{updated - August 2015}

5. Clark and Lois:

Clark and Lois, better known as Clois. I was surprised how quickly I fell in প্রণয় with this couple. Their journey is one of the many reasons I প্রণয় them, from বন্ধু to partners to প্রেমী to soulmates. Their chemistry is beautiful, they have trust and always promise to have each other's back. They are each other's strength and instead of holding back Clark from reaching his destiny, Lois helps him to becoming Superman. অনুরাগী who are anti-Clois argue that if Lana hadn't left Clark and Lois wouldn't have ended up together and Lois was his সেকেন্ড choice. I, however, believe Clois was planned right from the beginning. The signs were there: the stars colliding, their snarky banter, characters hinting of Clois's chemistry and the চুম্বন when Lois thought Clark was Oliver আপনি can't deny Clark felt something after seeing the look on his face. Another thing I প্রণয় about Clois is how Lois knows Clark like nobody else. She takes one look into his eyes and knows it's him. Basically Clois are epic and one of the greatest couples on tv ever ♥

4. Brooke and Lucas:

Ugh ব্রুকাস্‌ :( how they have broke my হৃদয় and many other One বৃক্ষ পাহাড় fans. For me they should have ended up together after all their buildup and all they went through. Season 2 is when I started to প্রণয় them and season 3 is when they became one of my favourite couples. The way their relationship changed from the first to third season was amazing. I can imagine if Chad and Sophia didn't break up in real life it would have turned out differently. Still আপনি can't take away all the beautiful moments they had in particular the 82 letters scene. Obviously they weren't perfect they had their issues but what couple doesn't. In my head I like to think ব্রুকাস্‌ ended up together just how it should be ♥

3. Pacey and Joey:

They are just too perfect not to be in my শীর্ষ five. The journey they go throughout the প্রদর্শনী is beautiful, how they started out hardly tolerating each other to ending up being each other's one true love. Obviously anyone who's watched Dawson's Creek knows they didn't have the easiest journey. Pacey's insecurities and Dawson were two of the main obstacles to their relationship, however that couldn't stop them from denying what was right and that was they were meant to be together. Their chemistry is palpable and one of the many reasons I প্রণয় them. Pacey and Joey = True প্রণয় ♥

2. Damon and Elena:

Delena are twin flames. Enough said! Enemies to বন্ধু to enemies to বন্ধু to lovers. Their relationship has not been an easy one. Their chemistry is অবিশ্বাস্য nobody can deny that. What I প্রণয় most about Delena is how Elena can be completely herself around Damon without the fear of disappointing অথবা not living up to expectations of how she should act অথবা who to be. Elena is Damon's humanity which is evident from how he was at the beginning of the show.I really started to ship Delena in the roadtrip episode when they went to Atlanta, the banter and the chemistry, it was hard not to ship them. Even though Nina has left the প্রদর্শনী Elena is and always will be his true প্রণয় and when she wakes up he will be right there waiting for her ♥

1. Buffy and Angel:

Where do I even start with my OTP. These two have ruined me for all other couples. I have always loved them and most likely will never stop. Buffy is my favourite ever প্রদর্শনী and I প্রণয় Joss Whedon for creating such an amazing প্রদর্শনী and couple. Even though Buffy and অ্যাঞ্জেল only lasted three seasons their প্রণয় was still evident throughout the rest of the show. They were 'it' for each other. Buffy, like she said, loved him আরো than she will ever প্রণয় anything in this life. They are one of the greatest couples ever and will always be number one for me. They are epic in every way. I still have hope that they will end up together cause they transcend everything ♥

Hope আপনি enjoyed reading! xoxo

5. Clark and Lois
4. Brooke and Lucas
3. Pacey and Joey
2. Damon and Elena
1. Buffy and অ্যাঞ্জেল