The End Of Neptune High&Ready For Hearst Collage 2.22
My real urging reason to write this প্রবন্ধ is because after I watched season 2 of VeronicaMars, many months ago,I began to serch for season 3, just to find some of the worst comments& reviews on the third season...So when I did find Season3 it became no আরো a climax, nothing really to look অগ্রবর্তী to, but when I actually watched the third season I was pleasantly surprised,I was amazed how people picked out small details,not that I dont agree,I totally get the whole "No all season story arc,but three."
Episodes 1-9 were actually filling& if we go back to season 2, আপনি will see how long it took to actually get into it,for no real reason, it just wasnt like season1.These first nine episodes had the Rapist mystery,now দ্বারা far this was the best out of the 3 mysteries,from the very first episode "Welcome Wagon" A girl named Parker- who became a series regular- got raped, though I have to admit one episode she's shopping for wigs to cover her shaved head& In the next,full head of hair!!That did stump me,though I have to admit the female banter this season was great, Veronica,Parker& Mac really did something for me,It reminded me of the 1st Season flashbacks I loved!,now I also found the LoVe relationship Interesting,It was different আরো grown up in these episodes,which was actually a little better then season one& The Dick/Logan scene was so sad...
Now to get to the climax to episode9, "Spit& Eggs", absolute perfection!!, loved the episode entirely, Loved Logan telling Veronica how he really felt,which was entirely true& very noble of him...
This also had to be the episode where I began to like Parker& Piz just for Piz's little dance& Parker saving Veronica& the best part- Logan getting busted on purpose!!
Episodes10-15 werent as good as the other 9,though they were actually something alot আরো interesting.Now The LoVe in these episodes were very hard to stand with Breaking up& getting together but each time I was আরো on Logans side& found Veronica needed some help,they were আরো her issues then she like to think& Logan told her that in episode9, so when Piz& Veronica had that conversation, Piz kind of convinced her to give to two a try again eventhough they were obviously not his intentions& I felt very sorry for him,while the Logan/Parker thing felt way too forced for a storyline for me to like them at all,While I loved the Mac/Bronson relationship!They were really cute.Now the 2nd climax,was actually pretty good,loved the mystery unfolded& myself keep doubting if it was her teacher অথবা not& Loved Veronica putting all of it together when Foyle took over the class,even though দ্বারা then I had too figured it out,just not the tecnical stuff!!
The last episodes, now the first 2episodes were a really good bit of fun,But with the very unexpected death of Lamb(Sob:()Kieth took over,which I found myself actually liking, eventhough I will miss the Lamb/Kieth/Veronica banter!!Not knowing where the 3rd story arch was& where it was going was confussing,but I really was surprised with the "Sex Tape" story,never saw that one coming,but I began to get shills when Dick showed It to Logan& we got to see classic Logan again in all his glory! Now the Last episode I liked, we had Veronica back,It the true meaning of it "The দুশ্চরিত্রা Was Totally back!!"There were many highlights in this episode,but my favourite would be Veronica getting her Season one grove back& the Logan/Veronica moment!!
...& to finish,I dont know what this little প্রবন্ধ will do,but I just hope It will make আপনি look at Season3 In a different light,High school can only last so long&I think it would have gone terrible stale if they would have stook doing it any longer... But give me your thoughts on season3..

The Third Season Cast Of Veronica Mars.
Veronica Drugged In "Spit&Eggs"3.9
Logan sees Veronica/Piz চুম্বন 3.16
Third Season Veronica.
Finally, Some Girls in a very Male dominated Show! 3.10