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added by KC1971
Hello Twinings fan!
I thank আপনি in joining this spot, and প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে off your Twinings pride!
In being a part of the Twinings community, I ask that আপনি প্রদর্শনী your Twinings spirit, and spread the word of this spot. If আপনি see the chance, post the link to this spot somewhere. If আপনি know someone who loves, likes, অথবা even just drinks Twinings tea, প্রদর্শনী your Twinings spirit and send them a message to invite them to যোগদান us as we celebrate over 300 years of the passion and commitment to assuring us the world's finest চা experience!
We are an ever growing community, yet somehow our fellow Twinings অনুরাগী fail to find their way to this spot. So প্রদর্শনী that you're not alone, and let your Twinings pride shine!
Twinings has done so much for you. Is it not time to do something for Twinings?
I thank আপনি again.

Your Devoted Twinings Spot Creator,