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 The Am-AH-Zon Race
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The Am-AH-zon race.
total drama world tour
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posted by XoXstarfireXoX
*Trent saw courtney at the park*
Trent: hi courtney I have something to tell you.
Trent: will আপনি marry me?
Courtney: yes.but my mom won let me.then that wil be secretly. Courtney: ok. *3 years later Courtney has marry with Trent then goes home*
her mom: Courtney were haw আপনি been?
Courtney: I was হারিয়ে গেছে and then I found the way home.
her mom: it's ok meny people are lost.*phone rings*
Courtney: hi Trent.
Trent: hi Courtney. my parents arent let me to go with আপনি in ইউরোপ so I can come and get আপনি with my car.
Courtney: ok I প্রণয় to.
Trent: come I'm hear under the window.
Courtney: ok.
posted by CyD12
Im sorry
So sorry
sorry like a flower
after the first frost

and Im sorry
like a mitten
thats been dropped
and feels so lost

oops I really meesed up
at least I fessed up
(you didnt fessed up, আপনি got cought on national TV)
(its Internacional Geoff, Total drama is seen all over the world)

but Im sorry
so sorry
sorry like a surfer
that jas just busted her board

and Im sorry
like a band
when they play
a wrong chord

ooops I really screwed up
I felt some dude up
(Internation TV huh?)
(in front of all my friends)

but Im sorry
so sorry
Geoff, I really think আপনি rule
আপনি are so cute when আপনি make me drool

and if আপনি give me chance
I will make my happy happy dance
(youre pretty cute when আপনি dance)
(Aw no, no!)

Geoff, আপনি are the one for me
And Im so incredibly, wildly, madly, crazily
oh, so completely, infenitely, beyond
posted by izzysawsome
5:00 (Dinner time) At Gwens House

Gwens mom: *Looks at Gwen* Honey whats wrong???

Gwen: Nothing

Gwens mom: *concered look on her face* Ok

Gwen: I'm Done

*Gwen goes in the kitchen*

Gwens mom: Put your plate in the dishwasher please

Gwen: Ok

*Gwen puts the dish in the dishwasher then goes in her room *

*Gwen picks up her cell phone*

Gwen:I'm gonna call someone *pause* Speical

Trent: Hello

Gwen: Hello

Trent: Oh it's you, listen

Gwen: No Trent আপনি listen, look I'm sorry for what happened at the film lot and I was wandering if...

Trent: If I'd go on a তারিখ with you??? *Tears*

Gwen: Yea kinda *blush*

Trent: ..... SURE

Gwen: *Jumps up and down exitedly*

Trent: See আপনি tonight at The French around 8

Gwen: SURE
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Alejandro: This show's a train, it's moving fast.
You and I weren't meant to last.
Voting for me just wasn't right,
So look out now, you're in my sights.
Heather: Mr. Fair now, suddenly
I have to barf now, excuse me!
Don't try to make me feel ashamed.
I know আপনি would've done the same.
Heather and Alejandro: I'm gonna make it.
You can't stop me now, just আপনি try.
Our fortune's waiting
It's time for আপনি to say, good bye-bye-bye.
Cody: I never thought I'd get this far.
Let's face it, I'm no TV star.
But now I'm in the final three,
Unless we get caught in that tree!
Cody: No!
Sierra: Wow!
Cody: Oh!
Sierra: You're...
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posted by GWENxDUNCAN
chris:hey its chris mclain with a new season od total drama!!!!!
we have courtney,trent,gwen,duncan,sierra,cody,bridgette,and alejandro in the cute kisses(team)

katie,noah,sadie,harold,heather,justin,beth,brady in the lovely smoothes(team)

chris:ok campers your first challenge is আপনি have to find a flashlight key chain in the dark.

courtney:lets বিভক্ত করা up
10 মিনিট later
gwen and duncan:where are we??
gwen:im scared!
duncan:sssoooo.....wanna makeout?
*jumps on him and starts making out*
courtney and trent:WTF!
courtney:who cares about...
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chris:welcome one and all to TOTAL,DRAMA,WORLD TOUR!
Before we begin,we are going to pick the teams.

the screaming west will be:lindsay,izzy,alejandro,Bridgette,LeShawna,Duncan,gwen,courtney, and heather

the killer east will be:sierra,noah,cody,DJ,ezekiel,tyler,owen,and Harold and since the teams are unfair,we have a special guest for the killer east untill the teams are unfair.Ladies and gentelman,i give you,EVA!


chris:ok,first,we are going to JAPAN!

(on the plane)

sierra (cc): OMG!we are going to japan!its gonna be so exciting!and best of all,im on the same team as cody!

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