my name is Deborah and I'm an Italian অনুরাগী of Veronica Mars (so sorry if I'll do mistakes!).
I want to tell আপনি a problem of the Italian অনুরাগী of the telefilm.
Like all the fans, I like to see again and again some episodes of my favourites tv series.
But that's impossible if I want see the third season of VM. In Italy there are only the two first season in dvd (and, I don't know why, they were divided into two parts probably to make আরো money).
That's why a beautiful Italian অনুরাগী site of VM create a petition on this link:
to send to the Warner Bros Italy.
Can আপনি help us? Put yourself in our shoes! What would আপনি do?
Please, register আপনি free in the site to যোগদান it and help us!
Feel free to reply commenting on this প্রবন্ধ (not exactly Pulitzer Prize!)
A big thank you