and it's technology,". Ally rushed off, not to be seen for a long time.

Luke walked back to the room his wife was in. "So how'd it go?" Sydney asked. "Good, but she had to leave. A shame too. We were just about to have a full on make out session," Luke joked. "You what?!" Sydney exclaimed. "I'm just kidding. Your the only person I'll ever kiss," Luke finished, স্নেহ চুম্বন his wife again. "Yeah, আপনি better," Sydney smiled. The doctors came in with little Manitoba. They gave him to Sydney and she looked down at her new son. "Hi, Mani. Your gonna be very special,".
So, two শিশুরা with strange necklaces. Told আপনি it was strange. So, if আপনি guys like the story, please comment. Also, go to emmab13's page. She writes too and she gave me the idea for this story. Peace out.
Svet and Mani