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This story begins on a typical Tuesday night with a young girl with red hair and pale skin. Her name is Zoey. Zoey was a nerd. A nerd who was in প্রণয় with a guy she lived right পরবর্তি to. His name was Mike. Mike had MPD......and a girlfriend. Anne Maria. They met when Vito took over his body. Mike eventually gained control back, but now he stuck with her. One night Zoey noticed Mike was on the phone, fighting with someone. MIke hung up and as he did Zoey grabbed a sketch pad and wrote down"are আপনি ok". Mike walked up to his window with a sketch pad and wrote down"just tired of the drama". Zoey...
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posted by Tkomastersay
This is mike's feelings for zoey.
Enjoy :)
Zoey when i look in your eyes i get হারিয়ে গেছে in what am thinking of. The wind blows slow but when am around আপনি everything just change.
I can't say a word when i hold your hands.Everything revoles around me when am with you. In the first time i saw আপনি in episode 1 i could do nothing but look intoo your face.
man i try to say something but i had no word.
I প্রদর্শনী আপনি that i care about how আপনি are,
I can not so i walk away with nothing
But আপনি without আপনি am nothing
zoey আপনি are all of my dreams of joy i can't wonder where am going to be from আপনি in me
But for now let's stay together
i have to say a ''four letter word'' to you
My হৃদয় beats faster when আপনি hold my hand
now forever and today zoey আপনি are my number one!
posted by iPsychic
Part 2

I decided to make a part two since আপনি guys were asking for another part :) Thanks so much for your support and ideas! আপনি can also find me on with my ব্যবহারকারী নাম 'iPsychic' just like my ফ্যানপপ ব্যবহারকারী নাম :) Also, I am aware that Zoey may not have a brother but I included her having one anyway.

‘Who are আপনি young Missy?’ I asked Zoey. Zoey just kept giggling, her face blushing আরো and more. I started gasping again and was back to my normal self.

‘So, that was one of my personalities,’ I told Zoey. ‘That was Chester, a grumpy old man,’ I sigh after I remember one...
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Tear drops on my balance beam

This is a cute idea I thought of at three in the morning. I wrote a small part, but it's going to come up later on.
Here's the summary! ((BTW, this is a story about Mike's personalities. They are real people and most are family. If আপনি want to see what they look like, find AmberStone12 on deviantart and look for ManitobaXSvetlana প্রণয় sketches))

Summary: Svetlana is trying to become the best পালোয়ান in the world. Manitoba is trying to go around the world and seek adventure. They both are looking for প্রণয় to share their likings, and meet in the craziest place. What...
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posted by Caldillon123
 Mike and Anne Maria
Mike and Anne Maria
Here's another প্রবন্ধ I wrote, অথবা should I say typed. This is about Mike, Zoey and Anne maria, so hope আপনি enjoy.

Hay wanna sit together for lunch? Asked Zoey to Mike.

Why wouldn't I? Mike ব্যক্ত in a kind voice.

Well, you've been spending a LOT of time with Anne Maria latley, আপনি know, the girl who's to coll to have only one first name, Zoey replied.

What! Her, no way, He said.

Ow don't try to ইঁদুর yourself out of this one, she said.

That was Vito, not me, he said, I would never cheat on you.

Just then Anne Maria walked by, Mike Gasped and suddenly turned into Vito.

Hay babe, Vito said, wanna have...
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posted by iPsychic
This is my সেকেন্ড written fanfic, my first using the new cast. It's about Mike and Zoey :) BTW, Mike is telling the story. Please tell me if I need any improvements অথবা anything else! Enjoy :)


'You're such a freak!'

'You don't deserve to live!'

'Who'd want to be বন্ধু with a guy who changes personalities?'

Those words stung my heart, but not as much as what these people were doing to me. They kicked me in the chest, pushing me to the ground and yelled in my face. Just because I have a multiple personality disorder.

Why was I born with this curse? I ask myself that প্রশ্ন every day.

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posted by loly878458
At school Zoey always dreams of talking to Mike. He is always with Anna Maria, the head cheerleader/Mikes girlfriend. Zoey and Mike live right পরবর্তি door to each other, but they never talk to each other ever.
During lunch one day, Mike got sick and tired of Anna Maria and they got in a big fight. Anna Maria stayed with the cheerleaders while Mike sat alone at an empty table. Zoey felt bad for him and came to sit দ্বারা him.
Zoey sat down and asked him what was wrong. Mike never answered. Anna Maria walks up and says,"Don't worry, he's all your's. I'm done with him."
Zoey got so mad she just about...
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