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Hi all আপনি কচ্ছপ fans! I have composed a তালিকা for living the কচ্ছপ life- relaxed, chilled out, and somewhat green!

1. Enjoy nature. Turtles are usually pictured in water, but that doesn't mean আপনি just stay in water. Appreciate all nature!

2. Relax a little! Turtles are relaxed, stress-free creatures. If আপনি have a test to study for, take a walk and chill out before studying.

3. Eat 'turtle food'. I don't mean, go buy yourself a packet of কচ্ছপ food, just eat nuts, cheese, generally healthy stuff. আপনি can have a couple of lollies, just not too many.

4. Dress casually and comfortably. Here's...
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posted by jedimaster3410
We all know your a অনুরাগী of turtles, right? But what about your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, অথবা other young family member? Do আপনি wanna pass the কচ্ছপ craze onto them? Start them on the right track দ্বারা buying Tomato Turtle: A Trip to the Park for them! In this childrens book for ages 0-5 টমেটো the কচ্ছপ takes a trip to the park and plays with the children, but eventually decides he likes কচ্ছপ games better. This book teaches children the important lesson of that there is no place like home. Your child will প্রণয় the colorful illustrations of টমেটো the কচ্ছপ and his family and friends, and will start their lifelong প্রণয় of turtles.

To order link

অথবা order from barnesandnoble.com, target.com, অথবা amazon.com, and many more!
 the first olied tutle being clean
the first olied tutle being clean
on april 2010 when the oil spill happen. the oil spill is hurting alot of animles but the most damage was the sea turtals. we must act now BUT আপনি could help the sea turtles দ্বারা donateing to the Audubon Aquarium of New Orlands. If আপনি donate the money will be used for equtment to clean the turtles. ANOTHER thing আপনি could help well this is a kid's thing i play the good quest game at xeko.com.one আরো thing আপনি could help is if আপনি buy a save me শার্ট at the auudbom website


xeko: link
 save me T shrit
save me T shrit