Do NOT pay attention to the user of CatLittleRed. She barely makes people think that she is the real Cat Valentine, but she really isn't. She just wants people's attention to make herself famous and make her user relating to Cat Valentine and trying to be a superstar, but she's a LIAR, BRAT, FAKER and a ATTENTION-CATCHER. Again - do NOT pay attention to the user going দ্বারা CatLittleRed.

Cat Valentine, according to a প্রশ্ন that CatLittleRed, there was a প্রশ্ন that she wrote asking what Jade's screen name was, and two of the উত্তর had the word GAY in it. The two উত্তর are "JadeGay" and "ImGay". Cat would NEVER say anything mean about her best friend অথবা it will break the friendship promise.

Faker. Attention Catcher. Liar. Brat.

Who agrees with me? Lets start a mobile and online riot for her to quit off this site!