Chapter 8

The limo pulled up outside and honked for Kyle. When he came out, he noticed that Banticate wasn’t with it this time. The driver explained that he had stayed at his apartment to begin preparations for dinner. About twenty-five মিনিট later, Kyle knocked on Banticate’s door. The door opened, and there was Banticate in a black button down shirt, and black slacks. Kyle immediately felt very underdressed.
“Man stand long time with mouth open waiting for হাঁস to fly in.” Banticate joked. Kyle closed his mouth with an audible snap, and came inside. He just couldn’t get over how gorgeous this man was, অথবা how lucky he was to have him; even though they hadn’t actually decided to make anything official yet.

They sat and shared a few beers while ডিনার finished cooking. They sat and talked mostly simple small talk about the weather, and the Yankees. When ডিনার finally finished cooking about a half ঘন্টা later, they both sat down to a beautiful chicken cordon bleu, over well seasoned ধান pilaf. A fresh bottle of sauvignon blanc to drink, and bananas foster for dessert. Afterwards, they retreated back to the living room to watch some T.V. and snuggle.
Kyle felt lost, and so much at প্রথমপাতা in his arms. He very casually, and unthinkingly tossed out a brief but very heartfelt “I প্রণয় you”. As soon as the words passed his lips, he realized his error. Not only has it not been ব্যক্ত yet, but they’d only known each other for about a week. A sense of foreboding passed through his body. Banticate smelled his fear as surely as though it were a new cologne. He very quickly and very gently held Kyle closer, and repeated those very words back. This seemed to calm him down, and thought he almost feel him cry a little, but realized it was just a shiver of joy passing through him.
That part of the ritual out of the way, they began to call each other, and see each other almost daily. This continued on for about six months, and Banticate knowing where this was sure to lead knew that the inevitable was about to happen.
One evening, around 8 o’clock in the evening, Banticate called Kyle. “Hey babe, can আপনি come over? There’s something I need to talk to আপনি about.” He said. “Sure.” Came the reply, “I’ll be right over.” Banticate hoped that use of the familiar word ‘babe’ would help to put Kyle’s fears to rest.
He came over about fifteen মিনিট later, looking very much the way he normally did, although he had a trace of unease on his face. “Come on in, there’s something I want to talk to আপনি about; but don’t worry, it’s nothing too terrible.” Kyle came in, and sat on the sofa. “There’s something I’ve been hiding from you.” He began, “ It’s not very easy for me to say this, and the fact that I really do প্রণয় আপনি makes it even harder.”
Kyle began to cry. “y-y-you’re b-b-breaking up with me, aren’t you?” he asked already sure of the answer. A look of pure surprise came over Banticate. “What?!? Fuck no, why would I ever do that?” “Well, why else would আপনি be telling me this?” Kyle pleaded, now totally confused as to the direction of the conversation.
“Kyle, I’ve fallen for আপনি these many months, I’ve fallen harder than I’ve ever fallen for anyone before. I knew I would, that’s why I pursued আপনি that very first night. But the truth is, I’m- ugh, how do I put this? I’m a vampire.” Kyle looked at him with pure disbelief. “yeah, you’re a vampire. You’re just telling me that so I’ll leave, and never talk to আপনি again. I was right আপনি are breaking up with me, you’re just too scared to do it to my face.”
“No, it’s true, I am a vampire. I don’t want to scare আপনি away, I want to make আপনি a vampire also, so that we can spend the rest of eternity together. Haven’t আপনি ever wondered why I never come see আপনি for lunch, অথবা anytime that the sun is out?” “I figured your job kept আপনি out all day.” “Haven’t আপনি ever wondered why I never have আপনি stay the night? It’s because I don’t sleep at night, I sleep during the day. I haven’t seen the sun in almost four-thousand years. I don’t even remember what colour it is.”
“Why are আপনি fucking with me like this?” Kyle asked. Now very sure that Banticate was lying to him. “I’m not fucking with আপনি Kyle, I প্রণয় you. I want us to spend the rest of out lives together. আপনি don’t know what it’s been like for me. Falling in প্রণয় with you, and knowing that unless I make আপনি just like me, I’ll lose আপনি in a matter of decades, but if I change you, I can keep আপনি with me for millennia.”
“Wow. If you’re telling me the truth, then I think I need a while to think about it.” “That’s fine, take all the time আপনি need. If আপনি have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.” Banticate looked at Kyle with a mixture of fear and pleading in his eyes. He had never asked anyone to যোগদান him in his undeath, and he was afraid of what Kyle would say to him.
“Can আপনি prove it to me?” Kyle asked. “Yeah, watch this.” And with that, Banticate took a ছুরি out of the drawer and sliced open his hand. He didn’t feel anything, there was no blood, and the wound had closed and healed about a মিনিট later. “I think I need to go. I have a lot to think about.” Banticate was very surprised that there wasn’t আরো of a reaction from the demonstration.
Banticate watched with a bit of sorrow as Kyle got up, and slowly walked out of the apartment. When the door closed, he sank into the couch, and probably would’ve cried a bit, if his tear ducts hadn’t sealed themselves shut before the birth of the Romans.

Chapter 9

Banticate woke up a little too early the following night. He was worried about Kyle, and couldn’t put his finger on it, but had a sense of foreboding. He thought that he would get a call from him telling him that he didn’t want to be like that, and that Banticate should just fuck off. Instead, when he turned on the television, he knew exactly why.
On Fox’s five o’clock news, the reporter droned on. “Earlier on this afternoon, 25 বছর old Kyle Stephens was struck down দ্বারা a speeding taxi cab. He was rushed to an area hospital, and remains in critical condition. We go now to Tabitha Johnson who is live on the scene, and talking to an eye-witness.” “Thank you, John, I’m standing here with Stanley Davenport, who witnessed the tragic accident.”
“Yeah, I was standing just across the রাস্তা walking through the intersection, when this cab came barreling through the intersection. He ran the red light, and hit that poor kid. The boy looked like he had something on his mind, and didn’t even see the cabbie coming. It was horrible, just horrible.”
Banticate couldn’t even hear the rest of the story. He immediately started calling all the area hospitals, looking for his boyfriend and lover. Three calls later, he located him at Mercy hospital just off of Time Square. He gathered himself as quick as he could, and rushed out the door.
He had never ran so fast in all of his life. Not even in the thrill and rush of the hunt. He felt an adrenaline surge he hadn’t felt since his first kill. He arrived at Mercy hospital in less than three minutes. It was quite a run, since it was আরো than forty miles away. He rushed through the doors, and found the nurse’s station. “Hi, I’m looking for my boyfriend. He was brought here earlier. His name’s Kyle Stephens.” The nurse took forever to look him up, and finally told him that he was in ICU on the seventeenth floor.
Banticate thanked her, and ran to the elevator. He got tired of waiting, and decided to take the stairs. He bounded them a flight a step, and before the elevator even hit the ground floor, he was in the ICU. He rounded a corner, and just about ran into another nurse. He asked him where Kyle was, and was shown to the room. Kyle was still unconscious, and even with his head wrapped in a bandage, and several I.V. lines going into his body, an oxygen tube in his nose he still looked আরো beautiful than Banticate could fathom.
He walked over to the bed, and took Kyle’s hand. Talking softly, he ব্যক্ত to him, “I’m so sorry for telling আপনি all that. I guess আপনি weren’t ready for it, and I pushed it on you. Maybe I should’ve প্রদত্ত it a few years, instead of a few months.” Kyle gently squeezed his hand, startling Banticate. He looked up and saw that his eyes were open. “It’s ok, my love, I wasn’t ready for it, but I’m glad আপনি did tell me. I know what it is that I want to do. But first, I have some questions. When I change, will it hurt?”
“Yeah, a little; dying does hurt. If we do it now, though, the nurses will help take away the pain. I guess that’s one thing meds are good for. A healthy dose of Fentanyl will take care of you.” Kyle obviously had another question. “How will আপনি do it?” Banticate thought it over for a minute. “Well, I don’t need to completely drain you, so I guess a simple prick will work, if you’re afraid that I’ll hurt you.” “yeah, a little.” Kyle sheepishly answered. Banticate chuckled at him. “Alright then, if আপনি like, we can do it now, and you’ll be changed, and back in my arms before আপনি know it.”
Kyle gently nodded his hand as Banticate lowered his head down to his wrist. He gently took his arm into his mouth, and softly biting down with his enlarged and sharpened bicuspids. He heard Kyle gasp softly as the pain hit him through his pain killers. Just taking a few draughts of his blood would be enough to initiate the change, but it was so wonderful, and Banticate hadn’t had the chance to go hunting অথবা feed in the six months that they had been dating. Banticate willed himself to stop, and looked up at Kyle. The fear in his eyes had been replaced with a calm look of resignation. Kyle was going to die, and it would be wonderful.
Banticate reached up, and kissed him on the forehead. Told him that he’d be back in a few days to check on him, and walked out. He knew that the transformation would begin shortly, and he didn’t want to be there when Kyle flatlined.
That night, on the news, the reporter ব্যক্ত that the twenty-five বছর old male that had been struck দ্বারা the taxi earlier that দিন was just pronounced dead, and that vehicular manslaughter charges were expected to be filed in the morning against the driver that had hit him. Banticate chuckled to himself, and set out to retrieve Kyle’s body. He knew that it would be a while yet before he awakened, but that when he did, he would প্রদর্শনী him all the wonders of what being a vampire was all about.
Stealing the body was easier than Banticate had expected. Of course, why whouldn’t it be? It’s not like bodies would ever just get up and walk away. He laughed to himself. If only the fools had any idea. They’d all be shitting their pants regularly. He took Kyle home, and he waited. He decided that when Kyle awoke, there would be plenty of time to hunt together.

Chapter 10

Banticate knew it was going to be a while until Kyle was revived, so he sat down on the sofa to watch some TV, but found that he couldn’t keep his mind on the program. It wasn’t as though he hadn’t seen it a thousand times before. It was another rerun of the Dick অগ্রদূত Dyke show, and he could remember when the প্রদর্শনী was on in it’s first season. It was as funny then as it is now. So he found himself recalling all that he had learned about Kyle over these past months.
Born on August 5, 1985 Kyle James Stevens to adoring parents Jane and Larry Stevens in a small town in Dutch Pennsylvania. He grew up normally enough, playing catch with his dad in the park during the spring, and maintaining a B+ average in school. When he went to middle school, he had his first girlfriend. Her name was Sarah. Perhaps because he was only eleven, he didn’t really know what it meant to have a girlfriend, অথবা what he was supposed to do with her. So, he just kept her around until she finally got tired of having him for a boyfriend and broke up with him.
When he finally hit high school, he played in the local marching band, because it was one of those things that his parents ব্যক্ত was “normal”, so he learned to play the saxophone. He frequently found his attention wavering to the tall পিতলের বড় বাঁশি player’s গাধা in front of him, and that usually caused him to either miskey, অথবা miss the notes altogether. When the guy in front turned around to see why Kyle was messing up so much, he noticed that he had a bit of a boner, and just kind of smiled to himself before turning back around and picking back up on the music. Kyle noticing that the kid in front of him had noticed his boner caused him to become embarrassed and made him mess up even more.
After practice, the kid walked up to Kyle, and introduced himself. He had just transferred in from Pittsburg, and that was why Kyle had never learned his name. “Hi, my name’s Tommy. What’s yours?” Immediately flustered, Kyle tried rather unsuccessfully to stammer out his name. He forced himself to take a few deep breaths before trying again. “Kyle, my name’s Kyle.”
I don’t know why Tommy talked the way he did, I guess he was already pretty secure in who he was, even at that young age, because when he পরবর্তি spoke, it caused quite a sensation in Kyle. “So, I noticed earlier that আপনি were sporting quite the boner. What were আপনি looking at to give it to you?” Kyle very quickly averted his eyes to the ground, not wanting to answer the question. As he knew for sure that if he told him, he’d very likely get beat up for being a fag, if not made fun of for the rest of his life. “I dunno. I guess it just happened.”
Tommy knew better. “Bullshit, আপনি were looking at my ass, weren’t you? It’s ok. I know it’s nice. I’ve had a lot of people tell me so. Yeah, it just so happens that the reason I got transferred up here, is because I was getting made fun of a lot in my last school, even got into a few fights. People don’t really take to people like us very easily.” “What do আপনি mean, ‘people like us’?” This time, it was Tommy’s turn to gape. “I mean gays.” Kyle didn’t know whether to be relieved অথবা scared, so he chose the safer of the two options. “I’M NOT GAY!” he exclaimed. Even though he tried to feign indignation, the truth shone very clearly on his face, and Tommy picked up on it immediately.
Grabbing Kyle দ্বারা the arm, he pulled him back down, and tried to ameliorate the situation. “It’s ok. I know, and I’m not gonna say anything.” Kyle still unsure of what to think of the moment, just told Tommy that he had to go, and that he’d see him in band tomorrow. Then getting up, proceeded to walk away without looking back. He felt very confused, and didn’t know what to do. He knew that he felt something for Tommy, but he didn’t want to be made fun of, অথবা heaven forbid if his parents ever found out.
For years he had heard the জনপ্রিয় boys in his class make fun of other boys for being a fag অথবা queer, but he never really understood what it meant, all that he knew was that he didn’t ever want to be one of those kids. He’d rather die than be a fag. One time, he asked his dad what a fag was, all he got was that it was someone that was going to go straight to hell, and that there was no possible redemption for someone like that. He walked away scared, but no আরো sure as to what the word meant.
Shortly after his thirteenth birthday, he had a dream. In it, he saw a few of the boys from school in the gym ঝরনা together, he couldn’t really make out their faces, but he knew who they were all the same. The only difference was that they had really large phalli. When he awoke, he noticed that his own penis had grown big and stiff. After that, he found himself trying to see what the other boys’ penises looked like, and knew that he was different. Not knowing who to talk to about it, he just kept it to himself, but his dreams started to get আরো vivid, and intense. During one such dream, he actually got bold enough to reach out and touch one of the other boys. He woke up in a puddle of wet stickiness.
The night after he had met Tommy, he had another such dream; and in it, he replayed the conversation that they had earlier after band practice. And this time, when Tommy grabbed him দ্বারা the arm to pull him down, he pulled Kyle into a kiss. Immediately, Kyle awoke from the dream in a sweat. His dick was hard, and he really knew why. He couldn’t keep pretending to be normal after that; he knew what he had to do.
Chapter 11

The পরবর্তি দিন went pretty much as it usually did. Except that when band practice came along, he got nervous, really nervous. Kyle tried to keep his mind on his sheet music, but found that his mind simply did not want to obey his will. Between the conversation the দিন before, and the dream he had last night, he just couldn’t keep his mind aware of what was going on in front of him. On one such event, the formation was to turn keel, and when he missed the cue, ran straight into the person that was directly in front of him, Tommy.
“Are আপনি alright?” Tommy asked concerned about why Kyle had missed the cue. “I’m fine, I just got a lot on my mind.” Tommy knew exactly what was on his mind, and didn’t mind the accident, although his instructor Mr. Grayson was an entirely different matter. Attempting to recover, and apologizing profusely for his blunder, band practice got back underway.
After practice, Tommy walked up to Kyle, and confronted him. “So, I guess what I ব্যক্ত to আপনি yesterday was a little too much, huh?” Tommy looked embarrassingly at his feet. “No” Tommy replied, “I guess you’re right, I just don’t wanna be made fun of in school for being a fag.” Tommy looked up at him hopefully, “Well, I guess as long as nobody ever found out, then they wouldn’t have anything to make fun of আপনি for.” This time, it was Kyle’s turn to look at his feet. They agreed that they’d meet up after school and decide where to go from there.
When the final ঘণ্টা rang, Kyle dashed out of the doors, into the waiting sunlight. He found Tommy waiting for him at the bike rack, and without saying a word, got on his bike, and started riding away. Tommy instantly followed him, and being new to the area, found that all he could do was trust in Kyle; knowing that where ever Kyle went, he was sure to follow.
After about twenty মিনিট of riding, they reached an old abandoned house. Kyle put his bike around back, and jimmied a window open so they could climb inside. Once in, they found themselves in what was most likely a bedroom. They were just standing there looking at each other, when out of the blue, Tommy reached out, and grabbed Kyle দ্বারা his light jacket, and pulled him in and planed the biggest চুম্বন he’d ever প্রদত্ত anyone on Kyle. After a few seconds, they parted, gasping for breath.
“I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I met you. My dad always tells me, that when there’s something that I truly want, that I should just grab life দ্বারা the horns, and take it.” Kyle didn’t really know what to say about it, since that was his first real kiss, so he just looked at the boy and smiled his biggest smile, to let him know that he was glad that Tommy had the nerve to do it since he didn’t.
They sat down on the floor of the house, occasionally kissing, but mostly talking about what it was that the each of them wanted in the relationship. Kyle didn’t really know, since this was his first relationship. However, Tommy had very grand ideas. He felt very sure that he was in প্রণয় with Kyle, and that they were going to be together forever. Kyle believed that Tommy was right, and felt it in his হৃদয় that they were bound to each other
After about a মাস of this ritual where every day, they would go to the old house, and talk as well as make out, Tommy invited Kyle to come and spend the night. After Kyle thought it over, he ব্যক্ত that he’d ask his mom if it was alright. Tommy ব্যক্ত that there were some things he’d been wanting to do with Kyle, but wasn’t sure if he was ready yet, and the sleep-over would be the perfect time to find out.
Kyle went প্রথমপাতা and immediately told his mom that he’d been invited to a sleep-over. His mom was unsure of this, and after many questions, decided that it was time that the boy did start spending আরো time away from the house. Kyle called Tommy and told him that it was a go. Tommy told him that his mom’d come pick them up on Friday after school, and that he should pack for the weekend and bring his clothes to school with him. Kyle couldn’t wait. He knew that something good was going to happen, and felt like he’d burst if he had to wait the two whole days until Friday.
After much anxiety, and many dreams, Friday finally arrived. Kyle packed his backpack with a weekend’s worth of clothes, his toothbrush, and felt sure he was going to need his Cap’n Crunch collector’s coin. He’d had the coin ever since he was in kindergarten, and was positive that it was the best good-luck charm to have. Tommy was right. Immediately after school, Tommy’s mother was right there. A Beautiful new Jaguar picked up the boys from school, and took them back to their house.
After a lovely ডিনার of roast beef and mashed potatoes, the boys watched the latest movie to have come out, The Matrix. Kyle really enjoyed the movie, since he’d always had the biggest crush on Keanu Reeves, since he first watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. When the movie had ended, Kyle thanked Tommy’s parents for letting him stay the weekend, and told them that he would প্রণয় to have Tommy stay the night, except that his parents had really strict guidelines for people staying over. As in they never would.
Kyle followed Tommy upstairs to brush his teeth, and put on his pyjamas Kyle felt that he was too old to be wearing pyjamas, but that his parents insisted that until he was old enough to get a job and get his own house, he was going to wear them. Kyle simply shrugged, hoping that he wouldn’t be wearing them for too much longer anyways. Once in bed, the boys stayed up and talked; mostly about school, but also in case Tommy’s parents were listening, they talked about which girls in school they thought were cute, and which ones they’d kiss.
Soon Tommy’s dad came up and told them it was time for lights out. Having turned in for bed, they continued to talk in lower hushed tones about what all Tommy had planned for the night. Kyle was sleeping on the floor in Tommy’s room, which pade it perfect for tommy to reach down and touch Kyle. Lightly teasing his hair, he had such a look of প্রণয় in his eyes as he lightly teased Kyle’s hair. He looked down at him, and very quietly told him, “You know I প্রণয় you, right?” Kyle giggled as he succinctly replied, “Yea, why?” “just ‘cuz.” And he laughed with Kyle.
Once Tommy heard his parents go to bed, he looked down at Kyle to make sure he was still awake. After seeing that his eyes were still open, he motioned for him to come up in the বিছানা with him. Kyle still wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but he front of his PJ’s sure had an idea, and gauging from the tent, it was going to be real sweet. Tommy lightly kissed him, and held him, and after a while, decided that Kyle needed to lose his clothing. Gently removing them, he proceeded to প্রদর্শনী Kyle exactly what he had planned for the night, and Kyle was pleasantly surprised.
The পরবর্তি day, the two boys awoke late, and after taking a shower, decided to head out and hang out at the mall. Making fun of the whiny little emos has always been a favourite past time for Kyle, and as it turns out, it also happens to be one of Tommy’s. Going to the খাবার court, they passed দ্বারা two security guards. They nodded to the officers politely, and went on down towards Lacoste, and since Tommy’s dad gave them each a hundred dollars to spend, they figured they might as well start there.
Not seeing anything there, they proceeded down to FYE to check out the new Backstreet Boys album. They’d heard that it was pretty good, and figured they’d each get a copy. They also found a CD from this new rapper called এমিনেম that they’d heard was pretty good, so they figured they’d just get one and share, since they didn’t really know if it was really worth spending the money on. After paying for their CD’s, they went back to the foodcourt, and got a bite to eat. Kyle was always fond of Panda Express, but Tommy had to have a slice from Tony’s Pizza. They decided to share a drink, since they both knew where the others’ mouth had been the পূর্ববর্তি night, and didn’t see the sense in buying two sodas, so they just bought one large soda, and the two of them drank from it.
When the boys got home, they walked in to hear Tommy’s parents fighting. Tommy looked at Kyle, and ব্যক্ত that maybe it would be best if Kyle went ahead and headed back to his own house. Tommy walked Kyle upstairs, and packed up his stuff and went on home. He knew he’d hear আরো from Tommy on Monday in school, and hoped that everything would turns out okay for him, he felt a pang of sorrow in his heart, and knew exactly what he was going to say to Tommy when he saw him in band practice.
Chapter 12

Tommy didn’t প্রদর্শনী up for class on Monday. Kyle thougt it was strange, but wasn’t particularly worried. After two weeks of Tommy now coming to school, Kyle was definitely worried. Kyle tried calling his house, but only ever got the answering machine. After three days of calling, his dad finally picked up the phone, and told Kyle that Tommy’s mother had left him and took Tommy back to Kansas to live with his grandparents. Kyle was bawling দ্বারা the time he finally hung up the phone. He was ready to tell Tommy that he loved him, and now he’ll never get to see him again.
Kyle মোপেড around the house for three months after that fateful phone call. His parents tried to talk to him, but all he ever did was start to cry. After weeks of trying to get him to talk, his mom got sick of it. She sent him to see a child psychiatrist; what the shrink told them came as a huge shock. He told them that Kyle was grieving the loss of his first boyfriend that this Tommy kid had moved back to Kansas and that Kyle just didn’t know how to cope with the sudden loss. Speechless, his parents took him home.
Nobody ব্যক্ত a word the entire way. Finally that evening, his parents sat him down. “Why didn’t আপনি tell us that আপনি were gay?” Kyle could only shrug his shoulders; his parents could only sigh. “Kyle, we know you’re hurting, but we can’t help আপনি unless আপনি start talking to us.” That did it; the floodgates opened up, and for the পরবর্তি two and a half hours, all his parents could do was listen as their fourteen বছর old son spilled his guts about his first boyfriend, and the way he had learned about his departure. Their hearts cried out for the boy, who until a few hours পূর্বে had no idea that he was gay, let alone that he had a boyfriend.
Finally, Kyle stopped talking. He looked at his parents as sure that they were going to kill him for being queer as he was sure that he was queer. His father was the first to move. He got up out of the chair, and walked over to Kyle. Picking him up দ্বারা the shoulders, he pulled him in to a hug. Kyle was shocked. “You’re not mad at me?” he plead with a quavering voice. His dad let go of him, and Kyle fell back into his seat. “Kyle, you’re our son, and we প্রণয় আপনি unconditionally. I wish that আপনি had enough faith in us that আপনি could’ve come to us with this, and we could’ve helped আপনি a lot sooner, if anything, we’re hurt that আপনি tried to keep us in the dark.”
আপনি could see the relief wash over him instantly. আপনি could tell that he was still hurting, but now he wasn’t so afraid to talk about it. For the পরবর্তি four hours, he and his parents talked about Tommy, and what could be done. They ব্যক্ত that he could call him, but that it wouldn’t be a very good idea, since he was in Pennsylvania, and Tommy was now in Kansas. They thought that it would be best if Kyle allowed his হৃদয় to mend, and assured him that even though his first প্রণয় was gone, that there would be other boys, and much আরো heartache.
Kyle didn’t want to let go of Tommy, and claiming exhaustion, went on to bed. That night, Kyle had the most horrible nightmare. He dreamt that he was standing in front of Tommy, and tried to rush to hold him, but the harder he tried to grab his lover, the farther Tommy seemed to get. Kyle awoke in a cold sweat and crying. He knew that he was never going to see Tommy again, and his হৃদয় hurt.
Kyle went through high school in much of a daze. He graduated with honours, but couldn’t find the joy in knowing his accomplishment. He had simply প্রদত্ত up on life, and he knew it. His parents were so proud of him, but even after these four long years, he hadn’t gotten used to Tommy not being there. His হৃদয় had stopped hurting, but he no longer found any প্রণয় of life.
Kyle soon went away to college. He was accepted to NYU to take their MBA program. He found that despite his own heart, he was very excited to be going away from his family, and hoped that he could start life anew in New York. He unpacked his belongings in his dorm room, and ব্যক্ত met his roomie. A lovely boy of twenty-one, David Schultz, was a junior in the physics program there. Both he and Kyle hit it off really well and rather quickly.
At six foot, three inches tall, David was দ্বারা far the tallest person that Kyle had ever met. Tall and lanky, with wire rimmed glasses, bright fiery red hair, and sparkling green eyes, Kyle was almost instantly smitten; however, David had a girlfriend, and Kyle didn’t feel as though he would ever stand a chance with him.
One morning after a really wild party, Kyle awoke to find himself in বিছানা with David. They were both naked, and there were obvious signs that they’d had a lot of sex that night. Unsure of what to do, Kyle slowly eased himself out of the bed, and getting dressed, silently slipped out of the room.
When he finally returned, he found that David had packed up all of his belongings, and left campus. Kyle didn’t really feel sad about this, but knew that this time, it really was for the best. He knew that he just wasn’t ready for anything as complicated as this situation could’ve turned out to be. Kyle spent the rest of his collegiate stay alone in his room. He figured that David moved out, but never really let the administration know of it.
Kyle graduated Summa Cum Laude and gave a nice speech at his graduation. This time around, he really enjoyed his graduation, and allowed himself to be proud. Kyle received a job offer in an advertising firm in New York City, where he had taken up residence, and worked tirelessly to help the company afloat when the recession hit in 2008. He was in the fast track to becoming CFO.
It was during his stay in this company that he met Matt. At first it seemed like a good pairing. Kyle really enjoyed spending time with Matt, but always found it weird that whenever they would go out on a date, they always ended up back at Kyle’s apartment. Kyle had always shown an interest in wanting to see Matt’s place, but was always প্রদত্ত some bullshit excuse as to why he couldn’t ever come over.
On Valentine’s Day, Matt took him out to a really nice dinner, and then went back to Kyle’s for a quick romp before he had to dash off, claiming that he had to go to a doctor’s appointment the পরবর্তি day, and had to get to বিছানা early. Kyle felt as though he was hiding something from him, but didn’t want to press the issue too hard, and start a fight, but vowed to find out what it was that Matt was hiding.
Kyle knew that it was against company policy to look up employees information in the computers, but since he was a junior associate, he felt that he could do it and get away with it. He saw that Matt lived in Queens, and sought to find exactly where Matt went to at night. He sat in his car across the রাস্তা from his Matt’s townhouse, and waited. After about two hours, he finally saw him pull into the garage. He watched as Matt climbed the stairs, and went inside.
Kyle saw this as an opportunity. He got out of his car, and crossed the street. Ringing the doorbell, he heard a female’s voice call out, “I’ll be right there.” When the door opened, he found himself looking at an attractive woman about thirty years old. “Hi, is this the Jones’ residence?” Kyle asked. “Yes, I’m Mrs. Jones.” Was her reply. “You’re Matt’s Wife?” Kyle couldn’t hide the shock from his face. “Yes, who are you?” She asked him. “I’m Kyle, up until tonight, I thought I was Matt’s boyfriend, but now I see I was just a quick fuck when he wanted it.”
Now it was the wife’s turn to be shocked. She slammed the door in Kyle’s face, and went screaming to her husband. Kyle suddenly felt afraid for his safety, and high-tailed it out of the area. He went back to his apartment, and cried to himself. “That fucking does it. If I never see another man in my life, it’ll be too soon.”
Two weeks after that, Kyle was returning প্রথমপাতা from going to one of the many shag bars in New York, when after pulling into the Garage, he noticed a man standing পরবর্তি to the elevator apparently looking for a lighter. Kyle hoped that this wasn’t some sort of ruse, and that the man was going to rob, অথবা worse, kill him. When Kyle got closer to the man, he noticed that the man was probably the most beautiful man he’d ever seen. Kyle reached for the lighter he had in his pocket as he’d taken up smoking since his sudden বিভক্ত করা from Matt.

Chapter 13

Banticate knew that it had been eight days since Kyle had died, and was sure that he would wake up soon. He’d noticed that Kyle was having dreams now, and started প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে signs of animation, tossing and turning in his sleep as though he couldn’t get comfortable. “Tonight আপনি awake, my love, tonight.” He ব্যক্ত আরো to himself than to Kyle.
When the clock chimed one o’clock in the morning, Kyle bolted upright. Banticate rushed to his side, to let him know that he was alright, and that everything went exactly as it should have. Kyle looked at him and tried to focus his eyes. He looked at Banticate, and ব্যক্ত meekly, “I’m hungry.” His reply to this was simply to laugh until his side hurt.
Taking Kyle দ্বারা the hand, he led him into the shower. After washing him up, and making sure that he didn’t reek of death, they went out; Banticate wanted to প্রদর্শনী Kyle exactly what it meant to hunt. Taking him into the deepest part of the urban jungle, he found his quarry. There was a group of wanna be rappers sitting on the corner getting high, and practicing their “freestyle”.
Motioning for Kyle to stay and watch, Banticate leapt out of the shadows. Grabbing one of the boys off of the street, and leaping off with him before his বন্ধু even knew he was gone. He took the guy back to Kyle, and baring his fangs, plunged them into the man’s jugular vein. Sucking quietly, he looked up at Kyle to see his face. He could see that Kyle was hungry. He sat there licking his lips, and had inadvertently extended his fangs and was hoping that Banticate would share. When the victim fell dead at his feet, Kyle looked hurt.
“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll go get আপনি one of your own.” And with that, he leapt from the rooftop which he was perched, and was back with a new guy for Kyle. While Kyle was busy slurping away at his own dinner, Banticate decided he needed a good laugh. He looked down over the side of the building to see the remaining four boys looking around at each other wondering where their two বন্ধু had gone to so quickly.
Before Banticate could turn around, he heard the thump as the thug dropped to the floor. He turned to look, but saw Kyle dashing off to glean the other four on the corner. Banticate stood beaming at his new love, as Kyle quickly made short work at quelling his hunger on the others. Once he had finished eating, Banticate knew he was going to have to teach him how to get rid of the evidence.

After throwing the bodies into the sewers and the river, Banticate took Kyle back to his apartment to get him cleaned up, he had ripped into a few carotid arteries, and was drenched in blood. Now that his hunger had been slated, it was time to sit him down and explain exactly what was going on, and the history of the vampires. After they had showered together, and were all clean and fresh, Banticate sat down on the sofa and motioned for Kyle to sit with him.
“Even though I am only four-thousand years old, our history is a phenomenal one, and stretches back to the creation of man.” Kyle looked হারিয়ে গেছে in thought. “One দিন আপনি may find yourself several thousand years old, and looking back on this দিন আপনি will ask yourself where the time went to. I know it’s a hard pill to গেলা now, but in time, you’ll get used to it. The killing and the feeding are all a part of our lives.” Banticate ব্যক্ত with a chuckle, “you know, we’re the only creatures on earth that are made and not born; sure, we were born as humans, but those lives came to an end when we became vampires.”
Kyle thought about this for a few moments, and thought of a question, “Can we never die? Am I going to stay like this forever?” Banticate looked fondly at his new lover, and answered sweetly, “Yes, my love, আপনি will always be as beautiful as আপনি are now. আপনি will never age, but make no mistake, we can be killed. I killed the one that turned me, because I wasn’t প্রদত্ত the option of whether অথবা not I wanted to be turned, he thought I would just be a light snack, and tried to feed from me, but when I escaped his grasp, I went back to my cave and died. I later found him in London, and pulled out his হৃদয় before throwing it in a fire. So, in answer to your question, yes, we can be killed, most easily দ্বারা fire. Whether it be দ্বারা the আগুন in the sun, অথবা even a house fire, we can be killed.”
Banticate continued, “Our physical bodies are dead, so we can feel no pain, but it is the cleansing properties of আগুন that burn not our bodies, but our souls. To be burned to death is an extremely painful process, one I hope neither of us will ever face.” Kyle looked up at Banticate with a slight trace of fear in his eyes. Again Banticate chickled, “Don’t worry, soon in a few hundred years, you’ll lose all traces of what was once your human side, and you’ll embrace fully your vampire nonchalance.”
Kyle was completely taken aback. “I never wanted to lose my humanity. I only didn’t want to die. If I had known that this was what was going to happen, I never would’ve agreed for আপনি to turn me.” He started to cry, “I can feel it now, my tears are dry, I can’t even cry anymore. How could আপনি do this to me?” Even though Kyle couldn’t cry, he still sobbed uncontrollably. Banticate tried to comfort him দ্বারা putting his arm around his shoulders, “Am I so terrible? I হারিয়ে গেছে all of the negative things that made me human, all of my baser emotions, anger and hatred, but I’ve still kept all of the things that are good. I can still love, and be loved. I প্রণয় you, for all that আপনি are, I have প্রদত্ত myself to you.”
This seemed to appease Kyle. He still had a troubled look on his face, but he was indeed feeling better. If Banticate could still প্রণয় him, after four-thousand years, maybe then it wouldn’t be too bad. “But what happens if I do lose it? What happens if I do lose the ability to প্রণয় again?” Kyle asked. He had also absent-mindedly found a loose thread on the sofa, and had started pulling on it. “If আপনি lose the ability to love, and be loved, then আপনি truly have become an animal that would deserve to be hunted down and slain, I’d expect that if it were to happen to me, that you’d have the decency to put me down. If I can no longer hold আপনি in my arms, and take pleasure in your company and body, then I don’t really see the point of living anyways.”
Kyle leapt up off of the couch, and throwing his arms around Banticate’s neck, pulled him tight against his chest. “Promise me you’ll always প্রণয় me.” Banticate couldn’t help but smile, “You got it, Baby.” Without ever letting go of Kyle, he picked him up, carried him into the bedroom and proceeded to consummate the new life that they were starting together.
After a lengthy প্রণয় making session, Banticate slept. For the first time in a thousand years, He felt truly happy. He wasn’t even sure if happy was the right word, no, definitely not. Content was closer to being the appropriate word. When he finally drifted off to sleep, he found that Kyle had snuggled up close to him, apparently enjoying the closeness and comfort, since they neither gave off nor needed body heat. Dawn was rapidly approaching anyways, so Banticate allowed himself the luxury of letting down his guard, and simply enfolding himself into Kyle, slept the sleep of the damned.