Chapter One
"What can I say? আপনি are handsome beyond compare," chuckled Chase as he winked at himself in the mirror.

Ally, his twin, was leaning on his bedroom door. "Vain much?" She giggled at her brother's goofiness.

"Ally! How long have আপনি been standing there?"

"Somewhere between the part where আপনি began complimenting your own hair and the shoes you're wearing." Ally pulled her sleave over her face to keep from laughing any harder.

"Get out," Chase teased as he closed the door behind Ally. He could still her laughing from behind the door. "Next time knock!" He shouted through the door.

"Ha!" She shouted back at him.

Chase Winters stared hard at himself in the mirror. He didn't look different from Ally. They both had blonde hair and blue eyes. They looked exactly alike except people always swore that they saw dimples on him but he didn't see it.

He glanced at the clock. 7:20am already?! He was going to be late for school. "Thanks Ally," smiled Chase.


Chase drove to school late because his dear sister forgot to mention that he was late. When he went downstairs, her plate was clean and her car was missing.

Chase ran his fingers through his hair and prepared for whatever rumor everyone was buzzing about today.

His best friend, Jordan Sigo, came dashing towards him. "Janet Bailey is throwing the part of the century."

"Oh really," ব্যক্ত an uninterested Chase.

"Yeah, do আপনি know if your sister is going with anyone."

'Dude, I know আপনি like her but I am not going to be your messenger. Ask her yourself."

They walked up to the school building. Everyone already knew about the party and some girls were being extra flirty with Chase today. He didn't give them a সেকেন্ড thought. They were all basically clones of Barbie. And Chase use to rip the heads off of Ally's বার্বি dolls.

Ally was already sitting in homeroom when the অবিশ্বাস্য happened. Ross Wilson came up to her and started talking. For those of আপনি who have no clue who Ross is then আপনি have been obviously living under a rock your entire life. Ross is the captain of the football and completely flawless. Every girl wants him.

"Hey, Ally," he greeted.

"HI," she ব্যক্ত back.

"I was just wondering if আপনি would like to go to Janet's party with me?" asked Ross. Jordan and Chase were watching from their seats. Chase glanced to see Jordan's reaction.

Ally was going to ask Jordan if he wanted to go with her but she didn't think Jordan would say yes anyways. After a couple of seconds, she agreed. Jordan ended up damaging his head with his desk.

"Cool," Ross replied. Ally couldn't stop smiling and Janet couldn't stop frowning.

The rest of the দিন was perfect for some people. Chase ended up asking Amber Marshalls to the party. Jordan was asked দ্বারা Janet and he only agreed because Ally was going to with Ross.

Ally was happy that someone finally asked her. She didn't want to think of the possibility that she would have to ask Jordan who would only turn her down. This way, she had a তারিখ and her হৃদয় wouldn't be shattered because of Jordan.

At the party, Janet couldn't take her lips off of Jordan's long enough to see that Ross didn't care for her.

The সঙ্গীত was loud and pumping but Ally could only hear her হৃদয় falling from the building as it landed with an earth shattering crack. Of course, she was into Ross and his curly black hair but she just couldn't get over the fact that her true crush was making out with Janet.

"What's wrong?" Ross looked concerned as he tilted Ally's head up to see his face.

"Nothing, lets just dance." Ally shrugged Jordan off.

Chase was having a miserable time with Amber. All she did was agree to whatever he said. It was getting annoying and he needed a break. He went in খুঁজুন for Jordan before he saw Jordan lip locking with Janet. He noticed that Ally was watching too.

পরবর্তি thing Chase saw Ally was running away to the backyard. He followed her. No one was panicking and everyone seemed happy. When he got outside, he couldn't find her. He called her name dozens of times.

Everything else went দ্বারা in a blur. The police sirens were blaring from the front of the building, the সঙ্গীত stopped, and everyone was worried.

What happened? This seem to be the only প্রশ্ন people were worried about. That প্রশ্ন and Where was Ally?