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This is from Quin's point of view.

My mom dropped me off at Lisa’s house at exactly 7:30. I hopped out of the passenger’s seat. The gravel driveway crunched under my feet.
    Mom went over to the front door and knocked. Brigit answered the door.
    “Hi, Penelope!” she said, giving my mom a quick hug. “How’s everything at home?”
    “Pretty good. It’s pretty good. How is it with you?”
    “Same,” Brigit said.
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Note: There's some language, so if that sort of thing offends you, then don't read it.

I screamed as someone grabbed me from behind and lifted me into the air. I dropped my fake leather bag and my unzipped denim জ্যাকেট almost fell off as my black high-tops swung out in front of me. Then whoever had grabbed me plopped me back on the ground, where I fell ungracefully onto my ass.
    I tipped my head back, squinting against the bright lights in the school hall. Someone grinned down at me. I took in their features: dirty blond hair hanging...
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posted by Problematic129 second...Part 12!
নমস্কার peeps, I'm back, how've আপনি been doing? If no one's told আপনি let I'm glad your alive right now, and I smile knowing that your still breathing. Darling, আপনি are worth it, don't let them bring আপনি down, take a breather and stand up. Because the best way to fight your enemy is letting them know there not getting to you. Laugh, smile, love, run, scream, do whatever makes আপনি happy, do the right thing. And most importantly, live and dream, because nothing, NOTHING, is impossible. It can be done. I own nothing, and if I did I would totally make mention, but right now, nothing is mine, hope আপনি enjoy, and don't worry, আরো will be পোষ্ট হয়েছে soon. I don't own anything, enjoy!
“Misery is optional, pain is an illusion, but প্রণয় is eternal” - Bam Margera
posted by alicia386
A Lover's Tale

it is hard to describe
how those deep brown eyes
could possibly suprise
that he wasn't the right guy

it was the jealousy of another
who took my only lover
but i haven't bother
to thy mother

he গাউন my heart
and ripped it apart
making it smart
to not leave not one part

if i coud see him now
i wonder how
he is living without thou
or being without thou

No Good Friends

I haven't met one
who could live up to be loyal
of nice
or friendly

i haven't met one
who could not be so judgemental
or so unkind
and cruel

is it hard
to find that perfect friend
that will be loyal
until the end

if so
i haven't met them
the ones...
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I প্রণয় seeing your মতামত so please keep them comein. ;)


''NO! Alana'' pleaded Jema.
''Please Jem it’s important and আপনি always say curiosity is important for young minds.''
''Yes but curiosity also killed the cat but in this case could get আপনি grounded and me in huge trouble'' Jema turned away from me as my brother walked into the kitchen. I could tell he hadn't slept much either. He sat down beside me and began to eat his breakfast. ''I'm going out and will be gone for a while and Jema I would rather     you didn't clean the study today'' Carlos said, and...
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posted by 1999jacko
Rick lay in hospital with stitches all over his face and his left eye swollen up, a small eye patch like thing barely covering it up. His best friends- Allan, Brandon, Kyran and Duncan- stood around his বিছানা telling him what happened after he left, Kyran was mainly telling him about it though because everyone had bruises apart from him," and so everyone was fighting at lunch and som black kid had his leg broken, it was so cool আপনি could see the bone sticking out and blood went everywhere over James, sp all in all we had a good first দিন of what they're calling 'the war'." Brandon smiled slightly...
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It wasn't the beaming rays of the sun that work nor was Izzy and Gary wanting breakfast, but a nightmare instead.

Sitting up I felt sweat tripping from my forehead my breathing raspy and my throat dry, I blinked moving hair from my eyes I swolled some spit hoping my throat would clear, and it did.

I sighed as a flash of the dream accured.

A dark figure loomed over me looking closer I saw that it was a male wearing all black he wore a hoodie and held a silver dagger in his hand. He began to bring it down and I screamed of fear.

I brought my knees to my chest and lay my head on my knees. I finally...
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লেখা Tip #1: Put off editing

Each of us works at লেখা on two levels:a creative, unconscious level and a critical, conscious level.

The unconscious produces creative and powerful words and images. It makes surprising and original connections. It shuts down if the critical "editor" part of your mind goes to work too soon.If your High School English teacher's voice runs through your mind as আপনি write, if আপনি worry about spelling, grammar, অথবা how to sell your book while আপনি write, আপনি are লেখা with a dull pencil.

There are many বই written on how to unlock your unconscious and let the writing...
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posted by hgfan5602
Fight till the end,
Like আপনি don't have another care
Fight till the end.

Fight till the end,
Cuz আপনি got all ya power.
Fight like a trooper.

You've got hope
You've got strength
You've got প্রণয় on ya side,
So fight now.
Just fight now.

Fight till the end,
You've got all these people
Rootin for ya,
Rootin for ya.

You'll win the fight,
You'll freakin survive,
And you'll be proud
Cuz আপনি fought till the end,
And won it,
And won it.

Fight till the end,
You'll win.
Everything inside ya
Is powerful.

So fight till the end.
Just fight till the end.
posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 4
    Be a disgrace, I’ll mess up your face
    “I’m loving this town, I mean one মিনিট in that hellhole and suddenly I’m popular. Can আপনি believe it? I’m not even kidding, and this really hot girl was giving me the look, আপনি know Zy, ‘the look’.”
    I nodded laughing as Azerien shoveled another handful of স্প্যাঘেটি into his mouth, father wasn’t প্রথমপাতা when we came back and we found he hired a maid. A bit weird and totally awkward, but...
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posted by Insight357
    “Kayden!” Sebastian-my band’s manager-had a look of dismay on his simple features. I couldn’t hear him, but I could read his lips. Anyone who knew me knew to get my attention before they spoke.
    “What?” I asked. Though I’d been deaf since I was five I knew how to speak as well as anyone with full hearing.    
    “You still haven’t made your set list,” he stated, his face screwed up into a frown. “The first performance is tomorrow night.”
    “I’ll have it finished...
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1. Fantasy

2. Realistic Fiction

3. Globes

4. Rain

5. The Significance of Pens and Pencils

6. Good foods

7. Colors

8. Drama


10. TV/Comic Characters

11. দেবদূত on Earth

12. Being a unicorn!

13. Being a Guinea Pig.... ;D

14. Being a Dog. :D

15. Inventions

16. Hybrid/Mutant Animals

17. How to Make Duct Tape Roses

18. Winning a Nobel Peace Prize (What would your speech be!?)

19. Being a Snowman

20. Being Clay/Play Dough/Model Magic

21. Being Socks (YUCK.)

22. Writer's Block (It helps)

23. School

24. Turtles!!!!! (AWESOME!!)

25. Jokes

26. Dogs

27. Lightening

28. Storms

29. Sun

30. Planets

31. Space

32. Awesomeness

33. Horror

34. Biking

35. Nature

36. Monkeys

37. Trees

38. Leaves

Some of these things I prefer to write about while others hate লেখা about it. That's fine! All আপনি need to brainstorm is a single word and start writing.
posted by alicia386
August 15

      It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon. Everyone at Brunswick High were in class learning something. Shea Wainwright and Corey Louis were skipping 4th period. They had important matters to discuss. The cafeteria was completely empty. The lunch ladies were on break. It was just them two. Shea sat across from Corey at a rectangular table. "You won't regret it," Shea reassured.
      Corey fidgeted in his seat. How was he suppose to feel? His social life rested in the hands of a diva. "Are আপনি sure this will help me win Blair?" He questioned still uneasy about the plan.
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Eighteen
Book Six- Zoe

      How did the battle end? Well, Shane kicked some serious butt. I wasn't so bad myself. The guards may have been ghost but they were pretty easy to kill. All আপনি had to do was kill hem like আপনি would kill a human. It was that simple. It was what made the battle even আরো serious then it already was. My sister. She killed herself. That is what it looked like. The odd thing was that The One was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere in the দুর্গ but I couldn't find him. I soon gave up. He wasn't important. My sister was. The dream of my sister's grave...
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posted by Annabeth788594
chapter one

When I was a little girl my dad suddenly left. I remember being really close to him. Sometimes he would act strange though. Like he never stayed in one place long and was always looking behind him like he thought someone was following him. And one দিন he ব্যক্ত he had to go for a little while, and he never came back. He was the best father I could ask for. He was kind and always did what was best for the family. And that is why it broke my হৃদয় to find out that he wasn’t coming back. At first I didn’t believe it and I didn’t want to. The only thing I wanted was my dad to come...
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      Being summoned দ্বারা the baddest criminal in town really makes a guy feel special. Not only did he request my presence he also has an assignment for me. He rarely gives out assignemts but when he do they are usually for a bigger scheme. This guy pays big bucks for whoever he hires. That is why many people don't ইঁদুর him out to the police. The police never offer enough reward money and he always has আরো money then the police could ever offer. I feel special just knowing the guy. Once I pulled up in his driveway my হৃদয় rate accelerated as his two guards ushered my into this room....
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