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 Duncan and Gwen's bonding had to ruin Trent and Total Drama.
Duncan and Gwen's bonding had to ruin Trent and Total Drama.
AleTrentNey defy their similar conflicts thorugh song. They get back at Gwuncan for hurting Trent in TDA.
Courtney: Boyfriend Hurters (Duncan and Gwen)! I thought y'all are Trent's বন্ধু and now both of y'all hurt him like a bunch of monsters from Gremlins!
Alejandro: Boyfriend Hurters! You've hurted Court's boyfriend Trent!
Courtney: Both of y'all are gonna pay! If it's the last thing I do!
Alejandro: That's right!
Courtney: That's right!
Courtney: Both of y'all ruined Total Drama litterly!
Alejandro: And both of y'all treated Trent like a victim to Gwen's love.
Trent: Yeah, Gwen had to hurt me very badly.
Alejandro, Courtney: Boyfriend Hurters!
Courtney: আপনি know what, Duncan and Gwen? I'm not your friend anymore! আপনি know why? আপনি guys are bunch of mean, manipulative, abusive traitors!
Alejandro, Courtney: Both of আপনি are gonna pay!
Courtney: If it's the last thing I do. (Spoken) Both of আপনি will pay for what আপনি did to Trent in TDA.
~Courtney's P.O.V~

Oh god, this cant be good. Heathers gonna wanna take me and Duncan down! And so is Alejandro... i thought as i moved meekly পরবর্তি to Bridgette with the other "Musical Maestro's"

"Hey Court, i called the police about Uncle Brad and Kian" she whispered so the others couldn't hear.

"Good, but we've got bigger problems... Heather and Alejandro are gonna be trying extra hard to take me and Duncan out" i whispered frantically to my best friend.

"Hey princess, আপনি ok?" Duncan pulled me close to him.

"No, not really" i sighed quietly.

"Why? Heather and Ale-jerk aren't gonna do anything...
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-Duncan's P.O.V-

"Ok, so now its time for a fairytale dream... Courtney, your up!" Chris smirked at me, for about the fourth time that day.

What is his problem...?

I was immediately entranced দ্বারা Courtney's song...

"Tell it to my heart.
Tell me im the only one.
Is this really প্রণয় অথবা just a game?
Tell it to my heart.
I can feel my body rise,
Everytime আপনি call my name

I didn't wanna fall in প্রণয় with you.
I didn't wanna know the things i knew.
It wasn't till i looked into the mirror...

Cuz if আপনি liked it then আপনি shoulda put a ring on it.
If আপনি liked আপনি shoulda put a ring on it.
Dont be mad when i...
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A/N: I just wanna tell আপনি guys how grateful I am for recieving so many nice comments. Thank you! Rated: T for language. ENJOY...

We both walked back to our house, and as soon as I walked through the door, my father started bombarding me with questions.

"How was school?"

"What did আপনি do?"

"What did আপনি learn?"

"Did আপনি manage to make any new friends?"

"Daddy, stop! Please!" I ran upstairs.

But before I could get to my room, I heard my sister tell him "She's got a boyfriend, daddy"

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Song: That Girl দ্বারা All Time Low Couple: Alejandro and Heather Show: Total Drama World Tour