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posted by crystalpotato
Scotts pov.

honestly…. this is terrible. how could i let fang beat the crap outta me in front of everyone! in front of…

"hey scott…"

"Courtney! heh didn't see আপনি there…"

"yea, i just wanted to check on you… to see if your ok."

"yea I'm fine…. আপনি care?"

"what? Pfft no i just. uh.. Gwen wanted to know…."


we awkwardly idled around for a while. when suddenly i felt her grab my hand.

"you don't need to be embarrassed, i know first hand what its like to be afraid of something, that might seem, stupid to other people…"

"green jelly?"


" i have to ask…. whats the story behind...
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I'd never think I'd like her again, I mean she's bosy, arrogant, loud! Everything I hate...and really like. Chris:Attention campers, প্রতিবেদন to the mess hall to start today's activity. It will be barrels of fun *laughs* litterally! Duncan: ugh, can we ever get a break from this physcho? *walks outside heading toward the mess hall, and sees Courtney and Scott talking*. *frowns* Scott: আপনি l-ook nii-ce today Courtney, আপনি combed your hair and everything Courtney: *smiles and then frowns, and walks away* Scott: Hey, what I say? That was a compliment! Duncan:Messing up with the ladies I...
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posted by RavenSparrow5
It's no secret; I প্রণয় this pair.
(In competition)
Courtney's POV-
I was running to the finish line, I was about half way done. I suddenly tripped and fell face first into the grass. "Ow!" I yelled. I sat up and rubbed my head.
Scott's POV-
I saw that Courtney fell. I ran up to her and kneeled down. "Hey, আপনি okay?" I asked her. She looked up. "Yeah, my face just hurts. I don't know how আপনি were able to look for the invinciblity statue and come out alive!" she said. "I grew up on the farm. I'm used to every bit of danger. I slept on a burlap sack filled with small animals! I always woke up with...
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posted by crystalpotato
Authors note: this couple is so weird, but that might be why i'm so happy about them. not to mention, seeing scott a VILLAIN be so sweet to courtney someone he'd never had any পূর্ববর্তি interaction with got me skeptic. i was a hardcore DXC অনুরাগী before this now im kinda liking this pair more. so without further ado i give আপনি courtney and scotts first অনুরাগী fiction. (Takes place during the competition)

Courtneys pov

He held my hand. i was pretty sure it was an accident, but his face ব্যক্ত it all. Does... Does scott like me? uh this thought is crazy stupid. he's probably using me to get ahead in the...
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posted by sugarsweet076
The winner of Total all STARS IS...........SCOTT! I run to him and চুম্বন him.

"Scott We won!" I yell.

He holds me in his arms and smiles. " No we won something more" With that he picked me up ans sprung me around and চুম্বন me.

The party started.


"Hey gwen whats up" I ব্যক্ত rocking my body to the beat of the music.

"scott huh?"

"Yea.." with that i look at him swimming in the pool smiling at me.

" নমস্কার princess" Duncan sat down পরবর্তি to gwen.

"Soo Gwen whats up...."

"Nothing talking to my best friend.."

"thats fun..." With that duncan kissed gwen right in front of me.I took my শার্ট off and my pants off lucky for me i had my swim suit under. I jumped in the pool and kissed scott when i gave up.

"What was that for?"

"i missed your lips"

With that he kissed me again.
posted by crystalpotato
I woke up today and was shocked দ্বারা the empty sheets. yes scott always got up early to feed Fargo and Tend to the rest of the farm but he always managed to finish early and hop back in বিছানা before I got a chance to notice he was gone. still i thought nothing of it and decided to go about my দিন as I normally do. I took a shower, then headed over to autumns room to make sure she was alright. but of course my little অ্যাঞ্জেল was still asleep. so peaceful, she was the spitting image of her father. in fact the only thing of mine she inherited was my onyx eyes. such a sweetheart.
after checking up on...
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