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 My Fanmade Cover of The Avengers of Literature and Beyond! :D (I AM SO BORED)
OHMYGAWD I AM SO BORED D: So I made a cover for a story I MIIIIIIGHT write. Took me a while and badly edited but I প্রণয় IT ANYWAY :D THOUGHTS?
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wtf am i doing with my life
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This was so amazing and inspiring...
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Could আপনি leave everyone behind for an unknown country? Fighting for your life and the freedom of others.

Could আপনি train with fellow soldiers, have the will to push ahead? Through snow, rain, and mud; everything against you.

Could আপনি stay strong as men fell around you? Bleeding, crying, dying in one anothers arms.

Could আপনি carry wounded fighters missing limbs and crying in pain? Pushed past the breaking point never to return again.

Could আপনি run headlong into gun আগুন as it picks off all of your friends?

Could আপনি kill another soldier forced to fight for his country? With a family back প্রথমপাতা hoping...
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(Sorry for the delay, guys. I hope the পরবর্তি installment won't take quite as long. I'm not sure if it will be flabaloobalah অথবা me posting. Hope আপনি guys enjoy!)

I woke with a start at the deafening sound of my alarm clock screaming in my ear like a possessed bee. I squinted and checked the time--5:30--and rubbed my eyes. Why was it so early? Then I remembered: I had to work on my school project. I groaned and reluctantly threw myself out of my super-warm, super-comfy বিছানা into the cold, pitch-blackness of my bedroom. Drunk with sleepiness, I stumbled over to my ডেস্ক and fell into the chair. I...
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posted by hgfan5602
Almighty eagle,
Soar, soar
Soar beyond your wildest dreams.....

There's no limit
On how much আপনি can soar
No one can
Break your wings and kill you

Soar for the skies,
Don't let the feelin go
Just soar, soar like never before
No one's gonna stop you
From believin

There wasn't a time
When nobody could never soar
But there was a time
When people never believed

And tomorrow
Isn't the দিন to fall
And nobody's gonna push আপনি down
Oh almighty eagle

We're gonna be the powerful eagles
We're not gonna let anyone
Be our ruler,
We're not anyone's slave

Almighty eagle
Oh soar, soar towards the sky's height
And soar toward your dream
Let nothing keep আপনি away

Almighty eagle
Soar beyond your wildest dreams
And we're gonna fly tonight
Let nobody keep us down.
posted by princess_lucy03
On a starry sky
In the moonlight
At midnight
When I think of you
My হৃদয় beats faster
For there is no one like you
Who makes my দিন perfect
Make my body to go numb
Lose myself
And forever hold that smile on my face

Its true that we are
Now on our separate ways
With the promises aside
That we'll meet again
For again might also mean
The পরবর্তি moment
অথবা maybe never

আপনি may সরানো on
Find your perfect princess
In this imperfect world
But to me
You'll always be
My prince charming

And thus the প্রশ্ন remains
Should I সরানো on?
Should I forget?
Is this the destiny of my life?
Only time will tell
But until then
You'll hold a fragment of my soul
For my mind wants to সরানো on
But my হৃদয় stays persistent
That you'll one দিন turn unto me
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One dark and cloudy night, a couple of নেকড়ে-মানুষ howled, awakening আরো and আরো werewolves. They set a curse upon the world that would destroy all humans. The people of the world had hunted millions of wolves, a great number of them werewolves, and as a result, had killed millions of werewolves. Now, the নেকড়ে-মানুষ were seeking revenge.

As Byron woke up on a foggy morning, he was alarmed দ্বারা the sound of wind rushing by, followed দ্বারা loud howls. But as he looked out his bedroom window, he saw nothing. Byron raced downstairs, and seeing his parents were asleep, he went outside. Byron was ten,...
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