We Need The Season 1 দুশ্চরিত্রা Back!
Well দ্বারা now my hope of a season4 is depleting,I feel as if I wont ever get over this. A while পূর্বে I watch the F.B.I pilot for season 4,& I have to admit,It was pretty bad,so in a sense I am happy they didnt do that.
If season 4 ever sometime in the future graced our screens I would like to see আরো of Veronica In Hearst,I really like that sort of element,but one thing they could deal with Is the way the little episode mysteries take up about the whole episode& leave little else,It could be 3/4 of mystery,& a 1/4 to personal stories.
Now one of the biggest thing,Season one was such a success over he friend dieing,It took a whole season to find the culprit,but I would have loved if they didnt kill Arron so soon, a lot আরো could have been there.I would প্রণয় another one of them,& the charactor doesnt have to die,they could just go missing,someone like her father অথবা Logan someone she had a real personal relationship not just a friend like Lilly was, make it a lot আরো personal& this time Wallace& Mac could actually help her.
While relationships, Veronica needs to get a little alone time,she has way to many issues to be getting busy again.While this would give a chance to see Parker/Mac/ Wallace have আরো serious relationships& let us begin to take them আরো seriously,&If there ever was a season4,I would need আরো of Dick's deep damaged side,I প্রণয় him& all his funnies, but charactor developement is very important,& going through 3 seasons of VeronicaMars& still being "Just Dick", though we প্রণয় him for it,times change.
While Piz, I think needs to be the one to break up with Veronica, he made the ব্রেভ first সরানো but he really needs to see what exactly he has got himself into, while I would just প্রণয় if Duncan came back,not to get back with Veronica but to see what has change&to even maybe go to Hearst, with অথবা without baby Lilly!
"The দুশ্চরিত্রা Is Back" This is what I would be hoping আরো of Veronica stopped in a crowed with people zooming passed her, we need her back, the দুশ্চরিত্রা left when she layed Lilly to rest& she needs to be woken up, without her,this would never work!Veronica needs to get her grove back,& আরো Weevil!, lots আরো Weevil,mostly for comic relief& maybe আরো about his past,you know he has some closets.
A possible relationship I would of loved to see is Mac/Dick, there is so something there,& they are just so unalike, that it would be interesting.Wallace also needs to get আরো into what he has been up to in the last episode, find out a lot আরো about them. Also,Veronica mom,
she took 50,000& left, আরো about her wouldnt be nesassary,but might be interesting to deal with, mybe she could die অথবা something?, not to be too morbid.
While LoVe?, I need to know, what happens next,but I just know,If they would have gotten together in Season3 in the last episode, It would have been way to abrupt, so I would like them to be friends, who are single& then have another girl অথবা guy in the mix to প্রদর্শনী that they still really care for each other. আরো classic Season 1/2 Logan to,more fighting for him,& আরো of him defending Veronica, while also, আরো sherif department scenes,Veronica needs to become a feared badass detective,(I know she already is) but she needs to be notorious..
This are my ideal ideas if there ever was a season4,If there was one,I would প্রণয় if these ideas were In the mix.

Veronica Needs To Be আরো Of An Outsider Again.
Need আরো Veronica/Logan time, No LoVe.. Just Yet..
Veronica Mars- Badass Detective!!
Dick& Mac!
আরো Of Veronica With Her Friends.