Hello Dear Reader,
I am লেখা an original novel and I wanted people to at least hear the word of it before I tried to get it out in the world. It's called "The Death Contracts, Vol. 1: GLIMPSE" and it's the story of the main character named Astrid Marker.
The reason why I'm posting this link everywhere I know possible is because I want fans. Desperate? No. আরো like curious to see how many people can review what I have so far and tell me what they think. I have the first 8 Chapters পোষ্ট হয়েছে on my পরিলেখ at the website figment.com, the link to it plus the synopsis is straight below, but I wanted to enlighten fellow authors to be first.

CreateSpace.Com - What? Yes. For any লেখক in the business, অথবা any musician, অথবা any filmography buff, Createspace.com is THE place for you! There আপনি can উঠিয়ে রাখুন your product of book/music/movie, after making sure it's as professional as you'd like it to be, and আপনি can get it out there on Amazon.com for the world to literally SEE and BUY! No joke. Check it out. I know this girl that I follow on my Instagram account who has done this and her first novel is called BORN OF LIGHT, book one in her CHANGE OF FATES series, which আপনি can buy as an eBook অথবা paperback version through Amazon.com. Her name is Danielle Carroll and she is my latest idol.
Anyways, আপনি can set up prices and use your own cover art অথবা use theirs, and মর্দানী স্ত্রীলোক will take their proceeds from a certain percentage of the set price to get paid back for what they do for people like us, those who make it, for every product sold. So, that's why I ব্যক্ত for a limited time. My book's first 8 chapters are online for a limited time due to self publishing happening, and I will be removing it from the internet soon, so I want to gain readers as much as possible for those to buy the book whenever I have it available.

Now, here is the synopsis of my novel GLIMPSE:
Astrid Marker is a Death Dealer. He can tell the living from the dead দ্বারা one quick look, due to a distinct tattoo that forms on those of the Living Dead. Witnessing his mentor's murder, and tracking down the one responsible, Astrid enters a world of lies, deceit, magic and mayhem and soon realizes that everything is not as it seems...

Thank আপনি for taking the time to read this, and if the synopsis intrigued you, here is the link for আপনি all to enjoy: link

If আপনি found the CreatSpace.com info আরো helpful, I'm glad to have shared. Let your voice be heard! :)

লেখক In Progress,
Justin A. Barnes/PeytonAnneEllie/BuffyFaithFan1