Desires Of The Night

The chronicles of the Vampire Banticate

By: William Lockwood

Chapter 1

His name was Banticate. He’s been around so long that he doesn’t have a last name, and can remember what যীশু was like when he was born. He scoffed at the memory; he was always a petulant brat. He was a vampire, the oldest in the world; although you’d never know it দ্বারা looking at him. Perpetually ফ্রোজেন in time at the age of 27. His body tall and slight, his hair long and black, his eyes silver and piercing. He was a killing machine of the highest caliber.
One pleasant evening in August, in a fit of boredom, he went to the চলচ্চিত্র to see the new film, “Twilight”. He almost vomited up the blood he’d drank from the person sitting পরবর্তি to him; it was so terrible. “I remember when we used to be feared.” He recalled. “Now they make mockeries of us all. I should kill whoever’s responsible for this travesty, but I don’t want to sully my hands দ্বারা his filth.” Enraged, he sought out new victims. Not to feed, but just to slaughter to relieve him of this pent up anger he was feeling.
As he walked up and down the রাস্তা looking for some fresh victims to slaughter, he reflected on his many years; how his kind, the vampire kinship, had been persecuted, and hunted down, and now with this genre of romantic vampires, he was no longer hunted, but desired. “These petty mortals have no idea what they’re messing with.” He mused, and it made him chuckle. Although he’d never been the romantic type, he did long for a companion. Someone to share his eternity with; so far, he hasn’t found anyone he could stand to be around long enough to consider for the bond required to make the turning worthwhile. Maybe that’ll soon change, অথবা maybe I just wasn’t meant to find love. He mused.
Finding a group of late teens, he went in for the kill. The first one, a girl of about 16, he slashed her throat wide open with his fingers. She was dead before she even knew what had happened. The সেকেন্ড was a boy, probably her boyfriend, of about the same age. He drove his fist as hard as he could right into his spine, just above the lumbar, gripped his diaphragm and pulled it free from his adolescent body. The boy tried to scream but was unable to find the air.
The final human in the group was another girl; she looked to be the boy’s younger sister. She appeared to be about thirteen, but প্রদত্ত the proclivities of children to dress older, and আরো seductively, she was probably only eleven. He stopped directly in front of her, his breath quickened দ্বারা the smell of fear she was emanating; an odour that quickly turned rancid. The child had just soiled herself.

Gripped in the terror of the moment and the realization of her brother and his girlfriend’s quick destruction made her want to scream, but she found that she could not. The air just simply would not enter her lungs. She was looking at a vampire, a real one, and she knew that this one wasn’t going to take her jumping from বৃক্ষ to tree. She knew beyond a doubt that his skin didn’t sparkle like diamonds; and she knew she’d never see her mom again.
He lunged at her, quick as a flash of lightning, and he clamped his teeth down onto her neck, his sharpened bicuspids piercing her carotid artery. Blood immediately filled his mouth, almost so quickly that he couldn’t drink it fast enough. The only thing he could do was open up his throat, and let her dying হৃদয় pour the blood directly into his stomach. It was over just as quickly as it began. The whole encounter taking one minute, and twenty-three seconds.
He discarded the bodies into the nearest sewer, and knew that nobody would find the children for a matter of months, and দ্বারা then the rats would’ve eaten anything that could have প্রদত্ত him away. He felt a sense of satisfaction that could only come from a successful kill.
Bored from the pittance of activity surrounding him, he decided to walk back to his apartment in Manhattan to see if there was anything worth watching on television. “The only bad thing about being a night-walker is that there’s nothing good on TV after eleven.” He ব্যক্ত with a sigh.
On the slow walk home, he passed দ্বারা a number of town houses. One of which had a guy sitting in front of it. He was just sitting out on the stoop, staring off into space. “This one ought to be good for a quick scare.” He ব্যক্ত with a grin.
He walked up to him, and baring his fangs, he performed some sort of a noise, which was a combination of a growl and a hiss, hoping that the combination would send the boy running away screaming; but instead, he simply continued to hold his gaze, and watch as the emotions changed from what appeared to be fury to what was definitely confusion.
Instantly uncomfortable, he was unsure of himself, but still refusing to concede victory to this god-damned mortal, he continued to lock eyes with him. Finally the boy said, “You’ve got the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen.” Completely taken aback, he could only mutter a word of thanks while shifting his gaze to his feet. He suddenly wanted to make a hasty retreat. It’s not as though he wasn’t beautiful, but it’d been আরো than two-thousand years since he’d been intimate with anybody. Since his turning, he found that his once normal sex drive, like his heart, had stopped beating. Being sexual was now আরো work than lifting Mount St. Helen.

He silently prayed to the god he knew wasn’t there that something would make this all stop, and strangely enough, just as he was wishing for a distraction, a bolt of lightning crashed down a few miles off, giving him the time he needed to make a rapid escape. When the guy looked back from the brilliant flash, he found himself alone.
Completely demoralized দ্বারা the experience, Banticate sought the comfort of his bed. Being too early to fall asleep, he lay there thinking about the way that boy had deliberately unnerved him. What was it about him that made him so, was it defiance অথবা fearlessness? Could he be the one that he’s been searching for? He finally decided that he was not the one, that he was merely a human whelp that deserved a lesson in humility and subservience.
He made it his resolve to go back to that brownstone, and confront him, drag him off to a remote location and beat some sense into him, before he finally killed him. “I don’t care how beautiful he is.” He said, “Nobody talks to me like that.” But even as he ব্যক্ত it, the words came out hollow and meaningless. Still feeling disheveled, he found that all he could do was think about how he would beat him mercilessly until he begged and pleaded for him to end his life. It made him feel better, but he found that he could do nothing about it. Right before drifting off to sleep, he thought of the one that he had হারিয়ে গেছে those eons ago, and how he was sure he’d never find another like her.

Chapter 2

Kara was her name. The name of the girl he was going to marry. Two days before Banticate’s twenty-seventh birthday, he had asked her to marry him. According to the traditions of his people, he must live for a week in the wilderness alone; without clothes, provisions অথবা weapons before he can be married. He knew that he’d have to spend the anniversary of his birth alone, but the thought of being able to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loved would আরো than make up for it.
On the eve of his birthday, while he was getting a আগুন started to cook the rabbit he had trapped and killed; an unusual man approached. He did not recognize this man from his village, অথবা from any villages that he knew. His body tense in expectation of violence, the man simply greeted him in Banticate’s own language. Feeling apprehensive still, Banticate started to lower his defenses. When his guard was nearly down, he decided that it’d probably be নিরাপদ to sit down, and while he was positioning himself on the log, the stranger pounced. Faster than any mountain lion Banticate had ever seen, and the man bit him on the neck.
Banticate succeeded in freeing himself from the stranger’s grasp, and started to run into the forest. After two hours of running, he started to feel tired, and nauseous. “I think I need to lie down.” He said, and he stumbled into a cave just as his vision faded into nothingness.
When Banticate awoke, it felt as though several hours had passed. It was nightfall, and the cool evening air felt good on his skin. He walked back to his village to tell the others of the attack, and as he approached, the villagers started to stare at him as though in disbelief. When he had finally crossed the village and made his way to Kara’s father’s hut, he knocked on the frame. The curtain was drawn back, and he found Kara standing there with tears in her eyes. She immediately screamed, and ran back inside the house.
After what seemed like an eternity, her father came into the doorway, and asked Banticate to come inside. “What’s wrong with Kara?” he asked. “She was told that আপনি had died in the wilderness.” He said. Banticate ব্যক্ত that he had only been gone for a few days, and didn’t understand how he could be dead already. The old man explained that Banticate had left the village over two weeks ago, and when he didn’t return on his appointed day, the village sent a খুঁজুন party out to find him. When they found him in the cave, they could see no signs of life, and told the others that he had died.

Banticate explained to the old man what had happened, and how he had come to be in that cave, but didn’t understand how after two weeks, he could awake as though nothing had happened. The old man looked at his wife, and told him; “It sounds like আপনি were visited দ্বারা what the elders call a vampire. Their bite is usually deadly, because they drink the blood of their victims for life. It sounds like আপনি were bit, but managed to escape before he could drink all your blood. Unfortunately, it seems as though while he didn’t kill আপনি outright, he passed on whatever makes him a vampire to আপনি when he bit you. আপনি died in that cave, and now, you’ve risen as one of them to feed off of the blood of the innocent.
The new vampire couldn’t believe his ears. What were they telling him? Could it possibly be true? The things they ব্যক্ত made sense, but at the same time, made no sense at all. People that need to drink blood to stay alive? Immortals that will never die? It all seemed so surreal to him, but he didn’t want to cause Kara any আরো distress, so he left their hut, and went in খুঁজুন of this “vampire” that had assaulted him. Maybe he could get some answers.
He walked back into the woods to see if he could find the one responsible for what has happened, and he noticed that now the smells of the forest were আরো alive. He could smell each individual flower, and he could smell something foul as well. He thought that this must be what a vampire would smell like, so he used his keen sense of smell to follow the trail back to the one that made him.
When he found him, the vampire was just starting to turn down for the day. He looked over at Banticate, and said, “You’d better do the same, if আপনি don’t want to burn.” So Banticate laid down পরবর্তি to him, and fell asleep, the effects of the adrenaline wearing off, he suddenly felt very tired.
Banticate dreamed. He dreamed of sights he’s never seen. Odors he’s never smelled. Sounds he’s never heard, and wondered why he was experiencing all these things now. He didn’t প্রশ্ন them at the moment; just simply let him be carried away দ্বারা the majesty of it all.

Chapter 3

When he awoke, it was evening, the sun had recently set and the sun was behind the mountains. His attacker was sitting on a log, tending the আগুন he had built. “I can see that দ্বারা আপনি sitting here, আপনি had survived my attack, so I guess I know why you’re here.” The stranger had said. “Come looking for answers, eh?” Banticate simply nodded his head.
“We’re known as Night-Demons অথবা ভ্যাম্পায়ার to the humans. We can only survive in the night, as sunlight would burn us to cinders; I don’t know why, that’s just the way we were made. ভ্যাম্পায়ার are not born, we are created দ্বারা other vampires; because we are considered physically dead, we have no হৃদয় rhythm, our skin is always cold and pale, and we cannot reproduce. “
“We survive দ্বারা drinking blood. It allows us to continue functioning at a somewhat normal pace. Very similar to mortals and without it we are reduced to an animal that has been starved and threatened. We simply cannot survive in such a manner. We are considered immortal. We will never die from old age. Our bodies will never get old and frail. The only thing that could kill us is fire. আগুন from sunlight অথবা আগুন from burning wood, like আপনি see before you. This is the only way we can be killed.”
“If we are all created, then who created the first vampire?” Banticate asked. “A good question,” the vampire said. “Nobody is for sure on that one. Some say that he was sent directly from the cold depths of death itself দ্বারা an all powerful demon. Some say that it came from the sky one night in a metal house. Either way, it seems as though we’ve been around for a very long time indeed my friend.”
After a while longer, the silence built, until finally the stranger broke the tension. “So, my name’s Michael, what’s yours?” “Banticate. So, what’s the purpose of all this?” he asked. “Superb question, Banticate. It’s been ব্যক্ত that we are the answer to humans overpopulating the planet. An oracle told me that one day, the humans will number আরো than 5 billion, and it’s our job to keep them from destroying the Earth with their sheer numbers.”
“We are the ultimate hunters. We can run faster and jump higher than any animal on the planet; our five senses are now আরো astute. If I were to douse this fire, we could still see each other with such clarity that I could count the scars on your skin, and count all of the hairs on your head. As I’m sure আপনি noticed, your smelling has gotten a lot better, and just wait until you’ve had your first kill; we must do it soon, অথবা your body is going to start protesting. The craving will become so great that আপনি will kill anybody and anything without any thought as to who অথবা what it is.”

The first hunt was a real trial. Banticate couldn’t’ seem to get anything right. He tried to keep pace with Michael, but found that he needed to take the time to find his footing; he needed to learn to trust his instincts and let go of his intellect. Once he caught whiff of an aroma he wasn’t familiar with, and he followed it. Getting হারিয়ে গেছে in his senses, he found his footing, and his speed quickly followed.
A few hundred feet from his target, he came across Michael. “Hang back for a while.” He said. “Let me প্রদর্শনী আপনি how it’s done.” Michael rushed in faster than even Banticate’s new sight could follow as Michael swooped in, snatched a sleeping human, and carried him back to Banticate. “Give in to your hunger, and bite him on the neck. Pierce the skin with your fangs, and let the blood fill you.”
Banticate hesitantly obeyed, and once his teeth had punctured the skin, and the blood rushed into his mouth, he knew what joy truly was. He started sucking the blood with a ferocity that Michael could only laugh at. All to soon the man in his arms was dead, all the blood completely drained from his body. He let the corpse fall to the ground, now as useless as a wet paper sack. Still hungry, he looked to Michael for another. “The others you’ll have to get yourself, but don’t do too much অথবা the humans will hunt আপনি down and kill you.”
Completely হারিয়ে গেছে in his new-found hunger, Banticate rushed off to the group of humans, selecting a particularly pleasant smelling female, he swooped her up in his arms, and ran back to the feeding ground as quickly as he could to feed. As soon as he could get stopped, he plunged his fangs in on the left side of the neck, not knowing the difference, and immediately piercing the carotid artery. Instantly, his mouth filled with blood. He couldn’t drink it fast enough; it started to spill out from the corners of his mouth.
Michael couldn’t contain himself. Rolling on the ground, he laughed so hard he could’ve sworn that his side started to hurt. The woman dead, Banticate let her fall on শীর্ষ of the Man that Michael brought him; walked over to Michael and kicked him for laughing at him. Instantly on his feet, he backhanded Banticate as hard as he could. Knocking him to the ground, he stood over him, basking in his victory. “You made a common mistake. আপনি bit into an artery; this is where blood flows the fastest. If আপনি want a nice smooth feeding, bite on the right side of the neck, not on the left. If আপনি sever an artery, the human will be dead in seconds, and আপনি won’t get near as much satisfaction from the kill.”
Banticate was completely satisfied, yet he still wanted more. Sensing this, Michael said, “That’s enough for now. What makes us different from the wild জন্তু জানোয়ার is the ability to stop when we’ve had enough. Take a few deep breaths and let the desire abate for now.”

Once Banticate calmed himself, he asked Michael what there was to do besides feed; his answer was short and sweet. “Whatever আপনি want to. It’s several আরো hours until sunrise; feel free to fill the time however আপনি wish. Just don’t feed anymore tonight.”
Banticate decided that perhaps this was the perfect time to try out his new abilities. Telling Michael that he’d see him back at the camp before sunup, he took off as fast as he could. Letting his instincts guide him, he ran. When he came to a ravine, he decided he would try and jump it. Taking quite a few steps backwards, he ran and pushed off the earth with all his might. He had jumped so high he could see the tops of the trees, and when he landed, saw that he was about a mile and a half away from the ravine he was trying just to jump over. “I gotta watch that.” He ব্যক্ত to himself, “I could really get হারিয়ে গেছে if I didn’t know where I was going.”
He made it back about an ঘন্টা before dawn. Seeing that Michael was already back, he decided to tell him what happened. Michael sat there listening with feigned interest. When Banticate had finished his monologue, he let him know that all of those things were normal, and told him that he had felt the same things when he was first turned.
Michael’s story was a little different from his own. One night, while having a night of intimacy with a যেভাবে খুশী guy he’d found on the side of the road, the man bit him. It didn’t hurt very much, so he didn’t think much of it at the time, but when he found himself getting sick and passing out, he put some of the pieces together. Nobody in his village had heard of such a thing, so he was left to fill in the blanks on his own. With প্রশ্ন unanswered, he left his village, and traveling east, he decided to find someone that could help.
Later that night, Michael talked about growing hungry. He smelled a fox, chased it down, and without even thinking about it, bit into it. The taste of blood quenching his hunger, and made him feel alive. He explained that he didn’t know how to control himself. He killed his way about two-hundred miles east, when daylight started to break. As the sun peaked up over the mountains, he found his skin starting to get hot, and finally starting to burn. As quickly as he possibly could, he sought cover. A nearby house with leather covering the windows, he ducked inside, and throwing some leather sheets on শীর্ষ of him, he hunkered down and fell asleep.
He was awakened দ্বারা the sound of people entering the house. A man and a woman both entered. He could tell that night had fallen, and standing up, he attacked the man as soon as he was across the threshold,

Chapter 4

Over the course of the পরবর্তি several hundred years, he had time to visit almost every country in the world. He was there for the birth of Moses. Watching the rise and fall of the Roman Empire had প্রদত্ত him great joy, as well as opening his mind to the world of the pleasures of the flesh.
He had sex with several hundred women, and probably close to as many men. Each time he would strive to experience a new sensation, and at the end, he would always kill, and feed off of his mate. He wondered which he preferred more, men অথবা women. The answer was clear in his mind, although he could never say such things to himself.
Even though it was a time in which nobody looked down on him for what he did, he felt as though he was committing some great evil; but he knew it was right, and he’d never look back. He knew he’d always প্রণয় Kara, and he would look for her in the souls of others, but he knew that any truly new love, would come from men.
When the Roman Empire finally collapsed, he felt a great sorrow, for he knew that this was truly a great civilization, one that could never be equaled in it’s ingenuity, অথবা in its insight; but he knew he had a great many years left to live, and so he continued on his journey.
At one point, he found himself in the Xiang ডাইন্যাস্টি in China. He found that he needed to master his reflexes, and hone in on his abilities. He found the beginnings of something called a “Xaolin” Temple. A sect of people that believed that mastery of the body came in mastery of the mind.
He studied with them, and within ten years, he had mastered all that they had to teach him, so he bid his master adieu, and left the temple. He heard about a millennia later, that the temple had grown to such greatness, that it was now known all over the world.
He took the lessons he learned from the Chinese, and applied them to his every-day life. Using meditation, and constant practice, he did truly come to master his own body, and he sought out the one that took his life from him, so that he might return the favor in kind.

Chapter 5

“Time is a fickle adversary. When আপনি need it to be your friend, it hides from you, but when আপনি wish it to flee, it hangs about আপনি like a swarm of flies.” This was a quote from a man he knew at the monastery. He was a student like Banticate, but he had been there from its creation. What he forgot to mention, was that sometimes The Fates also had a hand in how time was run.
While walking through লন্ডন at the turn of the first millennium, after this supposed “Christ” was born, Banticate ran into Michael. Seeing him, Michael threw his arms around him, and went to give him an embrace.
Banticate seeing this, reacted in the only way he knew how. He plunged his hand into Michael’s chest, and pulled out his cold lifeless heart. Throwing it onto a nearby bonfire, he watched as Michael reeled back in horror, and as his body burst into flame to match his heart, he knew exactly why he had been killed.
Even though he had never taken any particular joy from killing, he watched with great satisfaction as this monster burned right in front of his eyes.

Chapter 6

Banticate awoke with a start. The memory of the dream still fresh on his mind. Slowly turning over in his bed, he looked at the clock; 6:30 pm. Good, the sun was well on its way down, and he could begin the hunt anew.
Grudgingly, he climbed on his feet, went into the bathroom, and climbed into the shower. “Ah, nice and cold.” He thought to himself. Just the thing he needed to wake him up from his unusual dream. Not that the dream itself was unusual; he had that particular dream several times a year, but it was the singularity of emotion that the dream brought from him this time, that was unusual.
He felt a stirring in him that he hadn’t felt in a long time, and even though it had been a few thousand years, he still recognized it immediately. He needed to find a new mate. Not just a new toy, with which to play, but a partner. One he could spend the rest of eternity with.
Having fed rather well the পূর্ববর্তি night, he wan’t particularly hungry, so he started the evening hunting for “Him”. He’d tried all the internet dating sites, all to no avail. Bars with much the same result; although the blood did flow freely when it was thinned with alcohol. No, this time, it would be different.
Cursing himself for allowing the weakness of mortals to seep into his soul, he washed. Bits of dried blood from his last hunt falling to the ঝরনা floor. He could still smell that girls fear, as she shit her pants right before he killed her. Even the memory still made him weak with ecstasy. দ্বারা the gods, he hated these pathetic mortals and all they stood for. “Stupid fucking imbeciles, don’t even know what being a vampire is all about.”
Toweling off slowly, he made his way back into his bedroom and found a suitable outfit for the evening. Still formulating a plan in his head, he knew exactly what it was he was looking for. An attractive guy that even though he went out with all his friends, he really hated the life he was living, and wanted nothing আরো than for it all to go away. He knew he was in New York, and finding such a man in the city’s busy gay night-life would be no easy task.
He started off in the directions of the least জনপ্রিয় bars. Knowing that the one he longed for wouldn’t care much for the celebrity circuit. Coming up on ten o’clock, it was early yet, so he found a couple of stragglers to nibble on. One was quite muscular and put up a bit of a fight. This one he found to be particularly fun, and because of the struggle, he found that his victim’s হৃদয় rate was elevated, thus giving him the life-giving blood আরো quickly than even the most terrified of people.
The সেকেন্ড victim was one of those goth bitches he so despised. A female of about twenty. Dressed all in black, with her face painted white with black lipstick and nail polish. He wouldn’t normally give people like them a সেকেন্ড glance, but tonight he was feeling frisky. He tore into her with the voracity he rarely experienced, and he could tell দ্বারা the way she had screamed, that she was goth only on the outside; she still loved life too much to be a goth in spirit.
Finally the time was approaching midnight. Banticate headed back to the bars he had scoped out before. After waiting around for over an hour, he finally found a group of people leaving. There was only five of them in the bunch, so keeping track of them would be no problem. Banticate eyed each one speculatively. There appeared to be two couples on what looked like a double date. The loner of the group was exactly what he had been looking for.
About five foot, eleven; and maybe one-hundred twenty pounds when he was fully dressed and soaking wet. He looked at his face, and nearly fell off of the building he had been perched on. He had the exact same face as his betrothed, Kara. Banticate resisted the immediate urge to run to him and carry him off. He knew that if he did that, then he would surely lose him forever. No, he had to play this one a little আরো carefully.
Banticate followed the group as they started to বিভক্ত করা up. He saw everybody get into their respective vehicles, and begin to drive away. He naturally followed the man he had seen. He didn’t know anything about this guy, except that he was the one he had waited this many thousands of years for, and that he drove a blue Prius.
He kept up with the car as it pulled into the apartment building’s garage. He followed it in, at a respectable distance. While waiting for the guy to park his car, he stationed himself at the elevator and taking a cigarette from his pack, proceeded to act as though looking for a lighter.
When the guy started to walk towards him, he looked up, and locking eyes with him, (eyes he knew so well) asked him if he had a light. While he was lighting his cigarette, he introduced himself. “Name’s Banticate, what’s yours?” “Kyle” the guy replied. Banticate chuckled to himself at the similarity in the names as well as the eyes. “Do আপনি live around here?” Kyle asked.
“No, I’m just waiting for a friend, but it doesn’t look like he’s coming down soon, though.”He lied. “We’d been dating for about a month, and he’s never even invited me to his apartment. I think he might be afraid of someone finding out about us, either that অথবা he already has someone upstairs, and he doesn’t want his other half to find out.”
“Either way, that’s not the kind of man আপনি should have. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.” Kyle ব্যক্ত with enough vehemence to surprise Banticate. “It sounds like you’ve been treated in much the same manner.” “Yeah” Kyle replied, this time with a great sorrow in his heart. For some reason, Banticate felt a pang of sadness in his heart, as though the plight of this mortal affected him, and silently chided himself for once again allowing these human emotions to be felt.
And লেখা his number down on a piece of paper and handing it to Kyle, he said, “Well Kyle, if you’d like, I’d প্রণয় to take আপনি out for ডিনার sometime.” Kyle took the piece of paper and folding it up, he put it in his pocket saying, “I’d like that. I think Wednesday would be good for me, if that’s not too quick.” “That’d be great.” Banticate ব্যক্ত with a smile. Again resisting the urge to চুম্বন him, he reached out his hand for Kyle to shake it, and started walking away.
Once back in his apartment, he found himself too excited to sleep, and sitting there watching sixty বছর old reruns of “I প্রণয় Lucy”, he found that he couldn’t keep his mind off of Kyle, and for the first time in about fifteen years, felt the need to “relieve” himself. He simply couldn’t believe his luck. After all this time, he finally found someone he could devote himself to. Now if he could only convince Kyle of the same thing.

Chapter 7

After what felt like a year, Wednesday finally arrived, and true to his word, he was called দ্বারা Kyle, saying that he’d meet him at the elevator where they had met just five days prior. About ten মিনিট later, he pulled up in the limousine he had rented in expectation of the dinner. Banticate rang the doorbell on Kyle’s apartment, and about two মিনিট later, he appeared, as though an apparition.
Kyle looked so nice. He was wearing a gorgeous blue button down shirt, with black পায়জামা and a yellow neck-tie. Banticate was wearing the exact opposite. A yellow shirt, white slacks, and a blue tie. They looked at each other, and shared a cacophony of laughter. Kyle climbed into the limo, and still not quite knowing what to expect, asked Banticate “Are আপনি like famous অথবা something?” “No, I just made some smart investments when I was younger.” He replied. And it was true. Back in the early nineteen hundreds, he met Henry Ford, and was the first investor in Ford Motors. প্রদত্ত todays current market value, Banticate’s দফতর was roughly worth one-hundred billion dollars, আরো than twice Bill Gates’, but nobody needs know about that.
It was a quaint little উদ্যানবাটি that served French cuisine on the upper west side of Manhattan. Kyle had never been to someplace so fancy. He looked around with awe in his eyes, as the waiter came to take their orders. He was further surprised, when Banticate relayed ordered the dishes in flawless French. Conversation stayed light, as ডিনার progressed, after having two glasses of Chardonnay each, ডিনার finally arrived. Banticate had veal Bolognese, and kyle had a rustic filet mignon. Extra rare just as he liked it.
After ডিনার and dessert, they talked over ব্র্যান্ডি and a tiramisu. They talked of life, প্রণয় lost, and hopes for the future. Since Banticate didn’t want to divulge his secret yet, he lied to Kyle about most of it, he really enjoyed the time he spent with him, and was truly afraid of fucking it up and scaring him off.
Afterwards, they went back to Banticate’s apartment, since it wasn’t too far from the restaurant. He wanted to make Kyle feel আরো at home, and প্রদর্শনী him that he really put his faith and his trust into this guy and real hopes of a true and long-lasting relationship. They ended up sitting on the sofa, and watching a B-rated movie from the seventies.
After the movie, Banticate took Kyle back to his apartment. They ব্যক্ত their good nights, and with a brief hug and a kiss, they parted ways. Kyle secretly slipped his phone number into Banticates জ্যাকেট pocket during the hug, and hoped that he’d have the sense to use it. Banticate, having his heightened senses realized that he did this, and as soon as he was back in his apartment, took it out, and added it to the phonebook on his cellular phone.
Banticate waited for two days before calling Kyle. He had a feeling that he would be waiting দ্বারা the phone incase it were to ring. Sure enough, Kyle picked it up on the third ring. “Hello?” Kyle ব্যক্ত apprehensively. “Hi Kyle, it’s Banticate; how are things going?” “Good,” he replied. “I was wondering if আপনি were ever going to call.” “Yeah, I got tied up at work.” Banticate lied. “I was wondering if you’d like to go out again. Maybe I could দোল দ্বারা tonight, and pick আপনি up. I’d really like the chance to cook for আপনি sometime, and প্রদর্শনী আপনি that I’m আরো than just a French restaurant kinda guy.”
Silently, Kyle jumped for joy. He didn’t know how, but he felt as though He’d belonged with Banticate since the first night they met. Kyle agreed, and started getting ready. He didn’t really bother with sprucing himself up, he wasn’t really that kind of guy, but he took a shower, and put on some deodorant, and brushed his teeth. Put on a decent pair of jeans, and a nice-ish tee-shirt.