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Source: Picture from the Coolbluebox on YT. Edited দ্বারা me on Picnik :)
total drama revenge of the island
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This Total Drama Revenge of the Island (TDROTI) ছবি contains নকল মানুষের, কমিক বই, কমিকস, and কার্টুন.

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Scott: Scott is a jerk. He uses and manipulates people. What he did to Mike and what he did to Dawn was just awful. And he fails at being an antagonist and his plans don't even make any sense. I mean I,m going to loose on purpose and eliminate my own team to give the other team a false sense of security. How does that make any sense. I'm honestly surprised he made it as far as he did.

Staci: She was so annoying!! And her character was pointless. I,m glad she got eliminated when she did.

Lightning: I can't believe he made it into the finale two. His personality is horrible.He is stupid, mean,...
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Hello বন্ধু , it's me again লেখা all of আপনি something of mike's life. This is a view of mike mind of his own life, telling আপনি every little thing about him.
Thanks for all for all the help, if আপনি read this it going to be awesome.
Now on to the story. :)
My name is mike,this my first time on Total drama island revenge of the island. As am in the নৌকা i start wondering what is going to be on the island. I have problems i have mulitple pearsonlities.

Sometimes i try to control them but, i can't. In the miror i always talk to my pearsonlities but they won't listen.Some of my pearsonlities are...
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Hello readers of Fanfiction! This is my first attempt of লেখা a DawnXB one-shot. If you're a অনুরাগী of DawnXScott, why bother পাঠ করা this anyway? I keep on seeing DawnXScott fanfics around and it really bugs me, because I despise that couple quite a lot. Eh, anyway. Onto the story!

Dawn sat on a lone tree-stump in the middle of the dark, toxic forest, meditating. She sat with her legs crossed, touching the smooth wood that sat underneath her body, with her eyes closed, just focusing. It was a quite gloomy day. The clouds were dark, spreading across the sky and the cold wind slapped across Dawn's...
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total drama revenge of the island
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this is gonna sound weird but, i feel like since there making a প্রদর্শনী with an all new cast পরবর্তি season they should put the old cast on a new show. but since there all adults now, and most of the viewers that enjoy the প্রদর্শনী are older, they should put the প্রদর্শনী on adult swim অথবা something. kinda like and uncensored version of the show.

I know it sounds weird but think about it. this allows the প্রদর্শনী to introduce a TON of new senerios that weren't nessicarly appropriate for smaller viewers. like I'm just gonna pick on a যেভাবে খুশী character….

DUNCAN. we could find out আরো about his criminal record...
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Part 1 of the video where the creator of total drama উত্তর some questons.
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Brick's a bronie?!


I just became a "My little pony: friendship is magic." অনুরাগী this summer! I প্রণয় it and found out that the প্রদর্শনী attracts not only girls, but men an boys. Those boy অনুরাগী are called bronies! So here is something cute I thought of!

Brick's a Bronie?!

Summary: Brick is caught watching "My little Pony: Friend ship is magic" দ্বারা his girlfriend Jo. Jo actually comes to like the show, and has a very special surprise for him for his upcoming birthday! (My first Jock fic, so take it easy on me!) JoXBrick


it was a fairly sunny দিন in...
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Sorry It took forever. Here ya go! :)

     I gasped. " Why back in my days, these buses were separate. These black folks couldn't ride my bus...." I gasped. I opened my eyes, everyone was staring at me in shock. I was pointing at poor B. What did Chester say this time???
    I walked off the bus, head hanging low. I slowly trudged into the school building when someone called my name.
      " Mike!" I turned around. It was Lilly? Why would she want to  talk to me? Doesn't she know, yet? " Mike,  wait up." She was chasing after me. Her hair bobbed as she an towards me. " Mike," she said...
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"Tear drops on my balance beam" Chapter 6

-Stuck with you-

"You mean I'm stuck with mister glossy hat for a year!?" Svetlana screamed irritably.

"If আপনি want to keep that room. I suppose so.." Mrs. Clause replied.

"I can't live with, HIM! He's just rude!"

"And I can't live with, HER! She's just annoying!"

"Have আপনি even introduced yourselves yet?" Mr. Clause smirked.

"Well, um.."

Both were rubbing their arms bashfully. They both met দ্বারা arguing. They didn't even think of introducing themselves.

"So there shouldn't be a reason why আপনি to shouldn't get along. Your big boys and girls!" mr.Clause slowly...
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Early birds

So sorry I haven't updated all week! I usually do it frequently, but evidently, I  lost it. So here it is!

Sun shining.

Birds chirping

It was morning. The best time of the day. The sun was rising in a shield of gold, the morning dew was just starting to set, and certain alarm clocks were chirping on other floors. But this morning was a little আরো early than planned.

It was about 2am. The teens in Red Valley were still asleep. The dew hasn't even set, and the sun wouldn't dare to come out on this hour.

Manitoba was fast asleep in bed. Snoring and laying limply in his sheets....
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Brick's a Bronie?! Part 2


Part 2 of Brick's a Bronie! Enjoy


Another দিন came to pass in Vancouver. Well, not just any day! It's Brick's birthday! And Jo had a special surprise for him. She had woke up early that morning, packed everything they Would need, and slowly tied a black blindfold around her Boyfriends eyes.

Brick was silently snoring and snuggled আরো into his blanket. Jo slowly leaned down and kissed his lips. 
He sprawled around like a মাছ out of water, and gasped for air.

"Huh? Where am I?! প্রদর্শনী yourselves creatins!" Brick raised his fists...
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Tear drops on my balance beam
       Chapter 12

One shot 5: thunderstorms




The weather rages outside of Red Valley like a soon to be hurricane. The college grads are নিরাপদ in their beds. None even exposed to a drop of rain. Everyone seemed in peace, all except for one person.


She was supposed to be sleeping পরবর্তি to her roommate when the thunder and lighting had scared her. She was trembling in her বিছানা and shaking with anxiety. Which manitoba was startled দ্বারা her weeping.

Tears were streaking down her face. Sobs were escaping her lips.

Svetlana hated to cry, but sometimes,...
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"Tear drops on my balance beam" Chapter 10

-Night owl-

Star lit sky.

Crickets chirping.

The sun sleeping in the clouds.

Everything is silent during the night. In fact, everything is better during the night is perfect (as mentioned দ্বারা Manitoba). He loves staying up during the night. Either just looking at the stars, অথবা just enjoying the relaxation of the world.

Svetlana was getting ready for বিছানা one night. Her hair laying limp on her back, and her eyes were dim and tired. She  yawned and scratched her head once seeing Manitoba watching TV.

"Aren't আপনি going to stay up a little while."...
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