Well I think after season 3 there should be a season 4 because, I feel there can be আরো ideas and আরো dramatic happenings on the show, if there was a season 4 how would it start off as a story line, I think if the তালিকা is out, then the counts can be voted. To all the VM fans, why do we think there should be a season 4, of course its obvious that Duncan Kane would come back on the প্রদর্শনী as one of the best characters of all. And would Veronica and Duncan fall back in প্রণয় again. But then Logan gets jealous of his best বন্ধু প্রণয় for Veronica. Veronica soon finds out that Logan has a secret that he kept from Veronica after all. Logan and Duncan come to disagreements about Veronica seeing both of them. So when Veronica finds out Logan's secret, she automatically falls back in প্রণয় with Duncan... How is that for a story line.