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total drama revenge of the island
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"Tear drops on my balance beam" Chapter 6

-Stuck with you-

"You mean I'm stuck with mister glossy hat for a year!?" Svetlana screamed irritably.

"If আপনি want to keep that room. I suppose so.." Mrs. Clause replied.

"I can't live with, HIM! He's just rude!"

"And I can't live with, HER! She's just annoying!"

"Have আপনি even introduced yourselves yet?" Mr. Clause smirked.

"Well, um.."

Both were rubbing their arms bashfully. They both met দ্বারা arguing. They didn't even think of introducing themselves.

"So there shouldn't be a reason why আপনি to shouldn't get along. Your big boys and girls!" mr.Clause slowly...
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Early birds

So sorry I haven't updated all week! I usually do it frequently, but evidently, I  lost it. So here it is!

Sun shining.

Birds chirping

It was morning. The best time of the day. The sun was rising in a shield of gold, the morning dew was just starting to set, and certain alarm clocks were chirping on other floors. But this morning was a little আরো early than planned.

It was about 2am. The teens in Red Valley were still asleep. The dew hasn't even set, and the sun wouldn't dare to come out on this hour.

Manitoba was fast asleep in bed. Snoring and laying limply in his sheets....
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Brick's a Bronie?! Part 2


Part 2 of Brick's a Bronie! Enjoy


Another দিন came to pass in Vancouver. Well, not just any day! It's Brick's birthday! And Jo had a special surprise for him. She had woke up early that morning, packed everything they Would need, and slowly tied a black blindfold around her Boyfriends eyes.

Brick was silently snoring and snuggled আরো into his blanket. Jo slowly leaned down and kissed his lips. 
He sprawled around like a মাছ out of water, and gasped for air.

"Huh? Where am I?! প্রদর্শনী yourselves creatins!" Brick raised his fists...
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Tear drops on my balance beam
       Chapter 12

One shot 5: thunderstorms




The weather rages outside of Red Valley like a soon to be hurricane. The college grads are নিরাপদ in their beds. None even exposed to a drop of rain. Everyone seemed in peace, all except for one person.


She was supposed to be sleeping পরবর্তি to her roommate when the thunder and lighting had scared her. She was trembling in her বিছানা and shaking with anxiety. Which manitoba was startled দ্বারা her weeping.

Tears were streaking down her face. Sobs were escaping her lips.

Svetlana hated to cry, but sometimes,...
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"Tear drops on my balance beam" Chapter 10

-Night owl-

Star lit sky.

Crickets chirping.

The sun sleeping in the clouds.

Everything is silent during the night. In fact, everything is better during the night is perfect (as mentioned দ্বারা Manitoba). He loves staying up during the night. Either just looking at the stars, অথবা just enjoying the relaxation of the world.

Svetlana was getting ready for বিছানা one night. Her hair laying limp on her back, and her eyes were dim and tired. She  yawned and scratched her head once seeing Manitoba watching TV.

"Aren't আপনি going to stay up a little while."...
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One-Shot 1: The Sexist Jar

The first part of the Svettoba 'friendship'! Enjoy!


It had taken Svetlana a while to get used to Manitoba. She never knew why he was so sexist and she didn't want to know, but it really got on her nerves. The digs and the back talk! They were only a week in when the পালোয়ান was about to blow over. She was only a word away from slapping the austraillian in his face, but she got another idea.

Svetlana bought a large jar and cut a hole in the শীর্ষ to make a coin slot. Then wrote a name on the piece of paper.

"Watcha' doin , Sheila?" Manitoba asked as...
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Thanks so much for all your support guys! While I was লেখা this, I was listening to TDWT songs >W< Also, again this may not be my best chapter. Enjoy anyway...

Chapter 4

‘Well, we got to go to class now,’ Zoey told me.

‘What do we have?’ I asked.

‘Food tech, let’s go!’ she replied. We raced each other to our খাবার Tech room and walked into class. I hoped that those group of guys weren’t in this class. We reached over to available desks পরবর্তি to each other and sat down. At that very moment our খাবার tech teacher walked in.

‘As আপনি may know, today we’ll be cooking!’...
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This is my first poem ever পোষ্ট হয়েছে here. It’s about Mike’s personalities and how he feels when no-one wants to be his friend. It’s kind of sad. I’m terrible at poems so উপদেশ would be appreciated :) Thanks!

I look in the mirror,
And what do I see?
One teen, but
Five personalities.

Making friends,
Was always tough.
Can’t I be normal?
I’ve suffered enough.

Everyone I meet,
Would run away.
‘It’s that freak!’
They’d always say.

Why আপনি ask?
Why do they run?
I have five personalities.
Not just one.

How I wish that I
Was a normal teen.
But of course,
That’s only a dream.

Sometimes I can be,...
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awesome video দ্বারা CourtneyandDuncanLuv
total drama revenge of the island
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Please don't complain, this is the best I could find..
total drama revenge of the island
anne maria
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Source: Total Drama Wiki
JO : oh আপনি guys don't আপনি see when I was alittle kiddy and the sun was going dooowwwnnnn ....
annemaria ; tell me she not
jo ;the darkness and the shadows would always make me frooowwwnnnn
camron; she is
jo ; id hide under my বালিশ from what I though I saw but granny may ব্যক্ত that wasn't the way to deal with fears at all
brick ; THEN WHAT IS ????
jo; she ব্যক্ত : " joey , আপনি gotta stand up tall learn to face your fears you'll see that they wont hurt আপনি just laugh and make them disappear " "HA HA HA " ( mutan disappears )
brick,anne,zoey,mike,and Cameron ; (gasp)
jo and mike ; SOOOOO !!!! , giggle at the ghostly guffaw at the grossly crack up at the creepy whoop it up with the funly chortle at the kooky snortle at the spooky
and tell that big dumb creepy face to take a hike and leave আপনি alone and if it think it can scare ou its got something else coming and the very though of such a thing makes আপনি wanna .... HAHA HAHA ... HEH ....LLLLAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Tear drops on my balance beam 
   Chapter 11

Drabble 4: Movie night 

Everyone had their পছন্দ movies.

Of course, Manitoba and Svet had there share of movies. In fact, everyone in the red complex did. Unstoppable, Saw, Tangled, Titanic, Spidetman, Transformers, even the Claus's loved the Santa Clause 2 and 3.
Sure, everyone loved the new, modern type of চলচ্চিত্র with special effects and cut throat story lines, but Manitoba and Svetlana were আরো into..the oldies.

Yup. Those old চলচ্চিত্র made with black and white cameras, cookie cutter characters and happy endings. 

 They both loved them....
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Mike meets Jimmy: Chapter 1

I do not own Total drama revenge if the island of Jimmy two shoes cartoon.

Slight Mike/Heloise 
A tiny bit of Cameron/Heloise
Slight Jimmy/Zoey, 

"Finished!" Cameron exclaimed as he screwed the last bolt into his machine.

The small bubble boy had been secretly working on a teleportation device since he first arrived at the camp. Just in case if he missed his mother too much. 
  It took a while, but with patience and a very skilled mind, the teenage boy was able to make the small device in only days.
     Cameron hid his tools under the...
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Summer was just starting.The air was starting to get hot,and the days were getting longer.A 16 বছর old girl named Zoey,was packing her things to go to Total Drama Revenge of the Island for the very 1st time,She was half exited,half nervous.It's like one of those 50% 50% things,Her best friend,Laynie,was in her bedroom helping her pack.Laynie,and her other bestfriend,Abigail.The 3 girls had been বন্ধু sience kindergarden,and they were Zoey's only friends."Are আপনি exited,Zoey?"asked Laynie."Kinda" zoey replied."I just hope the challenges aren't as crazy as the seasons before,other wise,bring...
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"Tear drops on my balance beam" Chapter 17,

Hello people! I'm sorry it took such a long time to do this! I had a ton of school work and had to work hard to work up 2 B's to 2 A's. I know it's been long, and I have so much happening! For one, I turned 14 last Wednesday! And I performed with my dance class last Sunday, আপনি don't know how much I felt like Svetlana! Performing and such ( my teacher told me i was the best dancer out there)Anyway, enough of my chatter! You've been waiting, so here it is!


"Manitoba, are আপনি sure আপনি don't need any help?"

"Sheila, I'm fine. I can...
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Tear drops on my balance beam chapter 16


"Come on, Manitoba!! We're going to be late!" Svetlana called in a rather irritating voice. She crosse her arms and tapped her foot.

"Why are আপনি rushing? We're only going to my house for thanksgiving, not a banquet!"

"I want to  present myself, আপনি know that!" The girl exclaims as she puts a পরাকাষ্ঠা sweater and scarf over her white tank top.

Manitoba rolled his eyes and sighed."Fine, let's go."

Manitoba was at least nice enough to invite Svetlana over to his প্রথমপাতা for this cool Holiday. Thanksgiving was a big thing in his house. All of the...
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Tear drops on my balance beam chapter 15

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a few weeks. I just needed a break. I am not letting this story go! I will finish it!


Ah Fall. The time of yer where people frolick through the windy streets, sweep away warm leaves, and enjoy the cool weather. Other than the deceant weather and cool attitudes, the autumn season is a great start to the yearly holidays! The first...


That time of বছর where the ghouls come out of their secretive caverns, Zombies awake from the dead, and the monsters rampage.

Manitoba enjoyed this holiday. It was the...
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