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posted by emmaliecullen18
Rose Pov.

(I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT...and I'm not going to repeat this :'(

And he wasn't far away....I thought as Edward shot me a confused glance. I smiled at his expression and then quickly explained him about what I had found out.


I was getting extremely bored as Emmett had left to have some "Lost and Alone Vampire time " huh!! I felt like throwing up when he actually ব্যক্ত it but I didn't because....
Firstly - I couldn't...I mean I'm a vampire. Duh!..puking blood....seriously???!!??

Secondly - he looked kinda serious. And believe me that face আপনি will not like to see. So I switched...
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OMG I'm SO SO sorry y'all for not লেখা sooner!!! :( I've been super busy with school, volunteering, and the like. I hope I haven't kept y'all waiting too long. Thanks for all the feedback! I প্রণয় আপনি guys BUNCHES!!! :D Please tell me what আপনি think of this chapter. ENJOY <3
Summer never ran as fast as she did when Alice told her the news. She had to see what had happened to her son. Visions of Aro raced through her head while she pondered on her beloved Anakin. “Summer, wait!” Esme called out to her. A tear flowed down Summer’s cheek;...
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posted by Hellohoudini
(Twilight Lexion Nov 22 2001)

মুসে won an American সঙ্গীত Award as the best alternative rock artist. আপনি can see their video from the Eclipse soundtrack of Neutron তারকা Collision here. Unfortunately the Eclipse soundtrack did not win. It was beaten out of an award দ্বারা the স্বতস্ফূর্ত soundtrack.


I've read that alot of people loved the Eclispe soundtrack...to be honest I dont even remember any of the songs on it! Now the Twilight soundtrack and the New Moon soundtrack I know দ্বারা heart....I feel quilty that I dont feel the same about the Eclipse sountrack...but congrats to Muse!
I read the script, পাঠ করা down the creased page, held দ্বারা all the buffer men before me. WHAT I AM DOING HERE!, i seriously cant hope that I'm going to get this part. I mean, Edward Cullen is a perfection, i don't even see anything in myself. read further.
Edward and Bella passionately চুম্বন on Bella's bed
WHAT? i gotta do what? With her? Kristen? oh god please help me and protect me from my embarrassment.This is the reason why i'm still single, because im a dork and cause well, i can't really kiss,. again adding to my hypothesis, why am i seriously here!! if there was a ডেস্ক in here i would be...
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posted by uniquezandy
Bellas POV
Weeks passed. My friendship grew stronger with Edward and nothing could come between us. But sometimes I feel like I want to ask him out দ্বারা now because so far; nothing really has happened. And it's true. But sometimes, there were these arkward moments leading up to, (where I would've thought); he would ask me out. Every time that happened... dissapointment. I am a big chicken, I can't even ask him out! Why must it be this hard. In my ফ্যান্টাসি it's easy, but that is why they call it fantasy!
Today it was free period, so it meant all the dancers could go in the freestyling room to just...
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Today was the দিন of the interview, Kammie was
coming with us due to the fact that they wanted a family ছবি shoot. We where all dressed in রঙ that
went together, but we didn't match.

When we arrived they took us to a room and we sat
down on the couch. Kammie was sleep, so she was
laying on me and Edward's lap. চিরশ্যামল গুল্মবিশেষ came over and
sat down.
"Hi Edward, Hi Bella." She ব্যক্ত and shook our hands. She looked down at our lap and smiled.
"Is this your daughter?She is adorable." She cooed.
I smiled.

After the interview was over we went প্রথমপাতা to watch
it with everybody.
(H=Holly B=Bella E=Edward.)

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We didn't stay at the party long..It was boring, besides I wanted to go প্রথমপাতা to see Kammie.I missed my little girl. I told everyone I was leaving, Edward stayed, he was hanging out with some old বন্ধু of his.

I walked into the house. Kammie ran towards me, she was in her night gown.
"Mommy!!!"She yelled and jumped into my arms. I hugged her to my chest.
"Hi baby, why are আপনি still up?" I asked her and walked toward the stairs.
"Nana ব্যক্ত I could stay up until আপনি and daddy came back." She ব্যক্ত and smiled at me. We walked into her room and I put in the bed.
"Now, will আপনি go to sleep since I'm...
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Edward was taking us to the Hamptons for a couple of weeks before he goes back to school. His family was already there, so we would tell them the new about our engagement when we see them.

We arrived at this big white house, it was so beautiful and had alot of balconies. I took the bags and carried them upstairs, no one was here. I heard the door ঘণ্টা ring and was about to answer it but Edward was already there. I saw a girl with স্ট্রবেরি blonde hair at the door, she was all smiles.
"Eddie!!!!It so good to see you." She ব্যক্ত and wrapped her arms around his neck.
"You too Tanya." He ব্যক্ত and...
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"Ughhh. Damn it!" I yelled and threw the phone against the wall. Why would everything go wrong when things were going right. I heard my dad enter, and foot steps into the kitchen. I looked at him and he saw my face. He rushed to my side.
"Bells,What's wrong??"My dad said."Did he do this to you?" He asked. Charlie hasn't been able to refer to Edward as his name since he left,but I always knew who he was talking about. I shook my head no.
"Dad, আপনি remember that job I was telling আপনি about in New York?" I asked him. He shook his head, so he knew what I was talking about."Well they called and Offered...
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I spent the rest of Vacation in my room, people knocked on my door and called my phone. The only time I moved was when I needed to go to the bathroom and when I needed to eat. I think it was because tomorrow would mark the two বছর anti-anniversary of my mom's death.
Seth was worried sick. I listened to his voice mails and read his text messages, but I didn't reply to any. My room was starting to get stuffy so I got up and opened my window. The breeze felt nice on my skin so I pulled my chair over to the window and just stared out. I saw Seth walking towards my house with a pained look on his...
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posted by a-jforever
I shook my head at her, hardly anything scared me. Jacob’s dad was a small man, in a wheelchair, wearing a western styled hat.

“Hey Chloe, I’m Jake’s dad Billy, please take a seat.” Sitting down I felt like I was in a conference, I half expected him to pull out a massive white board and one of those long cane things. The only people in the room were Me, Billy and Kim.

“Have আপনি ever heard the Quileute legends?” Kim asked. It was funny how she ব্যক্ত “Legends” like that wasn’t quite the right word for it.

“Yeah. My Gran use to live over here, she use to tell me them over and...
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posted by groovychicklisa


"There's someone we'd like আপনি to meet." Edward said, and I knew that this was it.

I went to get Lily, who was waiting in the hallway with Alice. My হৃদয় thudded violently, and I tried not to let how nervous I actually was show.

"Come on, sweetie." I took Lily's hand in mine and followed Alice back into the living room.

Everybody stared at us, immobile and silent. আপনি could have heard a pin drop, the room was so quiet. Edward came over to stand on Lily's other side, and I was grateful for his silent support. I really wanted to reach out and take his hand, to make sure that he was...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Five
    At times, as I tried to find Jerek, I saw people dropping to the ground, a head অথবা two flying past my face, blood being sprayed in the air. But I knew that none of them was more, nor Tabra, nor Jerek.
    And I was certain.
    I kept on walking, killing few here and there, and finally, I saw Jerek and Haus.
    They were off to the side, like I was with the other people, and I kept walking that way slowly, making sure Haus...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Four
    I yelped and jerked. I then screamed and I woke up. Jerek was sitting up পরবর্তি to me, holding my hands down so I didn't lash out. He looked at me once I opened my eyes.
    "Are আপনি okay?" Jerek asked me, looking worried.
    "Yea, I'm fine. I just had a nightmare." I said.
    "We'll try to go back to sleep okay? It's only six a.m." Jerek ব্যক্ত and I laid back down পরবর্তি to him.
    "Do আপনি think the others heard...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Three
    THE পরবর্তি DAY: Jerek and I woke up, ate breakfast, showered seperately, and got ready to train. I was ready for the training, but I didn't quite know what we were going to use to train with since the basement is already full with the bunkers, the kitchen, Shropee's hospital room, the little meeting room, and Jerek's room. Upstairs is full too, unless there is a HUGE room that lets us all train.
    "Jerek, where is the training room?" I asked and he told me...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Three
    "Umm..." I said, and began my story. "I went to Haus when I was seventeen."
    "How old are আপনি now?" Shropee asked me.
    "I'm nineteen. So, two years go." I ব্যক্ত and continued. "I was talking to Haus, and I provoked him দ্বারা trying to kill him. I told him to meet me at Starbucks, and when he got out I had people grab him from behind. I then went up to him with a stake, but he kicked it out of my hands, pushed them away, got into his car...
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