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P.S read cold pt 1 and 2 before আপনি read this.....
I grabbed my moms keys and ran out the door. I was shivering i was so excited. I slammed on the gas and sped off. It took me an ঘন্টা to get back to the producer studio. I parked the car pushed open the car door as quickly as possible and I couldn't belive my eyes. There he was. Chris stood behind him and ব্যক্ত "its all yours" the paraded away like a stuck up super model. I ran up to the short robot that was alehanjro. I noticed a little meter on his face that had a happy smiling face on one side and a sad depressed face on the other. It was in the middle now like a relaxed mood. He spoke softly and slowly he ব্যক্ত
I grinned and ব্যক্ত lets go to my house.
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Harold was traveling along with his Pidgeotto's pokeball, his Gligar's pokeball, his Jolteon's pokeball and his Charmeleon's pokeball on his বেল্ট until he saw a wild Scyther in the grass.It was eating a Lum Berry.Once it was done eating the berry, it scanned its head around.Harold knew he just had to catch it.He tiptoed around it, but the Scyther eventually heard him and knew Harold wanted to battle it.Harold stood his ground with the bright green pokemon and sent out Pidgeotto to battle it.Scyther started out with Double Team to confuse the brown bird pokemon, but Pidgeotto managed to hang...
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ill take it down if ppl want me too i just really thought it was funny though XD
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Awesome song
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