I প্রণয় tori Vega because she is sweet kind and i প্রণয় her in every character in zoey 101 and in spectacular in bite size lets get on with what i প্রণয় about her...

( pilot )

tori helped Trina in the big showcase and i think আপনি know how Trina can be she helped her sing her song even that her গান গাওয়া was terrible now that is a great sister.

( the bird scene )

tori was so desperately needs to know what is wrong so she can be in Andre's play and she asked everyone that a good student and i liked how she stuck up for herself.

( stage fight )

in this episode jade was just mean to her she did not hit the stick in her face

and also tori is the main character in ভিক্টোরিয়াস so she has to sing every time and no jade and cat are not suppose to sing all the time.