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Reasons why I hate 'TORI VEGA'

just to make everything clear here, i don't hate victoria justice i just hate her character and this is just my opinions =)

let me start episode দ্বারা episode .

- in this episode i hate it when she was rubbing the coffee off of beck's শার্ট , cuz she was seriously flirting with beck , how did i say so? well she was smiling while looking directly at beck's eyes while she was rubbing his শার্ট and the way she kisses beck infront of jade not acceptable .. even if she wants revenge , i mean come on স্নেহ চুম্বন someones boyfriend infront of his girlfriend thats just...
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Robbie:Ho ho and ho!
Cat:hi hi and hi!
Sikowitz:Alright young প্রেমী of learning and short pants!
Cat:I do প্রণয় short pants.
Jade:Cat,Guess what I love?
Jade:Slapping perky red heads.
Cat:*laughs,sees hair,gasp*
Sikowitz:Now Jade,Don't be a বড়দিন Grunch!
Rex:Ha ha,Grunch,that's my word!
*Tori and Andre come in fighting*
Robbie:Ho ho ho!And jingle bells!
Tori:No Andre!Don't do that!
Andre:*Flips Robbie out of his chair*
Tori:Ah,ya did it.
Jade:I bet that jingled his bells.
Andre:I'm sorry but all y'all can just keep বড়দিন spirit to yourself!
Sikowitz:Andre,You gotta...
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Some দিন I’ll let আপনি in
Treat আপনি right
Drive আপনি out of your mind
You never met a chick like me
Burn so bright
I’m goanna make আপনি blind

Always wonderin
what আপনি can have
Is it so bad
If আপনি don’t get what আপনি wanted
Make it feel good
As I whip আপনি into shape
Yeah, boy let’s get it started

Give it up
You can’t win
Cause I know
Where আপনি been
Such a shame
You don’t put up a fight
That’s a game
That we play
At the end of the night
It’s the same old story
But আপনি never get it right
Give it up

Come a little closer
Come a little closer baby, baby

So stop crying
Don’t walk...
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 A sexy smooch, laying down on the RV sofa, lalala.
A sexy smooch, laying down on the RV sofa, lalala.
16 বছর old Cat Valentine is dating her friend Jade West (16) ex-boyfriend, Beck Oliver who is also 16. In the ছবি আপনি can see is Cat and Beck seen in his RV making out, kissing, and sending Cat to the delivery unit because Beck is on top, attaching his thing to Cat's thing, so it's a pretty good chance that Cat and Beck are together, and having babies, and Daniel will soon break up with Cat so Cat can be with Beck happily.

Cat seems to be enjoying Beck in the photo, kissing, making out and they are wearing casual outfits such as a satin dresses, and a tuxedo, because Cat and Beck are getting...
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Just Some Character Information!!!!
Tori Vega:A teenage girl,that is enrolled in "Holly wood Arts"High school after filling in for her older sister.Younger sister of Trina Vega.Her talent:Singing.

Andre Harris:A Teenage boy that is বন্ধু with Tori Vega.He LOVES to play music!

Jade West:A teenage girl,that is always mad.And dosen't like anyone but her boyfriend Beck(at times)
Talent:Singing(i guess?).

Beck Oliver:A teenage boy,That loves to act!He also loves Jade,his girlfriend

Cat Valentine:A red head,Overly Excited,teenage girl,That is best বন্ধু with Tori Vega.
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Make It Shine

Here I am, once again
Feeling হারিয়ে গেছে but now and then
I breath it in, to let it go (go)
And আপনি don't know
Where আপনি are now
Or what it would come to
If only somebody could hear
When আপনি figure out how
You হারিয়ে গেছে in the moment
You disappear


You don't have to be afraid to put your dream in action
You never gonna fade you'll be the main attraction
Not a ফ্যান্টাসি
Just remember me
When it turns out right
Cause আপনি know
That if আপনি live
In your imagination
Tomorrow you'll be everybody's fascination
In my victory
Just remember me
When I make it shine

Reaching high feeling low
I'm holding on and letting...
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Beck is talking on the phone with Andre sitting at the sushi restaurant. "Did আপনি see that jerk? The guy actually took my chair, while I was still on it! I don't know about him man, he gives me the creeps"Beck said.

"This is coming from the dude that went out with the chick with the scissors locker that barks at dogs."Andre pointed out laying on his bed.
"I'm talking to Beck Grandma!

Beck is listening to this. "Andre! Yo, still here"
"Uh yeah Beck, আপনি sure you...
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posted by LLCoyote
I'm not really sure where I should put this, so I just wrote it as another article. Perhaps it should be under প্রশ্ন but oh well, the moderaters অথবা what ever can remove it if it ticks them off. I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed how oddly mean Jade was to Cat in Terror on কেক রাস্তা (Now one of my পছন্দ episodes EVER)? Normally Jade has cheeky ways of dealing with Cat and it's one of my পছন্দ things about the show. I almost died laughing when Jade pushed cerial in Cat's mouth, অথবা even in this episode she let her play with her keys. But oddly I've never seen Jade scream...
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posted by Clara_Valentina
Everyone thinks Beck is the perfect guy, but he's not!
Here is a তালিকা of why Beck is a jerk:
1. In the "pilot" in alphabetical improvisation, he spent contradicting Jade.
2. He let Tori স্নেহ চুম্বন him, having him a girlfriend.
3. In "stage fighting" when Jade ব্যক্ত he hurt his eye he replied: "which of the two" mocking her.
4. In "Jade Beck dumps" gave his cell number to Alyssa Vauhn, knowing he had a girlfriend and that she was not going to like him to do that.
5. He asked Tori: "If আপনি were my girlfriend ..." while Jade was in front of them.
6. He ব্যক্ত he was happy to have broke up with Jade because...
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Wow it's been months since I've written an article, and I have to say it's been out of sheer laziness and lack of time.

As I've ব্যক্ত I had minor surgery to my foot, which makes me unable to walk. This is actually really great, because I've literally watched every single ভিক্টোরিয়াস start to finish.

Re-watching everything has made me realize something about Cat. I've ব্যক্ত earlier that I thought she was getting stupider, but now that I've watched it all over one after the other, I don't think that her intelligence has dropped TOO much.

Yes she's slightly worse now, but as I watch her, it isn't...
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Tori is sitting with Cat, Robbie, and Andre outside at lunch. "I'm worried about Beck আপনি guys. He's been really depressed all day. I've never seen him this way before." Tori mentioned worried.

"Bet its got something to do with that new বড় দলা that's got his eyes on Jade."Rex says sitting on the table. Everyone stares at the puppet. "You know that sounds really weird coming from you"Robie says.

"I'm just sayin what everyone's thinking"Rex says.

"Ya know Rex has gotta point, i just saw Jade this morning and she almost looked like she was...grinning!"Andre mentions in shock. Everyone gasps.

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posted by Gracemercy
Here I am once again
Felling হারিয়ে গেছে but now and then
I breath it in to let it go
And আপনি don't know where আপনি are now
Or what it would come to
If only somebody could hear
When আপনি figure out how
You bust in the moment
You disappear

You don't have to be afraid
To put your dream in action
Your never gonna fade
You'll be the main attraction
Not a fantasy
Just remember me
When it turns out right
Cause আপনি know that if your living
Your imagination
Tomorrow you'll be everybody's fascination
In my victory just remember me
When I make it shine

Reaching high felling low
I'm holding on but letting go
I'd like to shine i'll shine...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(We see Peter wearing a housekeeping women's uniform at the honeymoon suites level. He looks tired while pushing his বাক্স full of cleaning products. He stops at room 214. He hears moaning noises and giggling. he knocks on the door) Housekeeping. (No answer. He knocks again) Housekeeping.

Beck's Voice: Come back later, please.

Peter: Housekeeping?

Beck's Voice: Not now.

Peter: (annoyed) Housekeeping!

Beck's Voice: Go away.

Peter: I come in anyway?

Beck's Voice: No! Go away!

Peter: I come in anyway. (He walks in on Beck and Jade having sex under the বিছানা sheets and nothing revealed)

Jade: (Her hair is...
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posted by xDark_Angelx
Robbie is a socially awkward boy who doesn't seem to do many things right. Rex is a smooth talking, Smart-Alec, cool guy who is really a puppet. And that's all he is. So how is Rex such a diverse character from his puppetmaster? Here's how I see it, due to my constant way to overanalyze and overthink the simplest things. Once I made this, I believed it would be something I would প্রণয় to share.

Robbie knows he can not do much right, such as talk to girls অথবা act cool. It should not mean much to people, but in Hollywood Arts, it apparently means a lot to the poor guy. Yet he can not really do anything...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Alright so technically this could be a sequel to Why I Dislike the প্রদর্শনী Victorious article. I know many of আপনি enjoyed it {Thanks so much all of you! :D} so I'm going to take your উপদেশ and make another article. Starting with the newest episode Tori Tortures Teacher.

{Tori Tortures Teacher}
Kay, since this is the most সাম্প্রতিক episode with the WORST of Tori Vega in it I should start with it.

After Tori, Sikowitz and the gang went to see the play that Tori's parents saw earlier, Sikowitz IMMEDIATELY left the theater right after they said: "At least you're not bald!" Sikowitz could have left at a...
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posted by SueLuvsVJ101
 The girls of Victorious!
The girls of Victorious!
This is an AWESOME show. BUT....sometimes its a little iffy. What I mean? Here....

Freak The Freak Out-
I loved this episode! But the part where Trina is tied up on the counter and they're joking about her being dead ISN'T funny! Its weird, and gross!
Who Did It To Trina-
A great one. BUT! The part where Jade is পাঠ করা the মতামত and laughing is rude. I don't see how that could be funny.
The Diddly Bops-
"Tori, Jade can't fit her boobs in the ham burger!"
What the heck?!

I could go on.
 The boys of Victorious!
The boys of Victorious!
 The cast together!
The cast together!
ভিক্টোরিয়াস is way too underrated. Yes, it was famous back in the 2010-2013 era but it’s still way too underrated. It deserves way আরো credit than it has and way আরো viewer ship. People talk about drake&josh, Hanna Montana, zoey101, and some of the newer shows like the thundermans, I am Frankie, the dude perfect show, and some other shows but they are all too overrated. I also find that overtime Nickelodeon shows are dropping in standard. And it’s not just দ্বারা a little bit but it’s drastically. Having been a অনুরাগী of ভিক্টোরিয়াস and Nickelodeon as a whole since 2010, I must say that...
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[this is my first ভিক্টোরিয়াস fanfic..i haven been a অনুরাগী of the bade relationship for awhile and thought it was cute. i came up with this]
Tori and Cat are entering the hallway. "Cat ya know sooner অথবা later Jade is going to want her cd back, and I'm sure she'll understand that you..misplaced it."Tori said.

"Bu,,but, the last time someone didn't give something back to Jade he disappeared."Cat ব্যক্ত in a frightened voice. Tori looks confused. "What, what do আপনি mean..disappeared?"she asked.

"I had him for two periods, I saw him first,....but not second...all anyone saw were his shoes and his inhaler...
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posted by LLCoyote
Ok... nobody kill me. I have a feeling after I write this আপনি will want to though. I was working on a few চলচ্ছবি (Yes I'm that big of a অনুরাগী that I make চলচ্ছবি XD) and I realized something a bit... disturbing. I think Beck is kind of a jerk. Don't get me wrong, I adore himbut he can be a class A jerk when he wants to be (look at me using my clean language! Yay me!). I প্রণয় him with Jade I really do and I know that Jade isn't the easiest person to be with but hear me out...

Ok, remember Freak the Freak Out? First of all he let that chick put her hands all over him. If আপনি have a girlfriend, you...
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Ok, it's time for me to rant again. Sorry, I couldn't hold this one back any longer. Esspecially not with 'A বড়দিন Tori'.

At first, I thought most of this was a figment of my imagination, but it's getting আরো blunt and starting to get on my nerves.

I'll start off with this weird thing that's been going on with Cat/Jade. Now, I'm going to be bias because I'm a Cade shipper but regardless of that I feel this needs to be said. Jade is being really mean to Cat lately, and it ticks me off.

For the complete season one we had about one insult between the two of them, and that wasn't even that...
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